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Richard Johnson
Wednesday 27th October 2010
2:06 pm U.K.


I have a Sony UMatic V0-5800 PS video recorder which I bought new around 1983. It has not had a great amount of use over the years. The last time I used it, about a year ago, it was working fine. I switched it on today and, although the tape cassette (I've tried several) is taken into the machine, it does not load properly: I have removed the top bottom and left hand side covers. Some symptoms are: The tape is drawn out of the cassette into a small loop round one guide pin, but then nothing further happens. The ring that draws the tape into a loop round the rotating drum does not itself rotate now and thus a big loop is not formed. I've tried winding the ring round by hand, lubricating it with PTFE on the way; the motor runs to reset the ring to its original position when I put in a cassette, but again, no proper big loop forms round the rotating drum. The standby light remains on. On 'Search' it makes the usual rattling/tinkling sound briefly when the knob is turned to either side, but then the sound stops. However When the fast forward or rewind buttons are pressed, the mechanism clicks and the head drum revolves, but the forward or re-winding do not run. The cassette ejects OK when the eject button is pressed. I should be very grateful for any suggestions.

Friday 22nd October 2010
9:57 pm U.K.


Hi Wilber, It sounds like the tapes are suffering from 'sticky tape syndrome'. This is not uncommon for tapes from that era. The good news is that it can easily be fixed, if you know what you are doing. Have a search for 'sticky tape' and 'bake a tape' for some suggestions how to fix this. I actually run a small business (www.lightmotif.com.au) doing exactly that but distance may be a problem.

Thursday 21st October 2010
11:00 pm U.K.


Hi everybodyI just have a curios questions that it needs to be asnwer by an very good expert (or may be not I'm just ignorant) Back on 1979 when this u-matic machines were top of the line I participated on a different colleges' basketballs games that the Government (Educational TV) of El Salvador recorded in this types of machines. I'm trying to recover these old memories recorded on this tapes(to show them to my kids), but they (government authorities) have told me that the tape(films) got stucks and they do not know what to do make these tapes come back to life without damaging them.Does anybody know what to do to unstuck them? Is there any way to make them go back to life and rerecorded them in a different format?Please advice.

Friday 24th September 2010
7:29 am U.K.


Hi Danko!

I got the same machine ( VO-2630 ) and just acquired service manual in PDF format.I'll dig it out and see if I can do some tests for you.

Now, isn't it amazing, we worked together at Zagreb TV station awhile ago.

Check this out:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=213562986334#!/video/video.php?v=156133517747971&oid=213562986334 or



Monday 20th September 2010
9:57 pm U.K.


Hi Anthony,

It would be helpful if you let people know where you are located.For instance, I do have a SECAM player, but I am in Australia... Probably not much help for you.

And how did you end up with SECAM tapes bur only NTSC machines?

Monday 20th September 2010
3:43 pm U.K.



I am working on a Umatic tape conversion/preservation project. The objective is to digitize our Umatic tape collection before the tape becomes defective. All my tapes are Umatic-Secam. We have a few functional ntsc players but none that can play secam.

Does anybody have a functionnal umatic-secam player ? I am looking to buy one.

Thank you

Friday 17th September 2010
6:10 am U.K.


Hi guys,This site is a very pleasant discovery. Nice to see U-matic fans together.

I got four machines, two of them I would like to bring back to life:VP-1210, VO-2630, VO-5630 and VO-5850.

The older ones don't work but they power up and motors spin.If anyone can help with service manual for VP-1210 or VO-2630 I would be very interested in.I have only Operating manual for VO-2630 pdf, it is in Eng, Ger. and FR. Contact me directly if want a copy.


Tuesday 14th September 2010
10:02 pm U.K.


Hi Serpico, the '187' is an Ampex tape.....

John Thompson
Tuesday 14th September 2010
7:59 pm U.K.


just a word of thanks to the two people who very quickly got in touch about the BVU-800P service manual. I have now bought a PDF of the entire operation & service manual which I found at online-manuals.com.

If anyone else out there is stuck I also have copies of the BVU-800 and VO5630 service manuals. They're rather big files though. :-)

Tuesday 14th September 2010
1:26 pm U.K.


Thanks Roderick, I'm going to try this today. Most of the 3/4" tapes I have are Sony. This one, as far as I can tell, is a no-name brand. Just has "187 KCA-30" printed on the casing.

