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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Friday 12th May 2000
3:52 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I just picked thisup from rec.video


From: CVN Television <cvntv@gte.net>

Subject: Cheap Beta Tapes

If you need short length Beta or 3/4" tapes for commercial dubs or music videos, here's a good place to call. CVN Television has hundreds of 5 min. Betacam and 3/4" tapes. All of these tapes been only recorded once. (Music videos that didn't go on the air) So, the tapes are absolutely Like new and less than half the price of new ones. CVN's phone number is 941/360-0209.


It's a bit dated and only of intertested to our US friends but still might be of some use:)

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 11th May 2000
11:25 am U.K.


Thanks for that Alan...

The SL3000 (portable) was listed in the 1980 video yearbook so I don't think it's a later model. Obviously I haven't started taking things to bits yet but it looks like the upper drum would remove with an allen key. There's a plastic fan though on top of the drum assembly which has no obvious route out of there....

To be honest I don't want to spend an awful lot on the machine. I could probably get a working one for very few groats ..on the other hand it seems a shame to let it die for want of a head... Even with the worn head playback of old tapes is very sharp..... It has a role 'as is' ..playback of betamax material into my NLE system.

I'm a bit torn by this one.... <g>


Paul Griste
Wednesday 10th May 2000
9:58 pm U.K.


For Sale: SL-HF750 Super Beta VCR. Records and plays in B1, B2, and B3. The VCR comes with origional remote, and owners manual. $550.00

Wednesday 10th May 2000
3:54 pm U.K.


Hi Matt,

you will need an eccentricity guage if the head comes with an integral drum. Such heads were used in the SL-C5 /6/7 series but not on the C20 etc. I'm afraid I don't know off hand which catagory the SL-3000 head fits into but I have a nast suspicion that you will need the guage. As for getting hold of a head tryGrandata, you'll find them listed on the PALsite directory page.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Wednesday 10th May 2000
1:19 pm U.K.



thanks for the advice, I don't intend to re-align the tapepath if I can avoid it ...replacing the heads would be fine. I was just wondering if I needed eccentricity guages and microscopoes. it's a long time since I've done anything other than the heads on a VHS ..never done a Beta and I seem to remember replacement being harder....

I do have a 'scope but no alignment tape.

_does_ anyone in the uk have a clue where I could get a head and upper drum? ..and what it will cost.


E.N. Hunt
Wednesday 10th May 2000
11:30 am U.K.



Nick Cole
Wednesday 10th May 2000
10:08 am U.K.


Picked up a BMC-100 at the weekend. If anyone needs parts, it appears to be dead power wise (replacing fuse on DC input didn't help), but seems mechnically sound from what I can see.

Also picked up a Sanyo VTC-5000, which runs fine after a little cleaning/demag. The picture is excellent but there seems to quite a lot of horizontal jitter in the picture. Is this to be expected on this model or is this a symptom of some other worn/dirty part somewhere?

Also, I'm looking for a front flap for my HF950, the sony part is discontinued :-(


Tuesday 9th May 2000
3:40 pm U.K.



Most of the time you don't have to realign anything when you replace heads. But I recommend you replace upper drum as well; if you don't do so, the new heads may wear out premaurely, as they will protrude from the worn drum, causing more friction with the tape, therefore wearing out quicker.

If you wish to perform tape path realignment, you need an alignment tape and a oscilloscope. You may need your unit's service documentation if you are not familiar with realignment procedures. A good load of patience is also advised !!

For all..

I still have this SL2700B in outstanding cosmetic condition but totally wrecked electronically. It may make an excellent parts deck, esp. for someone looking for cabinet parts. I ask $50, and do not wish to pay for shipping. Would trade for a 2710, any condition but with a working power block (you could send the block alone)...

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Monday 8th May 2000
5:45 pm U.K.


Hi Folks,

Looks like the video heads on my SL3000 portable are on the way out.

I need some advice on replacement.

1) Where will I find a set of heads and how much will they cost

2) Do I need anything out of the ordinary by way of alignment equipment?

3) What's needed by way of alignment?

Any and all advice gratefully recieved.....

TIA Matt.

E.N. Hunt
Monday 8th May 2000
5:29 pm U.K.


Sony Portable SL2000 with with tuner and batteries. Also HVC2000 camera.Works fine. Body is a little rough. All of it for $50.00 or best offer.

Ben Weech
Monday 8th May 2000
4:39 pm U.K.


I have a SL-3000UB, i need to bypass the stut down circuit, as it keeps happeneing, running on batteries or not. It started to happen one day when i came to use it, plugged it in, and a capacitor started to smoke, so that has now been replaced, but the problem persists. Please help, mail ben12345@x-stream.co.uk

Sunday 7th May 2000
7:49 pm U.K.


I really need a GOOD repair center some where in London (england) to check up on my SONY SL-C6 mkII, electronically it perfect but the mechanics are grumbling and not ejecting properly or straight away.HELP ME PLEASE as I had it done at a SONY centre but they didn't do such a great job...

