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Friday 24th March 2017

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Peter Headley
Sunday 6th February 2000
10:36 am U.K.


I have got 7 x L250, 10 x L370, 1 x L390, 11 x L435, 53 x L500, 2 x L560, 123 x L750 and 9 x L830 tapes for sale, also 56 pre-recorded titles plus a Toshiba V-8600B machie complete with remote control and original instructions. This had a new heads assembly last year but still seems to need some adjustment or minor attention. I will accept 100 UK Pounds for the lot, including shipping in the U.K. Either e-mail me or telephone 01253 348321 during weekly office hours.

George Cohan
Saturday 5th February 2000
6:23 pm U.K.


For Sale: Sony Betamax x2, Model SL-8600. Operating condition.Located in suburban Denver, CO, USA. Make Offer. 303-770-5650 leavemessage. George Cohan, 6275 S. Ash Cir. E., Littleton, CO 80121

Paul Griste
Saturday 5th February 2000
3:49 pm U.K.


I have a NEC VC-N40EU Beta VCR and 50 betatapes and 25 VHS tapes. I am selling it for $250.00 if anyone is interested. It is a well built heavy front loading VCR with remote. It works great and has a good picture. I also have a NEC Surround Sound Processor [Dolby Pro Logic. This is a processor only [No amplifiers]. It has 4 preouts: 1 front channel, 1 center channel, and 2 rear channels. It is a high end processor and excepts an analog input from any VCR. This was a $1000.00 deck when new and also comes with a remote [$275.00]. I can send pictures of both upon request.

Marco De Michiel
Saturday 5th February 2000
7:48 am U.K.


I have a Sony SL-6C mkii for sale. Picture and spoken word are fine, butmusic slightly distorted. Whole stack of tapes free. Will accept areasonable offer.

Ruislip, Middlesex. England

Steve Quillen
Friday 4th February 2000
10:51 pm U.K.


I am looking for a Beta rewinder? Does anybody have one for sale or know where I might find one?

Friday 4th February 2000
10:20 pm U.K.


I am interested in purchasing a Sony Super Beta SLHF 2000. Preferably new. Send particulars.

Friday 4th February 2000
3:18 am U.K.


Does anyone have the specs on the SLO-1800 vcr? It's an industrialsuper beta unit. I'm just interested in knowing if it records BI Super high band..


Marcus Voyles
Friday 4th February 2000
1:18 am U.K.


Hello Betaworld!A year or so ago, I bought a Sanyo VCR6400. The rewind and fast forward worked when they wanted to. It has just gotten worse. I saw in the PAL-site help section that this problem occurs when the motor goes on the VTC-5000, 5150, 5300, 5350, and 5400. Is this the same problem Ihave with my 6400? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Adam W
Thursday 3rd February 2000
12:46 pm U.K.


I have Beta tapes but my player broke a long time ago.Is it possible to convert the tapes to play on a VHS player????Please,any info or UK addresses.Many thanks.

Martin Evans
Thursday 3rd February 2000
8:27 am U.K.



I can't tell the dates you are interested in but you might be able to find what you are looking for at some of the PALsite links.


The Total Rewind site does contain a lot of good historical information which I think covers what you are looking for.

Hope this helps. Martin

E.N. Hunt
Thursday 3rd February 2000
1:07 am U.K.


I recently lucked out, a person traded me a stereo VHS for his almost new (only had ten tapes to go with it) SL-HF900 Betamax. He had stopped using it and heard I used Beta and he made the offer. It is a great machine. I really lucked out on this one.

Marcus Voyles
Wednesday 2nd February 2000
11:06 pm U.K.


Joe, About your BCM660, you might try to open the camera up, and take the tape door assembly out. This might work, but I'm not sure. Good luck!

Wednesday 2nd February 2000
6:12 pm U.K.


A friend and I are discussing the ages of various types of electronics. We seem to disagree.Could anyone tell us the dates of initial manufacture of:BetaVHSEight TrackCassetteCompact Discs

Al Kim
Wednesday 2nd February 2000
12:11 pm U.K.


Due to many requests I had a misprint in what I was asking for my ED 9500 Beta. It was not 700. but 3700. in US funds. It has been sold for two weeks. The Email is for referance only for my address has changed, thankyou.

Wednesday 2nd February 2000
6:29 am U.K.


Hi, I just got a used Sony Superbeta Betamovie BCM-660, and the power goes on when camcorder is plugged in. BUT the eject and record features do not work, there is a tape well over 10 years old in it! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


Wednesday 2nd February 2000
3:13 am U.K.


Yes Andrew,The Betamovie by Sony is identical to your Sanyo ModelThere was also a Toshiba badged model that was bright whitebut again identical in functionality

Andrew Maillot
Wednesday 2nd February 2000
2:13 am U.K.


BETAMOVIE VRC-100 SANYO-------SONY BMC-110 BETAMOVIE????????Hi all, I am looking for information about my mint Sanyo VRC-100 Betamovie video camera. I was in an auction recently and ran across a picture of a Sony BMC-110 Betamovie, and it is Identical to my Sanyo??? Any thoughts? Anyway, I am still looking to purchase NP-11 Batteries, A Sony BMC-100 Betamovie, and would appreciate any information on putting a Video Output Into My Betamovie VRC-100???EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE TOPICS>.......amaillot@goldcity.net

Martin Imber
Tuesday 1st February 2000
2:08 pm U.K.


Wanted - broken S-VHS cassettes - I'm going to reload about 10 tired cassettes with the stuff

Martin Imber
Tuesday 1st February 2000
2:06 pm U.K.


668 not bad for a 950, my dad gave me a Sony SLV715 horrible deck, I need to get audio fixed - I'll wait until Panacronic dies. I tried its remote with the 950 Frame,1/10th,Normal,2x,fast but it didn't do the 1/5th, (or timer).

Does anyone want a NICAM on 950 item for PAL Site.

Also whats PAL DVD like? Might be the answer for all of us vhs haters

Andrew Maillot
Tuesday 1st February 2000
12:16 pm U.K.


HI ALL....I have some questions for you. I own a Sanyo VRC-100 Betamovie Camera. It is in Mint shape, and I would like to find some information about it. I would also like to know about modifiing the camera, and putting a video out line on it??? I am in dire need of some NP-11 9.6 batteries for it as well??? If anyone can send me in a direction to answer these questions, I would appreciate itEMAIL ME: amaillot@goldcity.net Andy.........HAPPY BETAingPS also wanting to buy Canon L1 or L2

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