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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Don Sugden
Wednesday 22nd March 2017
9:02 pm U.K.


Hi, my Grandad has a Sony VO-6800ps but the batteries are pretty useless now. It has an option for an external power supply but I can't find anything for this. From the research I have done it looks like I need a power supply that will connect to the device with a female 4 pin XLR. I have seen the following on eBay but not sure what I would then connect the D-Tap end to in order to power the device. Any suggestions appreciated....

2-Pin D-Tap to 4-Pin XLR for 12VDC power adaptation


Wednesday 22nd March 2017
6:52 pm U.K.


Hi Guys new here does anyone which remotes can work with Sony Betamax SL-F30UB


Noel Higgins
Saturday 18th March 2017
10:50 pm U.K.


Hello again all - Don't get on much these days but still fixing machines.


You can still get belt kits in Sydney Australia from WES COMPONENTS.

Their website is

See their catalogue page at https://www.wes.com.au/mediapub/ebook/wescat2014np/#1240

Under the Sanyo list for models M10,M20,M50,NX10 it specifies a VBK59 kit

I presume that they will post overseas.

Further down the chat page you talked about SLC30s having slow rewind and fast forward.

Apart from the upper drum friction and reel motor issues I have been finding quite a few with blown reel solenoid fuses.

The brake then is not released so drags on the reels in REW and FFWD.

They can be repaired. If you can't get a replacement fuse, try a 4.7 ohm 1/4 resistor instead.

regards Noel (Betaheaven.com)

Saturday 18th March 2017
2:36 pm U.K.


Hello. I have a Sony Beta c20, from a friend who has gave it to me as a present. I am trying it since this morning. It seems to work fine but the last beta I loaded is not ejecting when I push the button... The light is flashing as if it is stucked inside...

I have opened it and the rotation systems works fine, it loads the film and reads it but when reeling it when I push the eject button, it reels but not ejects... The cassette is inside, with no film loaded and with the light flashing... Is there a way to manually eject the film and try again to load? Any idea to solve this problem if it is more than it seems?

Best regards everyone and thanks in advance for your support!

K Lambert
Friday 17th March 2017
10:31 am U.K.



You may find getting a KIT hard today but not impossible.

There is another way though ,measure each belt (the thickness is 2mm) and then try to obtain each one seperately.

Classic parts used to sell them as kit's and there are numerous companies that's ell belt's one their own.

Mot sure where you reside but the US has many sources for these.


Friday 17th March 2017
9:28 am U.K.


I need a belt kit for a Sanyo VTC-M10 Betacord. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere?

Saturday 11th March 2017
9:51 pm U.K.


weber 1600

can you e-mail me or message through my facebook page /wwwbmanmeuk with details of teh problem (in English if possible for quicker response) and pictures, I currently am working on 2 broken load mechanisms so may have spare parts.

Saturday 11th March 2017
8:44 pm U.K.



Tengo en mi poder Sony sl c9 con problemas en su carga frontal..

He desmontado el mecanismo y los dos piñones que van a cada extremo de la varilla redonda están

en buen estado.. El problema es otro piñón el cual lleva en su parte alta , un tornillo de cruz con

una arandela muy pequeño, que en su extremo está roto ( partido ) ...

Existe alguna posibilidad de reemplazo de este engranaje??

Saturday 11th March 2017
4:08 pm U.K.


Pumabr, I have worked on one of those before - approx 8 years ago, and from memory, if the servo board is defective, they are not too bad to repair. Sadly, I don't have the schematic which is useful, but not critical for this. If I remember correctly, it is very very similar to the HF950 so you should be able to use some of that manual as a rough guide.

First, tackle the Hall effect by removing that blob of glue, then work your way from there. Most servo problems I deal with are just replacing old capacitors, especially the smaller ones. Rarely do I find a failed IC.

If you can sort that out, then it's not such a bad purchase.

Monday 6th March 2017
3:18 am U.K.


So expensive? Why do they charge so much for these manuals?

Yes, I just bought the VCR... it seems now that it was a bad option...

Saturday 4th March 2017
1:59 pm U.K.


pumabr :

Unlike the SL-C9 and the HF950 I couldn't find the SL-F90 service manual for free on the internet. I only saw it for sale on 2 sites, 50€ and 100€, very expensive from my point of view. I am not sure; did you finally buy this VCR ?

Friday 3rd March 2017
12:48 am U.K.


Hi guys,

I wanted to share something i've discovered the past few months.

