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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Monday 6th March 2000
10:00 pm U.K.


Anyone know a Beta repair person in the Chicago area?

Monday 6th March 2000
9:51 pm U.K.



I bought about 50 L750BTHG tapes. Are these the ones you're talking about ?

I used about 30 already and they don't show any sign of premature wearness. In fact, I don't know about the tape quality itself, but I must say I find the shell of these cassette of great quality. I like their full windows and none of them squeaks as many of my other cassettes do.

To John...

It *may* be achievable to hook up a Hi Fi processor on any beta deck but you'd have to go through several modifications of your unit. You'd better find a VCR that's already Hi Fi, or equipped with the processor interface.

To Andy Sanchez..

My HFR70 ACE is worn... In order to have it picking up CTL signals, I had to slightly lift the guide right after the drum. I was able to keep a fine image, but there's this hum in Hi-Fi audio, you know when it's not exactly tracked...

How can I save myself from giving all my money to Sony ?? Do you know a way to rejuvenate ACE head.

Marcus Voyles
Monday 6th March 2000
3:10 am U.K.


Hello Betafans! I am changing my e-mail from snafu97 to astrosmash2000@pipeline.com. It hasn't taken effect yet, so e-mail me through voyles@pipeline.com. Thank you.

Sunday 5th March 2000
4:58 pm U.K.


need info about Sony HiFi processor HFP-100

was wondering if unit can be used as an encoder/decoder with astandard cassette deck to take advantage of Sony's HiFi sound format?

or is the multi pin interface a necessary part of the processingcircuit?

Sebastian Romeyn
Sunday 5th March 2000
2:23 pm U.K.


Dear Betalovers,Can anyone help me find a HF 950 Beta-deck?Greetings,Sebastian.

Martin Imber
Sunday 5th March 2000
1:02 pm U.K.


I am finding that the new Sony tapes are wearing out quicker, anyone else notice?

Sunday 5th March 2000
5:50 am U.K.



You've never seen such a cartridge because it never existed.

Phisically, the spools don't have the same spacing as VHS, so the cassette won't fit unless breaking the shell in two.

Electronically, both formats use different specifications, rendering them totally incompatible with each other.

You must recall having seen a VHS-C adaptor... Or perhaps one of these battery-operated 4-tracks to 8-tracks audio cassette adapters. (That was a brilliant invention!)

Eric Ringrose
Saturday 4th March 2000
6:38 pm U.K.


My email address was incorrect on my previous message 3rd March 10.11 should be as above.!

Paul Griste
Saturday 4th March 2000
4:27 pm U.K.


I have a NEC VC-N40EU Beta VCR and 50 betatapes and 25 VHS tapes. I am selling it for $ 200. 00 if anyone is interested. It is a well built heavy front loading VCR with remote. It works great and has a good picture. I also have a NEC Surround Sound Processor [Dolby Pro Logic. This is a processor only [No amplifiers]. It has 4 preouts: 1 front channel, 1 center channel, and 2 rear channels. It is a high end processor and excepts an analog input from any VCR. This was a $1000.00 deck when new and also comes with a remote [$250.00]. I can send pictures of both upon request.

Donna Hare
Saturday 4th March 2000
12:40 pm U.K.


I would like to buy a cartridge that holds a beta tape and plays in a regularvhs machine. I have seen this product in the past, but I am now unable to find one.any info leading to me finding and buying one would be appreciated.thanks.

Khaled Monib
Saturday 4th March 2000
12:02 pm U.K.


Wanted: Cover flap for SL-F1. Anyone know where I can get hold of one?

Martin Imber
Saturday 4th March 2000
11:40 am U.K.


I need to get S-Video (not composite) in and out of my SL-HF950, has anybody any ideas of what mods are required, and if it is possible. I am not adverse to soldering or drilling holes in it but I am not an electronics expert.

I do have a manual - NICAM decoder fitted.

Martin Imber
Saturday 4th March 2000
9:27 am U.K.


To Eric - you will have to use an official dealer 950s are a special case with their 6 head disc.

475 is not bad but my last heads were 290

Martin Imber
Saturday 4th March 2000
9:26 am U.K.


My DVD player is good, I have also copied to tape quite successfully, well 10 minutes to test. What does Macrovision do? It has no effect on my copy whatsoever.

News for Yanks!

A new law over there forces manufacturers to obey Macrovision, suffering a fine of $500,000 (@ 300,000) and a 5 year prison sentence for a first offence. Since I think Beta videos are immume, I think that next May will be the end of Beta in the US, thank your government.

Just as worrying, all digital thingies are being built with Macrovison anticopy built in, including DVD, DTT, and DS in the UK and all boxes abroad, (I don't know what there is abroad)

Eric Ringrose
Friday 3rd March 2000
10:11 pm U.K.


I have a Sony SL-HF 950. Sony tells me it needs new heads and drum assy + pendulum and state it will cost approx 475 to repair!!Does any one know of a reliable person who could do this at a reasonable price. I live in North Hampshire. I understsnd the spares are available. The mistake I made was to use a video tape cleaner of dubious source. How difficult is to replace the drum and heads- and what gear is needed to ensure accurate alignment.I also have the full Workshop manual for this model.

Mario Amen
Friday 3rd March 2000
6:19 pm U.K.


Hi,Anyone out there know where we can get parts for a SonySL2500 Beta Machine? Also does anyone have the ScamaticDrawing for it? Looks like the transformer went on it andwe are having a hard time getting parts. WE have over 160 tapes and sure do not want to get rid of them.Thank you for any help you can give us.

Friday 3rd March 2000
6:16 pm U.K.


You may have to have some old one's rebuilt. It usually cost about $50 each.I have some extra dead ones, if need be, and I have a local battery place that willrebuild them for you. I believe they can put nickel hydride cells in them insteadfor a little more than $100 each, which would last longer.BATTERY OUTLET 1016 W. 31 SOUTH, WICHITA, KS. 67217 (316) 522-0525Talk to them an d let me know if I should drop some off for them to rebuild for you. Let me know if you want to rebuild them near you andyou can pay the postage to ship some dead cells to you!

Jason S.
Friday 3rd March 2000
3:00 am U.K.


Ok,i have a Betamovie BMC-550 camcorder & i was wondering where I could bye some NP-11 Battery packs or if any1 of you have any that you would like to sale,please e-mail me!!!

Khaled Monib
Thursday 2nd March 2000
10:54 pm U.K.


So how much should I be looking to offer when I find a SL-HF950? ?

Thursday 2nd March 2000
5:37 am U.K.


Does anyone know where I might obtain a couple of NP-11 batteries for a Sony BMC220 camera. I have one now but it's so far gone that it can't hold a charge.

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