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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Tuesday 6th June 2000
7:32 pm U.K.


Hello? I have recently ordered a video tape and was told afterwards that it is in PAL format? Can anyone tell me if that will on a regular vhs VCR? Thanks

Tuesday 6th June 2000
11:10 am U.K.


anyone out their can give me a hand at connecting a super beta up so to a tv so i can view tapes, also is it possable to connect to my computer to do some editing which i already do with my hi8 and premiere. thanks anyone

Charles Joly
Monday 5th June 2000
6:34 pm U.K.


About tapes...

Since Pro-X tapes vanished in the haze, I am thinking about alternate solutions to get a high quality tape: one with which I will clearly see a difference between B1s and SHB.

I thought about spooling S-VHS formulated tape into a Beta shell. Or perhaps someone knows about a tape formulation very close to Pro-X specs ??

I am looking forward to your comments and experiences on that matter.


Monday 5th June 2000
4:27 pm U.K.


I have hundreds of Beta tapes recorded only once. All of them have the original sleeve and stored in their upright position in a clean dry area.

Best offer and they're yours.

Patrick Walsh
Monday 5th June 2000
3:30 pm U.K.


I have a SL-HF 400 that the head motor has stopped spinning, but sometimes it works. I think it might be a bad capacitor inside the motor, as I've ruled out the control boards, and the power supply by changing them out. I've also removed the glue from the tiny wires on the edge of the head motor, this did not help. I need to know how to remove the bottom part of the headrum. I removed the lock nut, but I can't get it apart. Someone please e-mail me and tell me how.


Mikko Woodroffe
Monday 5th June 2000
1:36 pm U.K.


I'm looking for the pinout description for the remote controlconnector on a Sony HVC-4000P CAMERA.


Joshua Schimek
Monday 5th June 2000
7:14 am U.K.


Hello all! A little off the subject here, but I am in desparateneed of some info. I am looking to build a fully matched Akai stereosystem. I am looking to use the black faced componets that they produced in the mid 80's. What I need to know though, is what modelsthey had out and what models were the best. If anyone has a product literature brochure on their products from this time and would bewilling to sell it to me or provide info on these componets, I wouldreally appreciate it. I am looking for a reciever, surround processor,cd player, cassette deck, equalizer, and anything else I can hookinto it using these componets. I am looking to use only the high endcomponets of each to build this system. If anyone has any of these componets that they might be willing to sell or knows of a place that does, please, email me with what you've got and I will strongly consider purchasing them. Any help would be much appreciated!Thanks much,--Josh Schimek

James Williams
Sunday 4th June 2000
4:19 pm U.K.


For sale, Sony C6 UB Mark II. Heads good, but needs some TLC. (I think it's the usual wow and flicker problem?)


Midlands/Wales/North West area.

Sunday 4th June 2000
4:19 pm U.K.



Mike Selwood
Sunday 4th June 2000
4:13 pm U.K.


It's great to be able to communicate with fellow Betamax fans.I've owned a number of Sanyos and Sonys, but none survive now. Can anyone suggest where I can buy a decent working machine? The make is less important than the condition.East Midlands/South East area.

Sunday 4th June 2000
7:29 am U.K.


I have Sony Stereo VCR Model #SL2700 for sale. Also have 3 three (3) cameras: (1) Sony Trinicon Model #HVC2800, (2) Sony Camcorder Model #BMC660, (3) Sony Video Camera Model #HVC2000. Also haave Sony detachable stereo mics. for the Model HVC2800, rewinder, and some other stuff. Drop a line.

Alan Barnett
Saturday 3rd June 2000
10:16 pm U.K.



the upper drum is still available from Sony. Part # is A-6760-138-Aaccording to my manual.


Saturday 3rd June 2000
6:17 am U.K.


Sounds like a dead STK5441 in your SL-HF1000 power supply !

E.N. Hunt
Friday 2nd June 2000
10:28 pm U.K.


I have a problem with my SL-HF1000 Sony Beta. It just died. I was placing a tape into it and it just went dead. It made a "Plunk" sound. I was able to get the tape out and it has not done anything sense. One repair stationsays it is something to do with the brakes locking up. Now he is saying it is a logic problem.Does anyone have an idea what I should check? Also do you know of any "Miracle Worker" repair locations in the U.S. I can send it to. Thanks.Beta is Better.

Marcus Voyles
Friday 2nd June 2000
8:56 pm U.K.


Hello All! I just called Target and they told me they have Beta tapes in stock. Whoever it was who wrote that bulletin last month in the informer was trying to get some people excited and some people mad and jealous. If anything in that bulletin was true, the person would have had no trouble at all giving their name. The person who pulled this prank should come to the chat page and state their reason for doing this.

Tony Bridges
Friday 2nd June 2000
1:09 am U.K.


I have 2 Sony C7 's and lots of betamax tapes, some new esp. 1hr ones. The C7 's haven't been used for a few years & I think will not work now, but 1 has a fairly new head & both are all there I think.