John Thompson
Sunday 12th September 2010
12:22 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a BVU-800P high band umatic with no colour either EE or off tape. I've traced the fault to the CD14 board but as I only have a PDF of the US version of the service manual ( BVU-800 ), I'm now a bit stuck.

If anyone could provide me with scans or a PDF of the relevant sections of the Pal manual I'd be eternally grateful.

Thursday 9th September 2010
10:03 pm U.K.


Hi Serpico,

Sounds like the whole tape track needs a good clean. Use some cottonbuds (Q-tips) and cleaning alcohol to clean all the posts, erase and audio heads on the track."Sticky tapes" often leave a residue behind which will stop a good tape from running and causes the squealing noise.

What brand tapes are you trying to play? Ampex and Agfa tapes are notorious for 'sticky tape syndrome' and will cause problems if not treated. Sony tapes are usually less problematic. Once you have cleaned the whole path, use a known good, clean tape and let that run for 10 - 30 minutes. Often that will clean the video heads.

Let us know how you go.

Chris Margrave-Gregory
Thursday 9th September 2010
1:19 pm U.K.


Hi All,

I am looking for a U-Matic player , I need a VO 7630 NTSC machines.

Please let me know if you have one of these available, My email address is chris@thameside.tv, alternatively my mobile 07931 902556.

Kind RegardsChris

Thursday 9th September 2010
12:57 pm U.K.


Hi Roderick

I put a small amount of cleaning fluid on a cloth, placed it against the drum and rotated the drum slowly a few times, then did the same with a dry cloth. I let it sit for a few hours before I tried the tape again.

The unit we have has one leg left, maybe half a leg, lots of other issues with (I sometimes have to "trick" it into playing a tape by hitting stop and then play in quick succession, often times a tape will hang when I press play and the unit just sits there making a high pitched whirring sound) it so this might just be a death rattle

Wednesday 8th September 2010
10:19 pm U.K.


When you say "wiped down the drum", what did you actually do?From the description of the result, it looks like you may have made the situation worse if you weren't extremely careful with the heads.Video heads are very sensitive to 'up & down' movement, you may have dislodged the heads' alignment.

It is also good to give the ACE head a good clean to ensure it tracks properly.

Wednesday 8th September 2010
7:06 pm U.K.


hello, all! I've encountered a problem with my (US model) VO-9600 player that I believe I've had before and may have posted about.

I was dubbing a VHS tape and there was alot of picture noise and flutter that the tracking on the VCR I use to record wasn't helping. I opened up the Umatic and wiped down the drum, then reinserted the tape. Now, I have loads of snow and picture noise that totally obscures the image.

I've tested the inputs and outputs and tried other 3/4" tapes with the same result. I thought condensation might be affecting it so I left it on all night but with no change. Anything I could try, anyone else had this problem?

Friday 3rd September 2010
6:27 pm U.K.


Hi, I have VO2630. It lights up, the head drum is spinning, but won't thread the tape and play/rew/fwd/eject buttons are dead. Motors spin when I manually switch them.I would be happy to try solving it by myself and would appreciate any help or suggestion.

Sunday 22nd August 2010
11:57 am U.K.


Hello everybody,

I,ve got a VO-5630 for sale. You can find it on Marktplaats.nl.


Wednesday 18th August 2010
9:43 am U.K.


Hi Roderick. Thanks for your reply. Haven't been able to find much info on back tension etc on the internet that is specific to u-matic. As I understand it the skew is supposed to help with this but appears to do nothing (although it is working by pressing against the reel on the inside). Perhaps the supply reel is too tense? One oddity though is that having left the VTR powered up for four hours yesterday, the picture is remarkably improved, so whether warmth helps things or not I don't know. Any suggestions welcome! Jon.

Monday 16th August 2010
9:38 pm U.K.


Hi Jon,

I am a tad too far away to have a go myself (Sydney, Australia) but it sounds like a tape tension problem. If you have a service manual, see if you can find adjustment procedures and see if that helps.

Monday 16th August 2010
9:52 am U.K.


Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone here with a bit of engineering expertise would care to take a look and Frankenstein me a working machine out of three ailing decks... I have a VP9000, VO9640 and a VP7040 (all PAL). The 7040 seems to be fine however it's lowband which isn't very useful fo my high and SP stuff as it plays monochrome. The 9640 picture is totally distorted but i did try swapping the upper drum from the 7040 and putting it in the 9640 and gave the same results. The 9000 is probably the best starting point as I can get a disorted but recognisable picture if i turn the tracking 9/10ths in one direction. In still mode the vision seems normal (i.e. shuttle noise bars in the correct place but otherwise fine). Capstan seems to be running OK but thats as far as my knowledge goes. If anyone is in the South East of UK and fancies a go then let me know... after I have dubbed my dozen or so tapes you can keep all three VTRs. Jon.

Richard Chester
Monday 2nd August 2010
10:37 am U.K.


What ever happened to the U-matic Chat Page? only Spammers here ? Where are the good times gone? Sorry for that....

Friday 30th July 2010
1:39 pm U.K.


Hi, I've got 2 U-matics going on ebay tonight. A VP-9000P and a VO-5630. They're starting at 99p. Thought I'd just let you know incase anyone's interested.CheersDB

Brian Grant
Thursday 29th July 2010
5:39 pm U.K.


I have two Uimatics I don't need anymore. A VO9600 and a VP7040. Both in working orderalthough the VO 9060 probably needs a new head.

I don't want any money for them. Just like to see them go to a good home

If interested contact Brian Grant

bgflicks@gmail.com or 07932 052424

Wednesday 28th July 2010
9:05 am U.K.


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Tuesday 27th July 2010
6:07 pm U.K.


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Monday 26th July 2010
11:57 pm U.K.


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Saturday 24th July 2010
10:25 pm U.K.


Hi Brian,

Could you be a little more specific about the machines? Details like brand & model would help. Replacing heads is not an impossible job but you will need some basic understanding on how things work in general terms.

Lorna Cecill
Tuesday 20th July 2010
10:08 am U.K.



I have been given a car full of Panasonic VHS editing equipment - players, recorders and editing controllers. I only need one set for myself and don't know what to do with the rest. I have searched about online and can't find anyone looking for equipment. Can anyone here help?

I'm in west Wales, which is hardly central I know.

Brian Grant
Tuesday 20th July 2010
7:55 am U.K.


Does anyone know how to replace the video heads on a Umatic. I have two machines. One machine has good heads but a weak motor, the other machine is in good condition apart from the heads. I'd really appreciate any pictures of the procedure


Brian Grant

Saturday 3rd July 2010
3:27 am U.K.


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Friday 2nd July 2010
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Thursday 1st July 2010
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Thursday 1st July 2010
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* This takes a available company unofficial which should take measures savings, but also means it wishes reasonable accord trade again in a few years when Cerberus wants a liquidity affair * The behave is a leveraged buyout (LBO) and a tremendous one. The WSJ reports the character resolve be 2/3 due and 1/3 neutrality, which is much put down than the more brand-new levels of 50% equity. * There is a “go-shop” close. This catch gives DynCorp a month to determine to be a mastery deal, which should rescind a shareholders suits that it wasn’t a blonde price. * This is essentially equal sneaking disinterestedness resolute selling to another. So this is economic engineering more than vital fit.

All in all this dispense is another sign of the thaw of the investment communities involvement in M&A deals. I still contend there is about another 12 months of inimitable even out in the furnish between buyers and sellers and I stationary expect a frothy M&A make available starting in mid-2011.

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Wednesday 7th April 2010
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Monday 29th March 2010
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Sunday 28th March 2010
8:18 pm U.K.


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Wednesday 24th March 2010
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Wednesday 3rd March 2010
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Wednesday 3rd March 2010
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Thursday 25th February 2010
10:50 am U.K.


Would anyone know of a good source to buy a high band & sp u matic machine, I am in Kent, UK

Jacob Trock
Wednesday 24th February 2010
10:02 pm U.K.


Does anyone know who i Europe that can do migration of 3.000 U-matic tapes to digibeta? Please contact me offline on e-mail: jt(at)dfi.dk

RegardsJacob Trock/ Danisk Filminstitute filmarchive...

Wednesday 17th February 2010
12:49 pm U.K.


Ok, thaks.

Tuesday 16th February 2010
10:07 pm U.K.


BVU machine will not play 'low band' tapes in colour because of the different way the colour information is recorded. You will need either a VO-98** series machine that will play all formats, or get a VO-58**.

