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Friday 24th March 2017

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John Paul
Saturday 4th November 2000
5:55 pm U.K.


Hi: I have a SL HFR 70 which will not accept a tape on which the erase tab has been broken off. This is not only on record but from the moment the tape is inserted in the machine for playback. I'm currently scotch-taping closed the security tab before playback but I'm paranoid whenever the three year old grabs the remote. Speaking of remotes, the remote for my SLHF860D was dropped once too often and no longer works. Can anyone fix this or should I buy a new one? Thanks in advance to all.

Saturday 4th November 2000
3:29 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a Sony C9 and I'm looking for some tapes either to swap, buy, keep, whatever but if there is anyone out there that can help let me know it will be appreciated.

Saturday 4th November 2000
3:00 pm U.K.


I have a SONY BetaMovie camera outfit for sale.

Model BMC-100P (Pal)

Takes standard Beta tapes. No need for transfer or copying tapes. Just film away, then insert tapes into Beta player for playback in the usual way.

Pristine condition, complete with SONY strap, integral mike, auto-zoom lens, battery, battery charger/static supply unit. strong aluminium SONY case.

Offers over 200

Also have approx 50 pre-recorded (not off-air) Beta tapes (PAL-UK only). Various titles. Some brand new, some ex-video shop hire. 2 each plus postage E-mail me for lists.

Martin Imber
Saturday 4th November 2000
1:19 pm U.K.


DVD won't die out as it already has a high market penetration, so what are we supposed to buy films on? vhs? I don't think so. I have never had any CD skip problems beyond my first player having a worn out laser, just keep your discs clean and don't scratch them.

I have both Beta and DVD so I know whats happening.

PS both best Beta and DVD are Sony.

Saturday 4th November 2000
12:42 pm U.K.


To Kevin and Martin,

motors for m40 etc, well...weird, I live in Australia, Sanyo wont sell them to me direct but tell me to go to "Speedy Spares", who have them in stock, and simply want to know how many I want, and also "RS Components" who have the same response, I am told they are not official sanyo parts, but are an equivalent. If I can access them so easily to keep about 15 decks a year going here how come you cant there?Kevin, Im happy to send you a reel motor, but by the time it gets there, postage is paid and I put 2 bob on for my time, I bet you can buy a BRAND NEW one cheaper than the unknown condition but working second hand one I would send.

Also the following VCR's for sale in Australia, not mine I post all I see, sanyo vtc-m20, vtc-6500, sony hf100, sanyo 5400, sony sl-c9.

I hope this is off some help,


Saturday 4th November 2000
10:23 am U.K.


Can anyone point me to a Betamax repair facility in London UK..I have a much missed C9 with a broken transport mechanism..would love to have it running again...my region is West London UK. Cheers.

Saturday 4th November 2000
6:57 am U.K.


Hi Mark,

As the instigator of all this I'm beginning to feel responsible for it!

Y/C not L/C? Not a clue. It is because it is, there can be littlelogic in the way techspeak goes. What about Digital Video Disc/DigitalVersatile Disk. Herz instead of the cycles per second I grew up with?

RGB. If workable it should be much the same or even better than you would get with S-video, i.e pretty good. But I think access would be equally as difficult as with S. I'm not even sure that there is that degree of fully separated colour channels within a VCR as there is in a monitor - someone enlighten me? RGB is intended to produce independent video colour channels, as directly and as effectively as possible for driving the colour circuitry in a monitor direct, with as little destructive processing as possible,

As I've said before, the search goes on.

Your address didn't work, please update me.

Nick Dalzell
Saturday 4th November 2000
1:35 am U.K.


Have anyone of you known of a format called "BETA S.P."? I was at a high school football game and noticed the news people from NEWS25 and CABLE CHANNEL 8 using BETA! Yes you heard right, BETA!!! It is a thicker tape magnetide and only plays for 20 minutes, but at least there are still BETA USERS!!! Just wanted to pass along that info!

Nick Dalzell
Saturday 4th November 2000
1:30 am U.K.



If you are thinking of switching to the DVD format, you might want to think again, the unit plays CDs! All of ya know how bad CDs skip when they get dirty or scratched! On tapes, when there's a bad place on it, it just passes through it in a couple of seconds! On a CD however, it DOESN'T--it just keeps skipping--Think you people--tapes last a lot longer than Compact Discs! I believe that DVD will go out just like BETA, although beta rules, DVD's skipping problem will probably wipe it out too!