Last year about six SL-C30 and SL-C33 machines from various owners passed my workbench.

All had some of the known problems like dry joints, dried out caps in the psu, old greas on the gears, but five of them had another problem.

They all seemed to wind pretty slow in reverse, forward or both. I could also hear sudden drops in the winding speed.

Tape tension didn't seem right sometimes in playback.

After checking the bearing of the spool motor and the pendulum assembly, which seemed to be ok, I noticed a faint soury smell.

It came from the four caps on the spool motor pcb. The four miniature 47uf/16V capacitors (matsushita) started to leak.

All five machines worked fine again after removing the old caps, cleaning the pcb and installing new caps.

Two machines needed repairs on the pcb traces as the electrolytic fluid had started to eat the traces away.

This may apply to other machines with the same motor pcb too.


Thursday 2nd March 2017
6:32 pm U.K.


Thanks for your help Frandid. I'll talk to a specialist to see what can be done.

Is it possible to find the service manuals for this device? Electrical and mechanical scheme?

Wednesday 1st March 2017
9:22 am U.K.


Thanks for your help Bjorn.

I took the metal casing off and had a look inside and found a screw loose from a previoys service.Anyway when I put it back together and tried a tape again it worked.

Tuesday 28th February 2017
11:05 pm U.K.



Need some help, I suspect I have an issue in the chroma area of my SL HF 600 Betamax. During playback of known good tapes, there is a somewhat noticeable yellow "hue" horizontal bar in the picture at about the 1/3 mark, and 2/3 mark straight across the screen, about the width of a finger on a ~25 inch set.. It does not move, and is very consistent...

The rest of the image is OK and clean. If I record a tape on this unit, and play it on another known good Betamax, the same hue appears there, but is much more faint...

Any ideas where to look? Should I just recap the Chroma, and possibly input caps?



Tuesday 28th February 2017
5:54 pm U.K.


Hi Stuart,

sounds like a loading issue. Does the tape even try to insert, or does it drop, then ejects within seconds?

Often cause is down to the rubber belts being worn which are easily replaced. Other causes include worn loading motor, dew detector picking up damp in the machine. However I would first look at the belts to see if they need replacing. Often the top one on the front loading mechanism.

Tuesday 28th February 2017
3:19 pm U.K.


pumabr :

It seems on the video that the servo board is defective. The hall effect sensor might also be defective as the head drum never spins but it's not sure at all. This point is easy to check, difficult to repair for a "non pro" and anyway in this case it wouldn't be the only issue because this never causes the VTR not to play in FF AND RW for at least a few seconds.I own 3 Betamax ( SL-C9 F, SL-HF950ES and SL-T50ME ) and what I can say is that most of the time when you want to have one unit working perfectly you must buy several spares for each model and/or junk units for spares... The problem is that unlike the SL-HF950 for instance this model is not so easy to find... There is one on Ebay : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Sony-Betamax- SL-F90 -Video-Cassette-Recorder-/182467768428?hash=item2a7bed306c:g:w0sAAOSw9GhYmG5D but it's impossible to say if it has working parts for yout unit. The first thing I would try is to replace the servo board. Repairing a servoboard is difficult if you are not a pro... Replacing boards is much easier. The problem might also come from the mecanical parts... And I agree with what Bjorn, Kevin etc. already said on this subject.

stuart :

I never saw a Sanyo but I would first check the tape sensors, you'll first have to find the service manual for your unit on the internet, see where they are located and if they work.

Tuesday 28th February 2017
6:30 am U.K.



I just purchased my first ever Beta player today. It's a Sanyo betacord vtc-m20.

I have never owned or even watched anything on beta before. Anyway I have a question and was hoping someone might be able to help me. When I insert a beta tape into the player the cassette symbol flahes red on the display and after about 5 seconds it ejects. I have tried other tapes and it just keeps ejecting it.

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated?

Monday 27th February 2017
7:12 pm U.K.


Hi again!

Finally I got a video with the complete diagnosis of the Sony SL-F90. The device does FF but not REW. And neither does play. The drum does not spin... Well, I think the video is the best way to describe the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkkVGXESSMw

Is it a serious problem? Will this be repaired?

Monday 27th February 2017
2:29 pm U.K.


Thanks Martin, the previous/next buttons are now working again and the Sony SL-T50ME under my TV is happy to be recognised on this page like its two mates SL-C9 F and SL-HF950ES :-)

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