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Monday 27th March 2017

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Thursday 11th October 2001
4:33 pm U.K.


Hi ! As to Louis:<how do you edit with U-Matic>Well, the masters around here can tell you more about this, but either with the machines themselves - or via controllers - as far as I know.<do you need the Sony RM440 as the be all & end all of it>Well, as forementioned not exactly - plus there are several controllers which are usable - depending on your type of Umatic.If you're going Lowband, I'm assuming you're looking for the VO-5850 /5800 / RM 440 trio. This rig is proven to work excellently. I've seen some selling their VO-5850 's with other edit controllers (don't recall 'em correctly - successors of the 440).It also depends on what for edit capabilities you need... I.e. just buttons (insert, edit,etc), or does it need to be the fancy jog-wheel, frame accurate (well, almost) pro controller. I don't know if it's true for the Sony world, but for Panasonics there where these two options - the first type most likely for industrial use, in duplication VTR setups.

<..20 quid Vivanco box and you're away!>Well, assuming you're from the UK, I've seen RM-440s for about 66 .. I guess that's fairly cheap.

<best system to buy, either U-Matic, or a semi-pro VHS setup> .. trust me, you're going the same route as I did mate - keep your hands of the VHS-type - told by one having 2 "pro" VHS-VTRs (one industrial & one "broadcast"-like) around who was all about VHS vs everything for a long time - this should convince you ! :)

Pro VHS VTRs are just fine, when it comes to editing capabilities and reliability, they (some) have the same grade of features like other broadc. VTRs, but even the best VTR made a decade ago can't squeeze more out of itself than the standard would allow it.

In case you're not concerned about noise & resolution at all, two components of measuring video quality, you could go for a pro VHS - but with decent features - these are quite expensive !In comparison to Umatic you'll save cash only when it comes to tapes. And eventually you're having helical-audio w. up to 20kHz freq. range - mostly on the last released edit machines.

Umatic LB edit-machines are sometimes even cheaper than the VHS pro's, and almost every editing-Umatic has more sophisticated editing features than nearly any VHS-one. You can trust me - Beside an ancient JVC BR-6400TR (editing source VTR - like a 5800) I have a AG-6500 from Panasonic.You may browse the web for the Panasonic, this is a serious piece of VTR when it comes to VHS (it's like the BVU 850 of the VHS-pro's).

I use 'em as output machines after done all the editing on Umatic, only in case there's no option of presenting the material straight from an Umatic player.

Again, about every Umatic will give you better picture quality than any VHS. (Unless you're looking at the first machines - but who knows even those are knockin' I've been told).

My hint is, IF you want really amazing color & laser sharp pictures - by all means go for SP - if you can afford it. Or at least a HB. I have a portable SP - and I just love it.

Go for the VO-58xx ones in case you're just in editing "for fun", i.e. you're not planning on doing everything the next 10 years with 'em.. They'll keep your expenses low, give you all the editing capabilities & better-than-VHS image quality. Because in case you sold your house for a BVU editing suite, and than get confronted with the maintenance & repair charges you might easily get a stroke. In worst case you'll find yourself forking out an amount of for which you could've got a Betacam/ or pro-SVHS instead.

My favourite VO is the VO-9600P - some of 'em have been very good value for money & came with the RS-232 option.

As to Matt, I'd love to get down to the UK, and Scottland, but I don't even have a drivers license - I spent all the cash on the techno stuff standing now in my living room. BTW - an used car is sometimes cheaper than a drivers license in Germ-land...

As to the drinking contest I'm sensing there, I have to admit I'm seeing serious competition from the Scotsmen, luckily our Bavarian co-Germans are keeping the statistics high :-). By the way my Grandfather was brewing his own quite excellent stuff, - but that would get way out of topic. So beware in about 4-5 years after I've made my diploma - after declaring myself as cargo onto an airplane to the UK, I'll jump onto the next cargo waggon heading to Scottland with a couple of barrels under my arms - meanwhile I'm on intense training at the local Irish Pub around the corner ;-)

my average two cents - JanK

Thursday 11th October 2001
11:54 am U.K.


