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Sunday 26th March 2017

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Saturday 2nd June 2001
9:12 pm U.K.


WANTED: Working Betamax recorder in West Midlands, U.K. Or can you tell me of anyone able to copy Betamax tapes to VHS tapes.

Many thanks.

Alan Morton
Saturday 2nd June 2001
8:30 pm U.K.


The price of anything is what ever someone is willing to pay for it. It wound up paying 500 for a 950 2 yeras ago only to discover it has an intermetient fault which one has been unable to get diagnosed. It was in great cosmetic condition and appeared to work fine as i tested it. It is currently at a friend's home and it took him some time before he realised i was right about it being knackered.

If someone wants to find Beta decks that are no longer wanted and sell them to people that want them, no one is forcing anyone to buy them, if said person can make some money in the deal and oth buyer and selelr are happy then that is great. that is what capitalism is all about.

Mark Ward
Saturday 2nd June 2001
7:34 pm U.K.


I'm looking for used, damaged and unwanted betamax PAL UK tapes, any ammount, to buy or like for like exchange for VHS tapes, also looking for ex-rental Betamax movies.

Anything concidered


Saturday 2nd June 2001
7:15 pm U.K.


Ps Martin Pipe. Just sold another 950 for £375

Saturday 2nd June 2001
7:06 pm U.K.


To publish personal emails on a website is out of order. I think if you read between the lines you have some kind of complex.

The people who have purchased betamax machines or spares from me are not gullible and I am sure you have offended anyone who has and reads these pages (I know there are a few)

To put the record straight the first 950 I sold was to stuart for £130, it had loads of faults and that's what I thought it was worth (I made a loss) he has had a few bits off me since. I have never asked for £500 for a 950 and my ads always say offers (if anyone is interested and doesn't make an offer I tell them what I sold the last one for or to look through the archives at other ads. I tell the truth so Bill will back me up if he is reading.

I don't force anyone to do anything and I think I am fair with my prices. Infact I talked Andy out of buying my current machine because quite frankly he did'nt need it. However I did spend best part of the day sorting out his C9, supplying and fitting a new pop up door and a NEW remote (all for £40). He was happy, so was I.

I stand by my comment that it's my business where I get, or how much I pay for anything.

The simple fact is I have had four 950s in just under a year and you have had none. You are narked that I am combining a hobby and making some money in the deal.

As a freelance journalist why not try doing a bit more researh rather than acting on impulse

Saturday 2nd June 2001
6:49 pm U.K.


Je vais dire ceci dans juste environ chaque lanuage utilisé sur ce forum... Il n'y a aucune une telle chose comme adaptateur de xBetamaxx, celui des videos de l'alow xBetamaxx de volonté à jouer dans un système de xV.H.S.x!

Saturday 2nd June 2001
6:47 pm U.K.


Sto andando dire questo appena in circa ogni lanuage usato su questa tribuna... Non ci è cosa come adattatore di xBetamaxx, quello videos del alow xBetamaxx di volontà da giocare in un sistema di xV.H.S.x!

Saturday 2nd June 2001
6:45 pm U.K.


Ich werde dieses in gerade ungefähr jedem lanuage sagen, das verwendet wird auf diesem Forum..., Es gibt keine solche Sache wie ein Betamax-Adapter, der die in einem V.H.S.-System zu spielenden videos des Willensalow Betamax!

Saturday 2nd June 2001
5:59 pm U.K.


is this possible to use VHS tapes with beta?I mean : take a VHS tape out of its caseand put it in a beta cassette...

Saturday 2nd June 2001
1:40 pm U.K.



I have a Sony "Vidimagic" video projector. I believe the model is FP-60. It has a single-gun projection system, tv tuner and a Betamax recorder. Would anyone be interested in purchasing this unit. It is a US Model.



Saturday 2nd June 2001
1:00 pm U.K.


We are looking for a working Batamax. Or Instructions on how to repair power on 5400. We have two 5400 and the power does not work right.

Saturday 2nd June 2001
10:06 am U.K.


FOR SALE: Sony C9 betamax with manual and remote control, Stereo Video camera HVC4000P (for use with C9 ) Sony matching profeel monitor, stand,tuner,teletext box and speakers. All working £350

Patrick from Switzerland
Saturday 2nd June 2001
7:47 am U.K.


Looking for a Sony Super-Betamax Videorecorder SL-HF950 in a good condition from someone living near Switzerland. Any offers are welcome!

Saturday 2nd June 2001
1:33 am U.K.


I have hundreds of old beta tapes that I am looking to donate. A few tapes are blank but most have material on them.Anyone interested in free beta tapes please contact me at my e-mail.