'vive la betamax!'

Martin Evans
Sunday 7th May 2000
7:37 am U.K.


Hi Gus, welcome to the 'club'! Glad to hear your still an avidsupporter of the format. These machines do seem to just keep going, I'm on my third VHS but my Betas are still going strong.

Regards copying, yes you can copy from a Beta machine to a VHS machine,just hook the two together preferably using the scart and audio/videoconnectors (leads are available in most stores).

Regards Martin.

Sunday 7th May 2000
12:44 am U.K.


Anyone interested in quantity of 40 Fuji L-125 Beta Videocassettes? These are shrink wrapped in their original case. Price is $1.00 US each plus shipping.

Dave Anton
Saturday 6th May 2000
5:29 pm U.K.


Fellow Betafiles, BETA FOREVER!!!

Thursday 4th May 2000
2:13 am U.K.


Hey Brother Beta Lovers.I am tickeled to death to be able to communicate with Beta People.I felt as though I fell into a deep hole, you know like I had a what ? Beta ? like I had two heads.I had what was the first Beta single speed, so lon ago that I can not remember the model number...I must have since 1970's plus gone through and even half dozen units.First one I paid $1200.00the last one Model SL- S 600. for $339.00, and to tell you the truth it was the last one around,nobody would stock or sell them,this was August 1990....PS Still running great, along with, if you are ready for this my portable SL2000 is still giving me good service.That aside while looking for another back up beta, the ones I find are all from U K . do they run on USA current system ? would I need a converter ? Just asking OK...would appreciate some feed back.

I hope this E M gets out I seem to be having problems with Prodigy.

Another thing can I Copy from my Beta to VHS ?The reason for the copy is for my daughter who has , as every one else VHS Machines.would you believe the price on some of the discount houses less than $100.00 for a 4 head machine !!! Incredible.

To get back to the copy situation, I am rca- ing from the out of the Beta to In on the Vhs...nodda, nyet, zero nothing... any ansawers?

Kindest personl reguardsGus

Wednesday 3rd May 2000
5:58 pm U.K.


My f25 (UK pal) has just statred to rewind like a snail. Any ideas?Thanks.

Wednesday 3rd May 2000
3:21 pm U.K.


I need some help.

I have some master background music trax's on a beta tape. I would like to find someone that could tranfere those trax's over to a CD.If you know someone that could do this it would be most appreciated. Iwilling to compensate someone for this.


Wednesday 3rd May 2000
4:07 am U.K.


Hi,Does anybody know were to get a replacement remote for a Sony Betamax? if so Email me please Thanks.Beta Lives,"Its Alive!"

Richard E.McEvoy
Tuesday 2nd May 2000
7:29 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a DC-2-DC Convertor for an SL-C9E. Also a motor. Please e-mail any offers.Richard

Richie Hamilton
Monday 1st May 2000
9:54 pm U.K.


Have for sale a Sony 5800 - works fine but heavy as hell. No manual.

Also have two Sony 5000 each with electronic problems- need adjusting. If memory serves me correctly the picture is ok but I cannot get rid of a tracking line that goes across the picture - don't have enough range with the tracking control to get rid of it.

Also have a lot of used beta tapes in all lengths-anyone out there interested?

Alex Bray
Monday 1st May 2000
9:31 am U.K.


Hi all,Whilst reading through various websites, in the UK (apparrently) it is possible to buy brand new betamax cassettes from high-street stores. Does anyone know of of a shop/shop chain where I can get some? I do have loads of old tapes, but theyre 20 years old & were kept in a damp shed :-( so aren't brill...

Monday 1st May 2000
7:58 am U.K.


My beta machine is stuffed. It wont eject can anyone help ?


Ray D. Glasser
Monday 1st May 2000
2:12 am U.K.


EMERGENCY!! Does anybody have both an ED-Beta and a Super VHS machine? I need to get one ED-Beta taped to Super VHS as soon as possible. I'll reimburse you for your time and trouble. Please e-mail me if you can help. Thanks so much! >>> Ray Glasser

Paul Griste
Monday 1st May 2000
1:37 am U.K.


For Sale: SL-HF750 Super Beta VCR. Records and plays in B1, B2, and B3. The VCR comes with remote, and owners manual. VCR also comes with 75 beta movies and 75 VHS movies. Price = $650.00. Also For Sale: EDV-7500 EDBETA VCR. VCR records 500 line resolution, the highest of consumer VCR’s. This VCR has less than 50 hours of use and was bought as a backup to my 750. It comes with remote, manual, 16 new unwrapped ED-500 video tapes and 4 used. It also comes with 50 Beta and 50 VHS movies. Asking Price is $1300.00. This VCR when purchased was $1900.00 and each edtape was $15.00 each. I also have TDK one time use L-750 HDPRO Beta tapes at $5.00 each.

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