Yeah mate; also if you go to 'septic' land you're liable to be lugging back an NTSC box. Not a good-ol 'proper' PAL machine....

Actually I got a mate to bring in a Sony Mini DV cam from Hong Kong for me but that's another story.

What you need to do ol' bean is pile into the trusty Merc and drive your way across to the UK> Drink much beer, fall over a lot and return with receipts 'proving' you bought many trusty PAL U-wrappers for the price of a few flaggons! Head for Scotland and we'll demonstrate how the Germans don't hold the monopoly on either quality or quantity of beer <VBG>!

Louis K. Rayner
Thursday 11th October 2001
11:48 am U.K.


Hello all again. I've got yet another U-Matic question. I've asked tons, i know, but how do you edit with U-Matic, do you need the SonyRM440 as the be all & end all of it?, or is there some other way, asit's much simpler with VHS as a example, a 20 quid Vivanco box andyou're away!, i dont know the U-Matic options for this except the RM440. Plus does anyone know how you connect a Commodore Amiga Genlockto a U-Matic, if at all possible, as i suspect they are designed forhome video use. If any of you chaps can help with answers, i'm alwaysgrateful. I've been trying to get my head round what best system to buy, either U-Matic, or a semi-pro VHS setup with quality gear & industrial VHS machines. It's been a real struggle with so many pros and cons, and all the questions will decide my final actions!.

Thanks again everyone,


Wednesday 10th October 2001
7:57 pm U.K.


Hi !First of all thanks for the hints Roland & Matt.As about buying some sick BVUs: Unfortunately I haven't seen one for offer in Germany as long as I live ... The only one I've seen is one on Ebay, the seller took it out of the Auction claiming it got defective.. He didn't respond to my eMail in which I told him I'd go for the BVU even if it's defective... Maybe he got some kind of generous offer outside of Ebay.. Anyway I've seen a lot in the US - even working ones going out for $100... In such moments I almost start to regret I don't live in the US :). Although I will go there for holidays in a couple of years.. But I assume they'll arrest me if they'll see me draggin' a 45lbs box into the airplane - smiling like a madman & guarding it like a kid it's box o' candy.

Wednesday 10th October 2001
11:34 am U.K.


I had some modded 5 series machines a decade or so ago. The kits were fitted by the supplier though.....

If you're that handy why not simply get a couple of sick BVUs and repair them?

Tuesday 9th October 2001
7:04 pm U.K.


<You're in mushroom-stuffing territory mate!> *LOL*.Well, I planned to get an already dead Umatic, and wanted to try the conversion on a also not 100% ok BVU 110P - which I could get for a couple of dimes. In case I'll manage that - I will sacrifice my VO-8800P :) - In worst case - the company that sold me it still has one around .. but I'm pretty sure I won't wreck it - I''ve done several crazy things already - and in case of failure I recovered everything successfully so far..

Tuesday 9th October 2001
6:53 pm U.K.


Ok, and here I go again..

Anyone ever heard something about the VO-5850 /5800 highband upgrade (kit ?). Any info on how to modify those decent Umatics to HB (links, infos, store/manufacturer locations) greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday 9th October 2001
6:49 pm U.K.


You're in mushroom-stuffing territory mate!

Look; a basic LB recorder-player is no more expesive than a player only. A 7630 should cost no more than about 100 , 5 series not a lot more.

I honestly doubt if your project is feasible and all you may achieve is some very dead machines.....

Tuesday 9th October 2001
2:21 pm U.K.


Hi ! Ok, this is a little bit odd, but maybe someone could help me out. I have a VO-8800P which is a portable SP-recorder.

I'm considering to modify it to be able to playback & record on the big tapes. So my questions would be - doest the reel distance differ between the small & the big format ? I've considered to buy some kind of Umatic LB player, and to stuff in the electronics (heads, servos & brakes,etc) into the big transport mechanism.Should this work ? Maybe I should look out for some player build at about the same time (if Sony has made some drastic changes in design) ?

