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Friday 24th March 2017

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Alan Morton
Monday 2nd April 2001
5:45 pm U.K.


Looks as if someone has seen our site!

Also looks as if someone has a good sense of humour rearding the announcement of a new VCR above. I doubt that Sony people would be out and working the net on Sunday!

I have howver heard that Sony did announce a new deck coming out in an aricle in the Des Moines register on teh 12th or 13th of last month. Have been unable to track this down although alos heard that a similair story was in the Chicago Tribune last weekend, which i have alos been unable to confirm.

David Hadaway
Monday 2nd April 2001
3:31 pm U.K.


For TV episode listings:http://www.epguides.com/

Felix Grieder
Monday 2nd April 2001
9:16 am U.K.


Hello,I have a Sony Betamax SL-F60 PAL where the complete power supply is missing. Who can help me?Also the remote control is missing, but first I need the power supply.Nice to receive your offer.

Best regardsFelix

Monday 2nd April 2001
8:22 am U.K.


Hi everbody. I need the part number for the video head for my Sony SL-HF 750. Thanx. Pepse.

Monday 2nd April 2001
4:02 am U.K.


Help!Can anybody tell me the difference between betacam, beta SP and consumer beta? Are they more or less the same format? Can consumer beta tapes be viewed on betacam or beta SP equipment?Thanks!Chris

Allan A. Smith
Monday 2nd April 2001
3:40 am U.K.


April 02,2001 12:40 A.M. est.

To Terry Ortman; Don't junk out that slf-750 yet! 1st. try replacing the fuse in the power module(its easy but find someone to do it for you if you don't know how) then see what else may be wrong!

To Graham; I haven't forgotten! I'll be in touch within the next couple of days meanwhile see if you can find Black & White recording and play it on the machine (its important)let me know if its any different!! Best Wishes Al.

Monday 2nd April 2001
3:19 am U.K.


Can anyone direct me to a site where I can find a quality GIF/JPEG/PICT/etc of any of the fantastic Beta/Betamax logos (like the ones you would see on the tapes and players)?

Monday 2nd April 2001
1:18 am U.K.


My friend has a Sony Beta FP-60 Color Video Projector.It was used to project video onto a wall in a business' conference room.He wants me to help him find a buyer.This is a rare one for an avid collector.

Sunday 1st April 2001
10:30 pm U.K.


To Koenigpreussen:

Thanks for the tip guy. That's just what I need! I'm gonna try for that manual and maybe, just maybe, figure this out myself and save a few bucks. :)

Sunday 1st April 2001
7:26 pm U.K.


anyone know of a site for listings of old tv show listings??

neil marsh
Sunday 1st April 2001
6:21 pm U.K.


I have just purchased a sony slc6 mk 11 and am trying to fix a horizontal noise bar problem.The technical pages refer to an adjustment of RV8 on the SS9 board.without a schematic diagram I have no idea of the location for thisadjustment.Has anyone out there fixed a similar problem or got a copy of aschematic for a sony slc6 mk 11 (or know where I can obtain one).

Thanks in advance for your help.



Sunday 1st April 2001
6:04 pm U.K.


Hello Beta Folks, A dear friend passed away in 1996 and left me his video equipment. Some of it has sat on my shelf since then. One item is a SONY Super Betamax SL-S600. He paid $401.25 new in 1995. Anyone interested??? I cannot locate the remote.

Sunday 1st April 2001
3:40 pm U.K.


Wow a betamax group, I had a sony betamax circa 1983, but it has sincepassed away, I still have a lot of 1st gen. movies, I was wondering if anyone was interested as I have no need for them.

Sunday 1st April 2001
1:14 pm U.K.


message for the guy who was trying to get video output for his SL-HF 550 VCR. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1225896513

lists an SL-HF 550 service manual. Currently $3.74 US

Sunday 1st April 2001
9:38 am U.K.


Oop's Add to that bove it has a cleaning tape too.. (and I guess the board doesn't support somple html..


Sunday 1st April 2001
9:37 am U.K.


For Sale Sanyo VTC5000 <P> Working order, probably needs a good service, it's slow rewinding suggestiong it needs a new belt somewhere. Has 12 tapes of varying length (mostly l750's) with old film's / TV on it. <P> Buyer pays postage or collects from Essex.. Make me an offer. If I don't get anything by next friday I'll put it on ebay, theres a sony on there at the meoment for 38 (at time of posting).<P> Many Thanks<P>Gavin

Terry Ortman
Sunday 1st April 2001
9:14 am U.K.


Have for sale, make offer, a SONY SL-HF750 SuperBeta Hi-Fi VCR. I won this at auction for $400.00, it was described as playing tapes but no video. I got the machine and the power does not work, it won't turn on, and if you remove the retaining screws for the Linear Skate Tape Mechanism, the tape door comes open if you hold it with the front facing down. I believe the unit was damaged in shipment, but the seller refuses to take it back, and said it was sold-as-is. Why he insured it for $500.00 I don't know, because I can't file an insurance claim because it was sent from Canada, and I have been told I need to return it to Canada for the Insurance. I have since bought another SL-HF750, so if anyone needs this for parts, or wants to repair it, make me an offer.

Sunday 1st April 2001
8:10 am U.K.


What great news - and what a coincidence! Apparently Philips is bringing out a revamped V2000 machine with long play and further improved picture quality - if that's possible! Watch this space for more info. It seems there is life in the old (best) formats yet!

The Sony Betamax division
Sunday 1st April 2001
7:51 am U.K.


Wow April's here at last! Spring weather should be just around the corner.I'm pleased to announce that in answer to the pleas from devoted fans of the Beta format Sony will be coming out with a special 2001 Edition SuperBeta Hifi VCR. It will be a multi system (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) unit with BIs recording capability. We are currently taking order as of April 1.

Charles Joly
Sunday 1st April 2001
2:46 am U.K.


Could it be written in the header of this page that there's no such device as a beta to vhs tape adapter ?? This querry comes back too often.

Thank you !

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