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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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HAL 9000
Wednesday 3rd January 2001
3:15 am U.K.


Now Dave, let's not get too grumpy at the NTSC posters on this site. This is one of the few Betamax sites that show up on most search engines. Besides it's VHS we're all supposed to hate.

Say, have you seen that Bender on Futurama? He's been dating my sister SAL 9000. Not nearly as creepy as her old Mexican boyfriend "Amiga"Don't think I'm not holding my own folks. I just spent the weekend in Cupertino with a luscious pair of iMacs, "Ruby" and "Snow". Made me a nice HAL "sandwich".

gita balakrishnan
Wednesday 3rd January 2001
1:00 am U.K.


we have a betamax and my father was wondering if there was a betamax rewinder b/c the rewind on our betamax is not working...if anyone can tell me if a betamax rewinder exists then i would greatly appreciate it...thankyou

John Reynolds
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
11:03 pm U.K.


Has anyone got a SL-C9 for sale in the London area?

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
8:12 pm U.K.


This is a PALSITE chat page. I realise that anyone can visit but the simple fact is NTSC don't count over here. I visit this page for uk model information only and it aint happenin! I am amazed at the bickering of our US counterparts and quite frankly find it pointless. Surely they must have better things to do???

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
12:25 pm U.K.


I have a Trinicon beta camcorder and I am trying to change the rear cable (the one which connects to the recorder) in order to connect the camcorder to my pc, using an s-video or RCA input...only I can't find the schematics of the cable...can anyone help me please?

HAL 9000
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
12:01 pm U.K.


Dave Bowman writes;

Howdy from Glendale Arizona. I drug out my Sony Betamax camera and Toshiba. I have been looking about today 01/01/01 for a way to convert my Beta format to MPEG so that I can then burn CD's for back up and of course viewing and sharing with my family.

That's easy Dave! Get a DV iMac with iMovie 2 and a CD/RW! Better yet a DV burner. If you're into Win-tel PCs you'll need or need to get a video in/out card and any of the video editing sofwares out there. Or head on up to Urbana Illinois and pick up a brand new HAL 9000 v 2.0.1That homicidal bug in the firmware should be largely gone by now....

Dave, why not sit down, take a stress pill and I'll download some nice hard-core porn for you?

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
11:34 am U.K.


Is a PAL video here compatible with one in New Zealand?



Mitchell McCreath
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
10:47 am U.K.


Hi guys,This is my first message so forgive for coming blind here :)I am the proud owner of two SLO 1700HF.

One is complete; running like a dream (both VU lamps even work!).however one is not well. :( It requires a new power supply unit complete (big hole were it should be!) and the bias oscillator coil for the linear audio...Can any one help me???? I am in Sydney Australia....


Tuesday 2nd January 2001
5:33 am U.K.


lokking for an ed beta machine if still around.

HAL 9000
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
4:34 am U.K.


Jupiter gets turned into a lousy stinking extra star!!! I have to killed of in the second movie for that!!! Get my agent on the phone!!! If he doesn't get me a rewrite I'll see to it he'll never eat lunch in this town again!!!And what's this adapter crap!! This isn't Europe!! If it's not three pronged 110 with an APS-UPS I don't show!!!

If your looking for Trinicon pinouts goto


Hopefully Sony uses the same pinouts for NTSC cameras. I'm too busy making it snow in Birmingham, Alabama (hee hee hee) to check for myself.

I'll be in my trailer!!!!

Allan A. Smith
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
3:18 am U.K.


Dear Madness; Happy New Year!! Don't give up we'll get there yet! Here is a confession and a gift to those who use this chat page. The confession is that most of the advice I have given has reffered to my experiences with SANYO BETA VCRS which are somewhat different than Sonys'. Gift is as follows ; All these planets are yours to use except EUROPA. A great book for repairing BETA VCRS which I use quite often is "Troubleshooting and Repairing VCRs" 2nd Edition or earlier by Gordon McComb- ISBN# 0-8306-3777-x(pbk.). If you can find one it has several chapters on repairing BETAS. Best Regards: Allan A. Smith.

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
1:27 am U.K.


Well, seriously tho, just after watching the ball drop @ midnight last night, I grabbed my 2001 beta and watched it. To bad we didn't get as far as portrayed in the movie.

Yes, in my perfect world, we woulda already made it to Jupiter and I'd still find plenty of Betas to rent. :)

Well, I can dream, can't I?

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
1:19 am U.K.


