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Friday 24th March 2017

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Thursday 5th October 2000
9:37 pm U.K.


Hi everybody. I always knew I was using something special. I just came acrossthis site and I am pleased to hear from other people that love thosegreat machines. Before I found this site I never knew why I liked Betamax and my friends where always mad at me when I recorded somethingon TV they've missed on Betamax, because they could not watch it withtheir VHS VCR. I have these three Betamax VCRs my father once boughtand some 500 tapes. My first VHS VCR I bought about two months agoto be able to rent movies.But I was always wondering why my recordings look like crap. Minedon't look superior to the VHS recordings. Not even with my SL-HF950 and a Pro-X tape. I have tried every recorder. Might it be the age ofmy tape material. None of my tapes is younger than 8 years. By the way,what is a normal price for a new ProX tape?Now I was also wondering, what the difference between Super Beta, Betaand these other formats is. Also what is the difference between the SL-C9 and the SL-C9E I own and the difference between the SL-HF100 andthe SL-HF100ES I own.

Many thanks in advance


Thursday 5th October 2000
12:51 pm U.K.


From the obitrary for Akio Morita. UK Daily Newspaper "TheDaily Telegraph" 4.10.99. http://www.telegraph.co.uk

"Probably Sony's only real failure [in developing newproducts] was thedevelopment of the Betamax video recording system. Theirdecision that thetape cassette should be no larger than an airport paperbackmeant,crucially, that in the early competition against the rival VHSsystem, aBetamax tape was too short to record an entire Americanbaseball game. VHSconsequently became the standard format."

Thursday 5th October 2000
7:06 am U.K.


ciao, come stai?

Thursday 5th October 2000
5:32 am U.K.


I just bought a Zenith VR9800 Beta I, II player recorder w/timer companion unit. I originally bought it extremely cheap hoping to use the tuner part for broadcast reception on a large monitor but after inspecting it, I realize this thing is practically brand new and both units work perfectly. I would like to try the recording capability of the 9800 unit but I don't have any Beta tapes and don't even know what kind to get? I noticed the NiCad battery charges perfectly and runs the unit very well. Any hints on what all this thing can do and where to get the best tapes for it? Any help appreciated thanks.

Wednesday 4th October 2000
1:10 am U.K.


Sony 400SLH Super Beta for Sale!!!!!!Mint condition but remote missing - Uses ten times.

Sold to the highest bidder.

Serious inquiries only, please.

Monday 2nd October 2000
2:47 pm U.K.


SLHF-1000Mint condition both mechanically and physically. Cosmetically a 10 out of 10.Original box, manual, but NO REMOTE. Make a fair offer and it's yours... Buyer pays shipping...

Das Imperator
Monday 2nd October 2000
10:26 am U.K.


They perfect for your Betamax machine as they are of industrial quality and should run better than consumer grade tapes. BCT-20s = an L-500 tape which translates to 1 hour BI speed (NTSC only) 2 hourrs BII and the PAL/SECAM standard speed or 3 hours BIII speed (NTSC only). This applies to Betacam oxide tapes as the Metal Betacam SP tapes will not work because they put the record tab in a different place and leave an empty hole where a standard Beta tab should be and being metal tapes,tend to wear down video heads a little more than oxide tapes.

Monday 2nd October 2000
8:58 am U.K.


In regards to the 6pin AV socket, the pinout is on palsite, plus I put it on my own little cable making page, under "6 pin AV cable for sony beta's"


I hope this is of some help


Monday 2nd October 2000
8:44 am U.K.


I have been given some BETACAM tapes and wondered if I can use them on my Betamax machines. They are BCT-20K on a blue and grey label with a green stipe. They are 150 meters long.

Monday 2nd October 2000
1:41 am U.K.


FOR SALE: Sony Betamax Model #SL-2401 Video Cassette Recorder, Serial #802009 with clock, set s for program to record date, month and time, 35.9 WATT, has an rf unit, vhf 3 channel, 4 channel, has video out and audio out. It has a PCM switch. Average conditon, clean. I have 29 different tapes for sale. Make reasonable offer.

Mr. Burns
Monday 2nd October 2000
12:36 am U.K.


Homer quit fooling around with that newfangled "Betamax" and help me with my kinescope machine! I have an important message for the Kaiser that might help him sink the Lusitania win the Great War.... er You didn't hear that. You know nothing! You see nothing!

Monday 2nd October 2000
12:32 am U.K.


I am looking for someone that can convert early 1980's football tapes from Beta to VHS-I have no idea how this works and have no equipment to do so--Do I have any takers on this project? I am dumb-founded to preform the task--If so, Please so contact me at the E mail above and cost of recording each tape. Regard to the professionals!

Sunday 1st October 2000
7:13 pm U.K.

marge @springfield.co.uk

Will some one please explain how to convert an HF950 to produce a Y/C output as bart needs to do his homework.

Sunday 1st October 2000
7:09 pm U.K.


Bart, why is our TV in bits again?

Sunday 1st October 2000
7:05 pm U.K.


Bill. Not sure about that. May be that's why you need the aerial plugged in as well. Like I say I may have been lucky. Did you try the lead you have with the aerial plugged in? You may also be interested to know although my TV has rgb input (in theory better than y/c) and my digital tv receiver has rgb output I don't use it as the colours are too rich and not adjustable. Maybe there were no TVs around in 1985 with y/c input ( S video) when the 950 came out, hence no y/c output on the 950.

Sunday 1st October 2000
6:49 pm U.K.


hello Bart. Thanks very much for the tip, I'll try it. Since you only needed 4 wires, does that mean the audio earth is also used by video or wired together at the DIN end? I thought that the SCART standard needed a separate video earth. Still, if it works.......

Sunday 1st October 2000
10:29 am U.K.


Looking for a Betamovie wired remote control/pause unit (Sony RM-81) anybody got an extra for sale?Also looking for a Sanyo 4400 wired remote (the 3/32 miniplug type not the 5-pin DIN type)

Martin Evans
Sunday 1st October 2000
7:38 am U.K.


Dear Stuart,

with reference to your Toshiba V8600, check out http://www.palsite.info/v8600ovi.html as you say, it was a wonderful machine. Are you sure it was an infra-red remote?


Sunday 1st October 2000
5:37 am U.K.


I am looking for any Beta that is hifi ready. Models such as SL-HFR50, SL-HFR70.OR HFR90 in good working order. also I have a SanyoBeta #7200,it just started to mangle the tapes when in play mode,however it would automatically shut down first,once I turn it back on to retreive the tape sometimes it would be caught inside.Any suggestions?

Sunday 1st October 2000
3:48 am U.K.


Hi All,I have a SL-HF750 with a busted head.Is there a cheap way to fix this problem?Is there a market for these models that require a head.Thanks for any reply.

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