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Friday 24th March 2017

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Saturday 8th September 2001
9:33 am U.K.


Hi folks,

can someone please explain the difference between the SL-C9E and the SL-C9ES. I'm going to order a service manual and there are both versions offered.

Thanks a lot


Allan A.Smith
Saturday 8th September 2001
7:28 am U.K.


September 08,2001 3:15 A.M. est.

Olive ; How about this idea! Borrow,rent, or buy a video stabilizer unit. They are illegal in the u.s. because they are used to remove Macrovision and other interference signals on commercial tapes. They are quite legal in CANADA(just across the river from Detroit) so there are quite a few around! I don't know if they are available in the U.K. but if you can get one it can enhance good recordings and delete unwanted signals. They also come in very usefull for tasks besides the problem you are currently concerned about also! Best Wishes! Al.

Olive Thomas
Saturday 8th September 2001
12:21 am U.K.


The problem only seems to arise with the camera connected via the K-connector. The SL-2000 is a portable unit that can be hooked up to a tuner module with a multi-connector and used as a TV-top unit.

The interference pattern shows up only after having recorded to tape from the camera. It consists of three greyish lines running verticaly down the screen deviding the screen into three equal parts. It is permanently recorded onto the tape and is present when recorded in the BII and BIII speed.

If you've noted the monitored image of an HVC camera (before put on tape) you'll note that there are black scan lines running across the screen because the camera doesn't scan all 525 lines and Sony knows that they'll be gone when recorded on tape. Perhaps the 'compression' process isn't going well.

Allan A. Smith
Friday 7th September 2001
8:22 pm U.K.


Sept. 07,2001 4:00 est.

Olive; I had 2 more ideas which may help if you havn't tried them yet may help. The 1st regards the camera signal output(?cable) from the camera to the input hookup on your 2000. I'm not familiar with 2000s' but most Beta units have 2 way to hook up either thru a cable input on the modulator or thru RCA or other input jacks (older units also have posts for hooking up antenna flat leads). You might try hookimg up the camera via the alternate hookup method(s), you may have to use a converter plug, and see if there is any difference it the interference. If there is chances are that the R.F. Modulator is causing the problem. If there is a improvement in the picture then your problem is solved. The 2nd idea was to try to record with the 2000 set to the "Line Level Signal" vs the VCR recording amplifier circuit and see if there is any improvement. If there is again your problem is solved. You may have already tried what I have suggested but if you havn't it may be worth it to do so! Best! Al.

Olive Thomas
Friday 7th September 2001
6:17 pm U.K.


As a last resort I tried tinkering with the internal workings of the camera to no avail. The interference thing still showed up. In fact when I was tinkering with the horizontal size settings the interference pattern stayed put even as the image size changed. I also took a closer look at the footage recorded with my old HVC 2200 and sure enough the interference pattern was just visible under certain conditions so I guess it is the fault of the SL-2000.

Which is something I can live with for now as I have other Beta camcorders that can do a more capable job than an HVC-2500/SL-2000 combo unit.

doc judd
Friday 7th September 2001
10:51 am U.K.


today was offered 180 tapes,toshiba v33 for $a80.00working condition.good deal?

Charles Joly
Friday 7th September 2001
3:20 am U.K.


Olive: there must be a problem somewhere in the recording section of the SL2000, but you obviously already tried recording off a TV signal and there was no problem, right ? I'm sure you also tried different tapes. Can the problem be seen on both machines when played back ? And does the one from the 300 play well on the 2000 too ?

Otherwise there are two possibilities. Either there is a problem where the signal between where the camera signal is ouptutted to RF and where it goes to recording (unlikely as the tuner signal from the TT2000 uses the same path), or there is a portion of the signal which only the SL2000 would use but not a TV or a SLHF300 (!) and that very portion of this signal is bad. Sort of a "macrovision" comportment. Wicked problem!

Can you send a capture of it ?

Thursday 6th September 2001
9:08 pm U.K.



Olive Thomas
Thursday 6th September 2001
6:01 pm U.K.


to Marcus Boehlich. The PAL site has a reference page on the SL-F1 and it's pinouts at URL... http://www.palsite.info/slf1tech.html . Try checking there.

As for my SL-2000, It otherwise records fine. The HVC-2200 I used to have didn't give me any of the interference problems so it must be something the camera is doing that doesn't translate properly on my SL-2000

Marcus Boehlich
Thursday 6th September 2001
2:03 pm U.K.