Tuesday 16th February 2010
11:47 am U.K.


I was buy a Sony BVU950P because i want read my old Umatic tapes. But i have a problem, all my tapes run black and White. I try to rec a tape and play color ok, but my old tapes no.Someone know where is the problem??My old tapes was recorded with VO5850 (low band), I know BVU950P is high band and SP, but i think it will can read low band tapes.Someone have a BVU950P and read low band umatic tapes??Thanks

Lionel ORRIT - Revival-Music
Tuesday 9th February 2010
10:51 pm U.K.



I have 2 U-Matic VCR (VO-7630 & VO-9600 ). I've some questions about the drums.In the user manual of one of my U-Matic VCR, I saw the procedure to know the accumulated operation time of the heads drums.

For the VO-7630, it's 550 hours. For the VO-9600, it's 200 hours.On the user manual, I read that the life of the heads drums is approximately 500 - 1000 hours of use.

I've 3 questions about that :

- What does the operation time included ? The playing of a video tape only ? The fact that the VCR is working, even if no video tape is inserted ?

- In real terms, after how many hours of operation time of the heads, a drum needs to be replaced ? I know that some brand names like Sony are pessimistic concerning the lifetime of some parts.

- How can we see on screen during a playback that the drum needs to be replaced ?

At present, I've starting the digitizing process for my 400 hrs U-Matic tapes collection. I found a brand new drum for each Umatic VCR I've. Yes !!! I'm lucky !!!. But this kind of spare parts is very expensive (about 750 USD). I just want to know if I'm true to get worried about all that.

Thanks beforehand for your answers

David Sutherland
Sunday 7th February 2010
2:01 am U.K.


There is a nice photo of BVU-850P innards here:http://www.marcelstvmuseum.com/sony%20bvu-850p%20binnenkant.htmlhttp://www.marcelstvmuseum.com/photoalbum69.html

Friday 22nd January 2010
9:51 pm U.K.


John, you may find that the tapes are recorded in 'High Band' and your VO5030 only plays 'Low Band'. This will give you the picture but only in B&W because of the way the colour signal is recorded. The only option you have is to find a machine that plays 'High Band' such as the BVU's or VO98** series. Sorry.Think of it as playing a stereo tape through a mono amplifier, it is never going to be stereo!

John Jebb
Monday 18th January 2010
1:59 pm U.K.


I have NTSC tapes and a Sony VO 5030 which can play NTSC tapes through my ADVC 300 to my computer. I am in the UK. Beautiful pictures but all the tapes will only play in B&W. Anyone know of an engineer with experience of U-Matics or have suggestions. I have tried all the knobs and switches with no success. I assume it's the deck as the ADVC works fine.

Thanks, John

Jeff Benard
Sunday 17th January 2010
7:40 pm U.K.


I have some vintage 1/2 inch helical scan industrial videotape unopened ampex 194 2400 DD if anyone is interested in them .

Saturday 16th January 2010
1:21 am U.K.



Friday 15th January 2010
8:59 pm U.K.


For all those people with 'Standby' issues on the umatics. Normally this means that the tape hasn't fully threaded. This can be because of a multitude of things. A few things to look for are:

-Is the tape path clean and can the tape be fully threaded

-Check the contact switches along the threading path

-Are there any loose connections or wires? If the unit has been shipped recently that could be the problem. Check all connections, best if you pull the connector out and then reset.

Good luck

Friday 15th January 2010
6:47 pm U.K.


Looking for a service agent in the Boston / Providence area who could help with a SONY VO9600P, comes on in StandBy mode, and won't hop out. Or, if there is a simple fix, I'd love to know too. Thanks

Monday 11th January 2010
10:45 pm U.K.


We have a SONY VP-9000 3/4" U-Matic Player. When we turn the power on, it comes on okay, but when we hit "Play", the unit goes into standby mode. If we hit "Play" and then "Pause" immediately, we can see a picture coming through to the computer, but then if we hit "Play" again, it goes straight back into standby. Is there something that we are missing?

Saturday 9th January 2010
11:48 pm U.K.


RE: VO-5850. Just hook it up like any other video recorder. Video Out to PC Video in, etc. You may need a BNC - RCA adaptor, available at all electronic stores.

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