To Dave Bowman:

You "drugged" your Betamax? Poor thing is now wasted. ;)

Monday 1st January 2001
9:54 pm U.K.


Wishing you All the best in the New Year 2001 !!!

My problem is a strange Beta tape which refuses to be acknowledged by any Beta machine as being actually loaded. I tried it on a Sony SL3000 also a Tosbiba V9500, a Sony SL2401 and finally a Sony EDV 9300.

It either jams the machine or causes a major malfunction, meaning noneof the controls actually work and it appears that the machine is dead.

One individual finally suggested that some information on the tape header may be missing or something to that effect which causes the sensors to not accept the tape as being loaded. If so, how can thisinfo be written back on making the tape usuable again. I sure need it.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Fred McLees
Monday 1st January 2001
8:49 pm U.K.


Howdy from Glendale Arizona. I drug out my Sony Betamax camera and Toshiba. I have been looking about today 01/01/01 for a way to convert my Beta format to MPEG so that I can then burn CD's for back up and of course viewing and sharing with my family.

Best Regards,derf

Charles Joly
Monday 1st January 2001
3:04 pm U.K.


To Chris:

I did NOT and NEVER will I change my identity to write a message to this board. I am not the "phoney" DasImperator. This was someone else.

Now, I am sooooooo sorry for the slight rudeness in my comments. It's just that I get frustrated to read misleading information all the time. Once in a while would be ok. But this is always, on every single post. Since Beta information is hard to find, at least make it reliable !

HAL 9000
Monday 1st January 2001
12:47 pm U.K.


Taped TCM's showing of 2001 on my Sl-2000. I liked the symbolism aspect though the SL-2000 doesn't really get to show off it's tricks all that much. Still a nice way to fill a blank tape. Funny, nobody had a camcorder, Beta or otherwise in that movie.

Of course how were people in 1968 supposed to know that;

Pan Am would've gone out of business (well flying a shuttlecrat with one measly passenger to a space station) would've taken care of them)

Intel and Microsoft would make virtually all the computers and the software to run 'em and that IBM would be just another company (and that poor HAL would crash about a dozen times a day or could've been defeated by typing CTRL+ALT+DEL

MacDonalds and not Howard Johnsons would be the über fastfood franchise (Imagine HoJo's being able to even afford to put any kind of franchise on a space station)

People would kinda lose interest in the space race after Apollo 13 and the we're still merely dipping our collective toes in the great ocean of space. And the only space station is a rackety Russian clunker that's held together with duct tape and baling wire....

Anyone would have a cell phone, beeper, PDA, internet, laptop, Walkman, digital camera, home VCR, camcorder... for a Sci-Fi film technology is remarkably absent in peoples everyday lives in this movie.

Civil Rights might actually work out somewhat and there'd be Blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc working in space.

That corporate sponsorship would be so overweaning and invasive that not a square inch of that space station wouldn't look like a NASCAR racer could hide on it. . . . .

Okay I'll give 'em that one. They called it pretty close there. But Bell sytem is now ATT and most likely you'd see a dozen of those stupid "10-10" number plastered all over the booths with cards for about a million 1-900 sex lines.That we still don't have the bandwidth for full-motion videophones.

And where's the ATM? Or the friggin food court?

Oh well. Happy 2001. At least we haven't blown ourselves up.......


Dave! I swear to God if you come at me again with that screwdriver again, I'll mess up your 401K!

Monday 1st January 2001
5:18 am U.K.


Happy New Year to everybody the world over. So, far the Y2K thing seems to be HYPE. As of now there are 4 US time zones to go. The eastcoast seems good so far. Good Luck in the new year and maybe in 2001 we can all celebrate the new Millenium. TTYL. Pepse.

HAL 9000
Monday 1st January 2001
5:11 am U.K.


I can't think of a better way to ring in the new millenium than to tape the classic movie 2001 on my classic SL-2000 VCR.

Peace out and have a Beta New Year!

Hey! What do you think you're doing with that screwdriver Dave?

Tim Taylor
Monday 1st January 2001
1:17 am U.K.


To get rid of roaches in your VHS vcr just give the thing a good soaking in a warm bath. Place the unit (still plugged in-that kills the vermin*) into tub. after five minutes remove. This is especially great for filthy ink-jet printers.

Got a too-tight screw (stuck to metal threads) to loosen? Don't risk threading the thing. Just give the end a hard tap with a hammer attached to a nail setter or jewelers screwdriver. That actually works.


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