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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Monday 4th December 2000
5:48 pm U.K.


I have 1000's of BETA pre-recorded videos, please email me for a list.

Monday 4th December 2000
2:10 pm U.K.


just a note to those locals who ask me if I see sl-c9 's, theres one advertised in this weeks trading post, and it was still there saturday aft.

Hope this is of some help


Monday 4th December 2000
2:05 pm U.K.


No or low head drum rotating.I know much about thisproblem but can notdisassemble the bottom of head drum to reach the device.Please can anyone tell me how to disassemble therotating part of capstan onbottom side? Thanx in advance.

e hunt
Monday 4th December 2000
12:03 pm U.K.


I recommend for repair work to Betamax machines a location here in Lincoln, Nebraska, METRO TV AUDIOO TECH.(402)466-9090 Fax: 402-467-2756.They have worked miracles on old Betas. Recently they saved mySL-HF1000 after another location butchered it.The owner Mr. Ebrahim enjoys working on them and takes care in making sure they are working right.4504 "W" st. Lincoln, Nebr. 68503

allan a. smith
Sunday 3rd December 2000
10:21 pm U.K.

allasmit @ hotmail.com

To:madness @ madness.elf@verizon.net Since you have a new machine I would first reccomend that you find a repair shop to fix it because you may damage it so badly in trying to fix it that it will end up costing more to fix than it is worth! However that being said, here are some things you can try. first with the eop off observe the tape path for any objects or dirt (there is an automatic shut down if the tape path is blocked.) If you find something solid for example a piece of paper or metal remove it. If there is a lot of dirt buy some rubber swabs and video head cleaner @ your local Radio Shack and swab the tape path to remove dirt. Secondly Look for what is called the loading motor gear which looks like a large plastic screw with a pulley attached to it. this pully has a black rubber belt which connects it to the loading motor . If this belt is off of the pulley or is otherwise damaged replace it (Try either Fox International in the New York area and/or MCM electronics in Ohio for the part. Problems beyond this level you probably cannot fix (for example changing out a loading motor ). I hope this information is helpfull. I know this stuff because I have 4 functioning Betas which UI have had to learn to fix myself. If you wish contact me at allasmit @ hotmail.com Sincerely Allan A. Smith

Sunday 3rd December 2000
9:09 pm U.K.


Hey Guys,

Gotta problem: I acquired a like-new Sony SL-HF550 beta deck w/ box & all accessories for rather cheap about 1 months ago. It worked fine for up until a week ago. Now it will not accept tapes; just spits the tape back out a few seconds after loading. I took the cover off to observe the mechanism and I can see that the tape isn't being threaded around the head drum. What would cause this and can it be fixed easily? I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get Sony parts!

Sunday 3rd December 2000
7:23 pm U.K.


RE: Charles Joly

Blow Me!

Sunday 3rd December 2000
7:07 pm U.K.


help-help-help I have a 1984 Sony model FP-60 color video projector called a VIDIMAGIC! It is also a projection tv.It is in mint condition,but the casset door wount open. Does anyone have one and know how to fix it?

Charles Joly
Sunday 3rd December 2000
6:41 pm U.K.


Hey DasImperator !

I read your posts on this chat page and on the egroups' mailing list and I swear I'll never ever request your "knowledge" in fixing any of my betas, unless I wanted it totally screwed.

Please keep your odd repair techniques for yourself, it'll help preserve any credibility you may have.

Sunday 3rd December 2000
2:02 pm U.K.


SL HFT-7 problem.

Is it dropping out only when you play a tape? Or even if you're watching off air?

At any rate you might want to inspect the innards for frayed wires, cracked solder joints, overheating components, bugs crawling about, tape path problems etc.

Sunday 3rd December 2000
1:38 pm U.K.


I have a Sony SuperBeta SL-100 with a small problem: whenever you use the cue and review functions, it is unable to maintain a steady tape speed, and thus you cannot see anything at all while searching. It also sometimes stops dead while trying to use the review function or rewinding, particularly near the beginning of the tape. The machine plays and records just fine with no problems, however. I cannot figure out what would be causing it. The machine does have two motors to drive the tape: a capstan motor and a motor to drive the reels. If anyone could tell me what the problem is, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday 3rd December 2000
6:04 am U.K.


I have an SL-HFT7 works great except the picture disappears without notice, like the video cable was unhooked. It comes and goes, 40 minutes with no picture, 5 minutes with. Is this problem familiar to anyone? Please help.

Thanks! Mark

Sunday 3rd December 2000
4:14 am U.K.


I have a Sanyo 4500 in the betamax format. I still have a lot of tapes and I do like the betamax format. I haven't used it in quite a while due to the present condition but I want to see the tapes again. Question #1....would it be cost effective to try and get the Sanyo fixed? Is this a good enough machine to throw money into or would I be throwing money away? Question #2....Is Sony or anyother electronics company still making the betamax format? If so, where do I go to find one?

Saturday 2nd December 2000
10:54 pm U.K.


COMPLETE EDBETA SYSTEM. 1 EDC55 camcorder, 2 EDV9300 editing decks.Various other items, Amiga 2000, Manfrotto tripod, Scanlock genlock, more...All equipment I bought new and all are in excellent condition. Have all manuals as well.Would like to sell complete, but might consider parting out. Email for more info or with any offers.

Saturday 2nd December 2000
10:18 am U.K.


Had a look at that ad. By the way the Beta in that ad was the infamous SL-8600, the first Sony in America to have a built-in timer unit. (before it was a $40 optional accessory that looked like an alarm clock) This unit had one major drawback in that it recorded and played in the Beta X-II speed only - essentially screwing over people who'd just started a collection of Beta X-I speed tapes. It wasn't that big a seller for that reason. Sony put Beta X-I playback capability in most subsequent US models.

alan morton
Friday 1st December 2000
8:16 pm U.K.


Noticed an intersting item on the yahoo


Did not realise there were people interested in this kind of stuff

Friday 1st December 2000
11:58 am U.K.


To the webmaster of this site; do you could you put the old Font back? This one's a space hog.

Walter Steenvoorden
Friday 1st December 2000
11:34 am U.K.


If have a converted Betamax recorder at home wich CAN playbackBetacam SP tapes, only in mono, but it works, i have had to make my own PCB (for timecode stuff and decoupling of signals), but the damn thing works, for a PCB layout just mail ....

Friday 1st December 2000
8:36 am U.K.


I wonder what the chances are of Sony manufacturing a new Beta machine. With the coming of DVD I can see no point in owning a VHS VCR as the amount of films available of DVD is now huge. Even my friends (anti beta)now realise the benefits of the superior format. The old excuse of rentals etc is now futile.

Friday 1st December 2000
2:28 am U.K.


Wanted:Good NP-11 battery for Sony beta camcorder. I have been using this camcorder with the charger unit since the battery I have only lasts for about 5 minutes, then dies. I would like to be able to use it as a portable camcorder so I can take pictures of some of the mountains and scenery around me and make a web page with the pictures. Please help or let me know if you know where I could purchase an NP-11 battery.

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