I had a combination of Sony´s SL-F1 and a TT -F1. Unfortunately the TT -F1 burned of so my children are very unhappy that they can't seetheir old videos.My idea is though the AC -F1 stand alone powersupply isn´t available anymoreto build my own power supply. The question I have is: Does anybody knowhow the pins of the 5 pin connector have to be covered (Is that the rightword? I hope you know what I mean) 12V+, 12V-

Thanks for answering Marcus

Olive Thomas
Thursday 6th September 2001
7:36 am U.K.


The HVC-2500 and SL-2000 are both NON Superbeta units as is my SL-HF 300 and this isn't so much an interference 'pattern' like you get playing HiFi tapes on a non-HiFi unit but something akin to a scratch line like you might see in film stock that's been in a camera or projector with some sort of burr or something...

Allan A. Smith
Thursday 6th September 2001
4:40 am U.K.


August 06,2001 12:23 A.M. est.

Olive; Your question reminded me of when I bought my 1st Sony Superbeta. I already had a Sanyo Superbeta which produced a strong signal super quality picture when played on a plain Sanyo Beta. When I made my 1st recordings on the Sony they looked great when I played them on either of my Sanyo or Sony Superbeta but I got a lousy wave interference pattern over the picture when I tried to play them on my nonsuperbeta Sanyos. After I read the Sony manual I stopped tearing my hair out because they said right there in the manual that their Superbetas did this when the recording was made with their superbeta system, and suggested turning off the Superbeta recording mode whilst recording if the recordings were intended for non-Superbeta machines(They didn't explain why you got the interference just that you would get it!). My point is differences in the recording abilities of you machines may in some way respond differently to the recording signal from the camera. I hope this helps!Best Wishes Al!

Thursday 6th September 2001
3:43 am U.K.


Are all the NEC beta vcrs made by Sony and if so, how do they compare with Sony?

Olive Thomas
Thursday 6th September 2001
2:07 am U.K.


I've noticed something odd about my 'new' HVC-2500. Apart from a mild tube burn which I've noted before - and which doesn't seem to show as much as I'd thought there seems to be something like three darkish vertical lines running down the screen, looking sort of like what you'd get if you folded a picture in half and half again.For no good reason it's not visible if you've just brought the camera up on the TV to monitor. You can only see it after you play back the tape as recorded off my SL-2000.I did a test recording off of my HiFi Beta (HVC 2500 -> SL-2000 -> TT-2000 -> SL-HF 300) and there wasn't the interference pattern I described - so it seems to only be an 'issue' when the image is recorded on the SL-2000. The previous HVC-2200 camera never showed this problem so I'm mystified as to where to assign the fault or even whether this is some sort of 'known issue'. Any ideas?

Tuesday 4th September 2001
8:26 am U.K.


I own an old Sony TV which has a Multi-Connector input (see http://www.palsite.info/multicon.html). As it is supposidly the precursor to SCART, do adaptors exist between these two standards?

Allan A. Smith
Monday 3rd September 2001
9:54 pm U.K.


September 03,2001 5:50 P.M. est.

Lucrezia; I would suggest that one advertisement a week would make alot of people who use this site happy! Best Wishes Al Smith!

Monday 3rd September 2001
8:32 pm U.K.



I really do think you have gone too far now.

You had most of us almost in sympathy with your 'caps lock' affair and we, being a sociable lot, forgave you for your apparant 'arrogance' then. But to keep repeating the plaudits you gained from a single customer in order to push your name among what is really a friendly and co-operative forum is tantamount to offence.I am sure we will forgive you just this once more time if you quietly refrain from such blatant 'pubilicity stunts' in the future and use this forum as it was intended to be used for - for friendly exchanges of help and advice to all Betamax users.


Olive Thomas
Sunday 2nd September 2001
4:29 pm U.K.


Just because Beta is a better format doesn't mean we have to get 'upstage' with one another. Lifes too short and fate to funny for that sort of thing. As Bill and Ted would say, "Be excellent to one another."

In other news, picked up a primo HVC 2500 autofocus video camera. It has 30/35 lux capability and since there was some mild tube burn (it looks a little like lens reflections and it's only visible in low light) I was able to pick it up for a song. Replaces an HVC-2200 that died in the line of duty when I 'infiltrated' a press line in front of the courthouse as they were dragging some fellow off to jail. Some people just don't like the 'media'...

Saturday 1st September 2001
12:07 pm U.K.


I don't care if this Lucrezia is a blind woman. Her head is up her own butt!

Saturday 1st September 2001
1:50 am U.K.


I have a sanyo betamax machine that is taking up to much space does anyone want to make me an offer it is in good working condition.

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