If anyone wants to give me something modest for them, please let me know. I'm in Richmond, W London, UK.

Alan Morton
Thursday 1st June 2000
9:27 pm U.K.


Been going through the stacks of VCRs which I tend to accumulate and have several that i figure I no longer need and am willing to sell off if the price is right. I am in no big hurry to get rid of them just figured they may be of better off being used. they are:

Sony SL-800 multi standard superbeta. No Hifi but plays tapes from anywhere in the world (except for betaI) multi voltage. records in PAL, NTSC etal from either another video source or the tuner. It is missing the panel the covers controls in the front and does not have a remote. neither Sony frequency 1 or 2 will work it! picked this up as a spare several years ago for SL HF 950 and after picking up a SL HF 100 figure that it can be used as a spare instead. I bought second hand and have not used it much although I have loaned to a friend to use to borrow PAL tapes from me and he has had no reported problems.

Sony SL HF-400 NTSC Super beta HiFi. NTSC Works offered to me in a trade deal a couple years ago. do not have the proper remote but shoiuld be able to fidn one that works most if not all functions. the unit did work when I tested it out before i got it. No frills VCR

Radio Shack model 22 (same as Sanyo 7250) Super beta HiFi NTSC this belonged to a friend who had a video stoire which closed in late 1997. he gav eit to me and i discvered it did not work (he had been using one of my SL HF 900s to make beta copies in store and this had been lost for some time) I took it to the shop and had minor repair work done to get it working. i do have the remote and the manual for the deck. The flap that covers the controls in loose and has been taped back on.

Sanyo deck (or maybe cloned one)NTSC mid 80's top loader of unknown origin just seems to have appeared. Recall testing it and it did function many years ago.

Sony Sl 2000 This does not wok. had a semi major fault with it about 9 years ago which i did not fix (tape loading ring i believe) have all sorts of cool stuff to go along with this one such as the tuner timer, a soft case, the really big case thatthe VCR a camera and the portable battery charger can go into (its a suitcase), the portable battery charger, at least one battery which I would not count on as good any more, the little thing you polug into back of deck to get auido video out of it when the tuner unit is absent. I may have misse a few things as I have not really looked at this for some time.

AIWA convertor deck - this one is VHS and the VCR part has had almost no use. VHS tapes are things other people own and use. This does SP only both PAL and NTSC. It is a legit US deck and i have the box and remote for it! One can play back any SP VHS tape of either PAL or NTSC and play it back in colour on the same or oppiste type TV. It also will allow you to take an input from say a SL HF 1000 and convert it to PAL and record on an SL HF 950 or vice versa.

have not really decided what i want on all these was thinking of an auction but am not on the internet frequently enough to do so, so i am currently entertaining offers and will accept any that I like. The units are all located in various parts of Illinois some in Peoria some in Chicago area. Payment can be accepted in either US dollars or UK pounds, buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Also still have available 90 brand new Sony L-830 duplicator grade tapes. No labels but have found some generic white cardboard sleeves for them. Price is $40 (US) for a sealed 10 pack plus shipping. This is less than most places are selling l-750s for!

Thursday 1st June 2000
4:31 pm U.K.


Hello all again,

Here is the repost of last night's error-laden message. the system I have inherited is as follows:

Sony Portable VCR SL-2005 II and IIISony tuner-Timer Unit TT-2005Sony Trinicon HVC-2500 videocamera

Once again, what do i have? Are any manuals available? Where can I order blank tapes to begin working this system into my school's Advanced Media Macintosh Lab for multimedia production.

thanx for any help. Jerry

Nick Cole
Thursday 1st June 2000
2:34 pm U.K.


Have decided to get into fixing my Beta VCRs myself. My VTC5000 's idler drive band had gone, ordered the bits from telepart and hey presto, new idler wheel/band (The supplied replacement pinch roller didn't fit without modifying the top insert, so I avoided fitting that). My intermittently stopping SL-C30 was fixed with a new idler and pinchroller, although it's loads of hassle to get into compared with the VTC5000 and again the supplied pinch roller didn't fit, so I had to use the one I ordered for the my SL-F1 : -( (This also seems to be the one that will go in my 950 if I'm not mistaken). I also fitted all the repair kit bits whilst I was at it. With a new tape in, the picture quality is exceptional (Of course :-) )

Mow I'm in the mood, I'm looking for a new upper drum for my SL-F1, is there anywhere that might have one online ? Would this also cause a quiet audio problem or should I be looking at the Audio Head assembly for that ?



Thursday 1st June 2000
12:46 am U.K.


Hello all,I wondering if anyone could point me to some info on a betamax recording system I just inherited at school. The system is in three parts, a small black box, approx. 8x12", says Betamax VTR SL-2500 (i think), another box, similar size, that has timing controls all over it, and a betamax video camera, marked Trincon - sorry for the fuzzy details, I'll repost this tomorrow from school when I have the system in front of me. Basically I need to know if I can get some manuals for this, and what tapes to use and where to get them.

thanx, Jerry

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