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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Mike Blackwell
Monday 9th August 1999
10:33 am U.K.


Wanted: new or used SuperBeta VCR, preferably Sony. I live in Oregon USA. E-mail with brand, model, condition, and price. Thanks!

Bob Frayne
Sunday 8th August 1999
8:26 pm U.K.


Please HelpNew to BetamaxI've just aquired a Sony C6. On playback I'm getting a white flash across the screen every few seconds and the audio is slow if you know what I mean. I've adjusted the RV 001 but this makes no difference.ThanksBob

Brian Woolls
Sunday 8th August 1999
1:25 pm U.K.


Can anyone please advise me where I might purchase a Sony C7 Power supply transformer. Part Sony 1-446-558-11.Thanks Brian. (bwoolls@claranet.com)

Iain West
Friday 6th August 1999
10:58 pm U.K.


This is a message for those of you in the UK.Has anyone got any old tapes which contain old channel idents.In particular channel start ups and close downs, news programmes or anything interesting.

Please E-mail me if you can help (I'll copy the tapes myself or will sort out a transfer)



Friday 6th August 1999
2:50 pm U.K.


I have Toshiba front-loading beta that I don't want anymore.It's still working fine with a wireless remote and plastic coating to protect the case.I was wondering what I could get for it if I were to sell it.It's at least 10 years old.Thanks

Friday 6th August 1999
6:43 am U.K.


Jim, If you are in the UK you can buy new Sony Beta blank tape from most Sony centres. I have even found that my local Dixons and Currys still carry some.

Jim Rosenbloom
Wednesday 4th August 1999
10:07 pm U.K.


Hello: Where can I Buy SONY L750 Betamax video tape? Let me know. Thanks, J.R.

Kimberly Elliott
Wednesday 4th August 1999
8:13 pm U.K.


Hi! My best friend's betavision made by Sony died on her, and she wants to find out if and how she may go about buying another BetaVision machine, or if there is an adapter that she can play her beta tapes on her VHS. Please e mail me at the above address with price and availability.

Thank you.

Alan Barnett
Wednesday 4th August 1999
7:23 pm U.K.


Yes both the Sl-T50 and SL-800 produce true NTSC ( 3.58 MHz colour sub-carrier ).They also can be set to give Modified NTSC ( 4.43 MHz sub-carrier).

Per Bjorkegren
Wednesday 4th August 1999
8:53 am U.K.


Im thinking of get me an SL-T50ME or SL-T800ME. Do someone know if they produce an "true"NTSC signal out, that I can connect to an external converter? Ive read that the older SL-T7ME give a non-standard signal, which vill not work properly. Which of the maschine was the best, and are there any spareparts left?Thanks, Per.

Joe Flynn
Wednesday 4th August 1999
1:57 am U.K.


Would like to purchase a Beta Player/Recorder in working condition.I have numerous Beta tapes of my daughter growing up and would liketo convert them into VHS format.

Also - I have a Sanyo Betamovie Camera in perfect condition for saleor trade if anyone is interested.


Joe Flynnjflynn@isgroup.net

904-755-1268 (evenings)

Derreck Fricke
Tuesday 3rd August 1999
10:20 pm U.K.


If anyone is interested, I have a SLHF300, perfect cosmetic and working order. If interested please email me with an offer. I am in St.Louis.


wes salas
Tuesday 3rd August 1999
10:03 pm U.K.


I need toknow where to send my beta to have it worked on? Any ideas? I have my hole child life on beta and the unit stopped working if you know please e-mail me!! I am in Texas (USA) but i will send it almost any where to have it repaired.

Tuesday 3rd August 1999
5:22 pm U.K.


Very much interested in purchasing a SONY SL-HF 2100. Will offer premium price for optimum condition, If successful I will have a SONY SL-2500 in excellent condition for sale to the best offer. I am located in the Toronto area in Canada.

Tuesday 3rd August 1999
12:43 pm U.K.


This isnt about beta, but I just purchased an old u-matic edit suite to go with my 2 existing u-matics, assorted beta's etc, it came with 2 players and an edit deck, as well as a simple edit controller, but I cant track down a manual for the controller,its a sony model RM-400CE, its more of a remote control unit than an edit unit, but it does have assembly editing cut ins cut outs etc

any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks john

PS: any superbetas in australia anyone wants to sell please email me...as I have said a million times

Tuesday 3rd August 1999
10:01 am U.K.


I have the following Beta video recorder SERVICE MANUALS for sale (originals). The models are:SONY SL-C5UB TOSHIBA V-31B and V-9600 /BSANYO VTC 5150 (UK) and VTC 6500

I'm willing to post them to anywhere in the U.K. for 7 each including P&P. Please e-mail for more details.

Gerry Antell
Tuesday 3rd August 1999
3:09 am U.K.


I have about 75 L-750 tapes that were purchased BLANK but now contain various stuff taped off the air and cable. They would be perfect for anyone who needs blank BETA tapes. If you have any interest, please contact Gerry Antell at ANTELLFAM@aol.com

Mike Lewis
Tuesday 3rd August 1999
12:06 am U.K.


For Sale: Sony Betamovie BMC-110K. Anyone interested? Please make offer via e-mail

Chuck Cohen
Sunday 1st August 1999
10:26 pm U.K.


Hi: Hope that there is help out there. I have a Sony SL-340 unit that has worked well for about 10 years. It recently "ground to a halt".

I brought it to Radio Shack and other repair shops, but no one could help me, not even Sony. My entire collection of 100 vintage movies that I have recorded over the years remain unviewable.

Does anyone know a repair shop in the Long Island or New York City Area that I should contact?

Thank you for your time and assistance. A fellow BETA faithful.Chuck

Charles Joly
Sunday 1st August 1999
7:05 pm U.K.


Good deals like that won't happen often I guess. About an hour ago, I just procured a SLHF1000, working and looking like new (it was owned by a nun), along with the remote and some tapes, for a ridiculous $75, canadian funds !!!

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