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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Timothy P. Murphy
Monday 4th September 2000
1:35 pm U.K.


Can I have my home movies, recorder on BetaMax, converted to CD?

Steve Szmidt
Monday 4th September 2000
12:15 pm U.K.


My SL-HF950 does not keep it's timer record or day/time settings when there is a power cut. I think the internal re-chargeable battery needs replacing. The one in my SL-F1 Tuner/Timer unit, which is obviously an older model, still works perfectly! Can anyone advise me where I can get a replacement battery for the SL-HF950. The original is made by Sanyo, and looks easy to replace with the use of a soldering iron.

Monday 4th September 2000
8:16 am U.K.


I have noticed a few messages regarding Sony producing a new Betamax machine. This would be great and I am sure they would sell a large number. If an average 950 now fetches upto 550 there is obviously a demand for a quality deck. C9s etc are good decks but once you have a hifi player its hard to go back to mono or linear (useless) stereo). How do we put pressure on a company like SONY. Any ideas.

Monday 4th September 2000
5:18 am U.K.


One more desperate and probably final plea - surely someone out there has at least made an attempt to extract separate Y/C output from a Super Beta machine - specifically a Sony SLHF950? Is there a point at which you can obtain a separated signal before mixing down to composite video for output? Please, please enlighten me!

Monday 4th September 2000
1:09 am U.K.


I have a sony beta model no. SL 5600. In the playback mode the tapes dont play at the right speed. It goes from fast to slow and vise versa. Any idea what problem could be? I took it to two vhs dealers with no luck!

Diederik Marechal
Sunday 3rd September 2000
7:08 pm U.K.


Hi, I am looking for a Sony Betamax Sl-HF100EC recorder, ifyou got one let me know!!!

Sunday 3rd September 2000
5:55 pm U.K.


This is Adam again, I'm still looking for these sony betamaxes, SL-2700, SL-2700B, The first HI FI front loading system that loads on the right side SL-5200, And the HI FI SL-HF 360, I would like these vcrs in very good condition including all the plates that covers the clock settings etc. And the remotes and instruction booklets if possible. I'm in West Palm Beach, Florida. e-mail me if you have these vcrs and you want to sell them.

Treva Fredericks, Senior Librarian
Sunday 3rd September 2000
5:45 pm U.K.


Hi: We are a hospital in need of a Betamax Video Player. Does anyone know where we could get one? Thanks for your help.Treva

Sunday 3rd September 2000
5:40 pm U.K.


This is Adam again I'm still looking for these sony betamaxes, SL-2700SL-2700B SL-5200, And HI FI SL-HF 360, I would like these vcrs in verygood condition including all the plates the clock setting etc.and theremotes and instruction booklets if possible. I'm in West Palm Beach,Florida. e-mail me if you have these vcrs and you want to sell them.

Cal Blackham
Sunday 3rd September 2000
5:34 pm U.K.


WANTED-------------- "THE PLAGUE DOGS"(Movie) on BETA or VHS.

Where can I find a copy of this tape, New or Used(In Good condition)???

Where are some other sites that list and sell BETA movies??

nathan Halsey Jr.
Sunday 3rd September 2000
4:33 pm U.K.


Anyone out there have any ED Beta software. Also looking for the SonyBetamax camcorder model #BMC1000.

Khaled Monib
Sunday 3rd September 2000
1:38 pm U.K.


DESPERATELY REQUIRED! Someone to repair a HF950 back to it's former glory. It probably needs new heads or re-alignment of the present ones. Any recommendations?

Martin Imber
Sunday 3rd September 2000
9:37 am U.K.


I need a new video recorder, lets start hassling Sony for a new machine for year 2000.

Super Beta HiFi, PAL I NICAM, up to date O/S, Scart in and out, IEEE1394, etc etc.

"Spiney Norman"
Saturday 2nd September 2000
6:43 pm U.K.


Well it looks like I may have already sold my Toshiba Betamax. Still waiting for the check. I have an HFP -200 HiFi Processor Unit that hooks into the back of the SL-HFR "HiFi Ready" Series of NTSC Sony Betamaxes. It's missing a few buttons but it works fine. If anyone has an SLH-FR VCR but never got around to buying the HiFi upgrade or if your processor is burt out, this migth be for you. Only $50 + shipping. The manual survived and is included with the unit. If you have the HFP-100 you might want to consider buying this unit and transfering the missing buttons as this unit will allow you the recieve stereo broadcast and the SAP channel.(the HFP-100 doesn't)

Tim Langston
Saturday 2nd September 2000
2:32 pm U.K.


Is anyone selling new Super Beta HI-Fi's anymore? I sold my 900 and I'm in pain!!!

Saturday 2nd September 2000
2:09 pm U.K.


Sony SL-HF1000 with original remote, manual and box for sale.$1450. Excellent shape and no scratches on machine. Bought 6 months ago from a Sony Rep and never used. I just want what I paid for it.

Doughtie ("Don") W. Law
Saturday 2nd September 2000
2:14 am U.K.


I have a Sony Beta SL-5400 machine that I purchase new in the 1970's that i attempted to have repaired at an "authorized" Sony repair center to no avail. I would like to know if any one has any leads on a "do it yourselfer" repair manual that I might obtain or barring that anyone who would like to purchase the machine "as is". The problem seems to be mechanical in that some of the levers will not depress. Please email me in either case.

Friday 1st September 2000
7:20 pm U.K.


Does anybody out there have an alignment tape for betamax? I have a sl-hf450 with problems. Also looking for a spare 450 to use as parts.

Friday 1st September 2000
4:20 pm U.K.



I'm looking to purchase a Beta vcr 2500. I'm willing to pay no more than $ 200. 00. It's for a friend who needs to watch old tapes of his deceased wife. Please help us.



Friday 1st September 2000
6:02 am U.K.


Have a sears 5309 beta vcr and about 50 tapes, a few blank, but most are recorded on. Think we are going to sell it. Does anyone have an idea on it's value, or where I can find a value on it? It's in wonderful condition. Where can I get a manual in case we keep it?(Haven't quite finished watching all the movies yet!)

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