Martin Pipe
Friday 1st June 2001
7:29 pm U.K.


Make up your own mind...

Wasn't going to bother replying but here goes

1. Yes I make a profit most of the time.2. It's none of your business where I get them from or how much they costme.3. It sounds like you don't need another machine and are merely hoardingthem.4. If you want a bargain try a boot sale.

----- Original Message -----From: Martin Pipe <martin@webshop.demon.co.uk>To: Alexander <m&j@uklondon.screaming.net>Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 10:32 AMSubject: Re: hf950 ad

> Hi Alex,>> £500 seems a bit much to pay for a machine introduced in 1986. If I recall> correctly, some retailers were selling that machine new at a discounted> price of around £600 - back in 1990!>> You can purchase a new S-VHS deck for £300 these days. I'm prefectly aware> that SuperBeta was - and still is - capable of excellent picture quality.> As a freelance technical journalist (I frequently contribute to What Video> + TV and other mags of its ilk), I am a fan of Beta and have been for> years. I have a SL-HF1000 homedeck and SLO-1700 duplicator, both of which> still work. The latter machine was acquired some six years ago for a mere> £25. And the first example was bought in 1989 for £75, complete with a> stack of tapes.>> Time, however, moves on - as does video technology. Let's say you want to> use the machine for making regular recordings. Can the 950 hold its own> against that modern S-VHS machine (which, incidentally, will be> guaranteed)? At the very least, blank tape availability is much better.> Where, after all, can you still buy Pro-X tape? Then there's the Y/C feed,> which the 950 doesn't - to the best of my knowledge - have. That's not to> say the 950 can't be modified to provide a similar connection - indeed, I> modified my 1700 in this way to achieve the best possible transferquality.>> Sony is a consumer manufacturer, and as such is unlikely to still stock> spares after this time. Pay £500 for one of these machines, and you're> taking a big risk. I'm sure that somebody somewhere is hoarding spares,but> they're probably changing hands for ludricrous amounts of money.>> In my opinion, anybody paying £360 or more is clearly very gullible, orhas> a lot of old tapes they want to transfer!>> And in any case, how much did you pay for the machine? Are you one ofthese> people who scours the private ads and Internet newsgroups for cheap Beta> hardware, and then sells them on at a ludicrous markup? If so, you're not> doing the Beta fraternity any favours whatsoever.>> Martin Pipe.>> ----------> From: Alexander <m&j@uklondon.screaming.net>> To: Martin Pipe <martin@webshop.demon.co.uk>> Subject: Re: hf950 ad> Date: 31 May 2000 21:33>> Hello Martin>> Looking at the inside the machine I would say little use. The guy I got it> from said it had been boxed for years. There was no sign of any dustinside> and the drum looks nearly new to me. Some one is collecting some sparesfor> a C9 from me tomorrow and may make an offer if they can raise the cash, so> I'll let you know.>> I have sold three 950s on the website and this is the best one so far. The> last one sold for £360 about 3 weeks back. I am expecting to get some more> and prices will vary according to condition. If you look through the> archive> pages you will see they can fetch £500 upwards. This one is A1 no faults> with original manual (It looks new!)>> Regards>> Mark> ----- Original Message -----> From: Martin Pipe <martin@webshop.demon.co.uk>> To: <beta@uklondon.screaming.net>> Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 2:43 PM> Subject: hf950 ad>>> > Hi Mark,> >> > I see, from the Betamax PALsite, that you're trying to sell a Sony HF950. > > What sort of money are you looking for? How much use has it had?> >> > Kind regards,> >> > Martin Pipe> ---------->

Emil Jensen
Friday 1st June 2001
4:22 pm U.K.


Thanks!Now im gonna look for a HIFI Beta!The only problem is: Video heads for HIFI machine are very difficult to obtain here in Denmark!

Best Regards

Emil J.

Beta Rocks!!!

Friday 1st June 2001
10:47 am U.K.


@MadnessSorry, i dont know why the postings are deletet. I need a good copy of the circut diagram of the Y/C-Board from your SL HF 750. Then i can find out if it works. http://home.t-online.de/home/340054418855-0001/Betamax/

aka santos
Friday 1st June 2001
10:14 am U.K.


Thanks for your help, it really helped me. Hope to see you all here from now on. Have a nice day.


Friday 1st June 2001
8:19 am U.K.


Test Email

Friday 1st June 2001
5:06 am U.K.


Hmm, was my message inquiring whether Stephen's 950 mod would go for 750 deleted? I was looking to see there was an update but the message seems to have vanished.

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