Robert F. Koehler
Saturday 4th November 2000
1:13 am U.K.


I am seeking a HiFi-Stereo Betamax (maybe a SLO-1700 or SL-HF series).

Can anyone help me where to find a Machine? I'm sick of VHS!!


Friday 3rd November 2000
8:58 pm U.K.


I am looking for side or bottom load see through [preferably clear]plastic sleeves for both sizes of beta sp.If anyone knows of a source please contact dino at dubmax. Thanks.

Peter Smith
Friday 3rd November 2000
8:46 pm U.K.


Hello BetalandTwo questions regarding the HF950

1. Should the still frame be perfect? (I've tried several tapes and fiddled with tracking and frame tracking and still get at least one line) if it should be is there an internal adjustment to achieve this ?

2. Even new tapes seem to have noticable dropout although picture quality is excellent. The plastic shield aove head is fitted and I've tried edit and pcm switch. Is there an internal dropout compensator adjustment ?

Thanks in advance

Martin Imber
Friday 3rd November 2000
11:27 am U.K.


950 is around 280 lines in Pro mode

Sanyo motors - try a long established repairer, Sanyo have none, the trade suppliers have none, my local repairers had 1 - now in my M40.

Any more Y-C news?

jacek miklasiewicz
Thursday 2nd November 2000
6:07 pm U.K.



DOES ANYONE HAS any info about SONY HVC 3000P (technical, pinouts, system information?) I already have VERY OLD SONY HVC 3000P TRINICON camera.

I'm lookin for ANY INFO!!!!

PLEASE REPLY AT: plexa@quedex.com

kevin lambert
Thursday 2nd November 2000
4:32 pm U.K.


Listen up! I'm on the look-out for the following items for my Sanyo Beta vcr's Model no's M,series M20,M30,M40: 1x reel motor:1x capstan motor :1x black cupboard door for M40 must be intact and undamadged,any advice you Betaphiles can give is appreciated............thanks

Stefan Kraft
Thursday 2nd November 2000
3:43 am U.K.



I recently purchased a Sony BMC-100P for low bucks. Unfortunately it s missing the - yes you re right - battery pack. If anybody can help out, please contact me. I really would like to see it working again. Many thanks,


Wednesday 1st November 2000
10:01 pm U.K.


anyone intereted out there i have a complete portable system for sale,sony SL100OUB system,lookingfor 150,also a rare sonybmc200 portable video camera compete 200. IF INTERESTED either e/mail me or phone 0208-743-4394.thanks Maria,i also have a quantity of tapes for sale,i am in west london.

Wednesday 1st November 2000
8:51 pm U.K.


Name: MarkEmail: mark@uklondon.screaming.netSunday 29th October 12:39 pm U.K. Time Re Y/C debate. Why is it Y/C and not L/C? What about RGB output instead of Y/C on the HF950? is this technically possible? My DVD has RGB output as does my TV have input. It's apparently the best connection for the uk, only beaten by US component. By the way the HF950 works beautifully with the proline DVD player I have, and it can be coded for multi region. Just another note the HF950 manual does state 280 lines for super beta pro (the C9 manual quotes 260 for the C9 ) .Does anyone know if the 950 manual is wrong?

Wednesday 1st November 2000
2:36 pm U.K.


I would love to downlaoda from somewhere game named Incredible mashine 3 unfortunately don't now any address could somebody help me. I'm not going to pay for this.

Wednesday 1st November 2000
5:02 am U.K.


Yes Sony still makes the SL-HF 2000, thought you'dd have to special order it. Radio Shack has something they call "Radio Shack Unlimited" which lets you special order stuff not normally sold at their stores. Local and chain electronics stores may allow special ordering as well, provided they are Sony authorized dealers.You could also try calling Sony directly for a dealer near you. They ARE still available though there's apparently a heavy enough demand for them to be in short supply. Be prepared to pay $1000 for one.Or you could go on E-bay and find a better machine at a third the price.I got 4 betas for $250. Even if only one ends up working I'm still ahead of the game.

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