Thanks for any hints..

Tuesday 9th October 2001
12:09 pm U.K.


Hey I have some umatic kit for sale rather cheap in South Australia, drop me a line if your interested, players (series 5 and 7) and recorders (series 2 and 5) also have some parts and bits and pieces maybe even a remote or two...have to make space to move house!

thanks for your time


Monday 8th October 2001
8:56 pm U.K.


Ah! Drink!

Being a Scotsman NOW you're talkin' MY language! <GGG>

Roland Pickett
Monday 8th October 2001
6:39 pm U.K.


Are you Keen On u-matic Video recorDers? There's a Russian drink in there somewhere!

Sunday 7th October 2001
12:46 pm U.K.


Well, being from Russia is cool.....

Are you keen on umatic video recorders?

Carsten Sahm
Sunday 7th October 2001
9:09 am U.K.


Hello Friends of the Never Ending Story (I think). I have a SONY portable VO 6800 and a CameraControlUnit for SONY Camera DXC 1820. I want to sell them.Best regards!

Saturday 6th October 2001
10:34 am U.K.


I used to use a bremi 12V supply as sold for CB radios.... At the moment I have an old supply rescued from a Betamax portable. I just modified it with a socket ...which is usually an XLR 4-pin; similar to the XRL mic connectors? I thing the old v04800 used a 4pin DIN socket but most use an XLR

BTW folks SOME portable VCRs notably JVC's have an XLR socket but with non-standard wiring; becareful!

Usual wiring is +4 -1 ; I favour the heavy two-cor orange lawn moer cable for making up power leads and of course yo can make up your own battery packs etc.....

Have fun!

Friday 5th October 2001
12:02 pm U.K.


Ok, sorry for bothering - I solved the issue - it apparently was the power-supply. I used an old PC-AT-type, which supposed to deliver enough power, but didn't. I tried the same with a newer & more powerfull ATX-type w. 12V @ 8A - it works almost perfectly now..

It appears, that either I did something wrong when I connected the ground-pad to the case of the equipment, or it really just was not powerful enough. I checked the fluctuations with an oscilloscope, and you could see the line going way up & down when the mechanism was in action (especially when the brakes were active).Oddly, even though the voltage displayed is just a tad higher than before (11.8V vs 11.6V), the warning LED doesn't flash at all.

So everything is fine now - thanks for your patience about my meterlong postings :-)P.S.: Does anyone know the exact description/naming of the plugs used for these 4-pin power-supply-connectors ? I'd like to get a socket for the plug, so that I can establish a more stable connection.

Friday 5th October 2001
9:00 am U.K.


Hello !First of all, I'd like to thank all repliers, which helped me not only on this forum, but also per eMail with very valuable info so far.

In the meantime I found two interesting offers for a BVU-950P, for which I was actually saving my money, and later a very cheap VO-8800P. I bought the VO-8800P now, which came in a great cond., very low hours and TC. The dealer made a colorbar test which the VTR mastered flawlessly, but later at home I found the following oddity :

Even though I am using high quality cabling, with at least a 10MHz bandwidth at it's weakest point, I get a very nasty picture.

The picture is sharp, but sharp edges/transitions appear to "tear-out"/ get doubled to the right. If letters are displayed,it's like a drop shadow made out of a dimmed version of the same frame. + It appears a little bit noisy (but just very little).

The picture reminds me very much of a slightly mistuned channel preset on a TV. (You get this mirrored & shifted image, and it's noisy)

The cables used shouldn't be the cause, but I checked them again, just to be sure. My main concerns are now - the weakness of my custom power-supply- HF distortion from the power-supply- HF leakage from the PC hooked up as a monitor

The power-supply should deliver 12V at 7 Amperes, however the warning LED lights a lot. When the VTR gets in action, I get voltage drops below 11.2 Volts. Odd, that a 7A powersupply isn't able to handle a <1.5A consuming VTR..

Anyone who knows the VTR/ or other portables that had such a problem ? If no, am I to assume it's the power-supply ?Thanks for any tips.

P.S.:I dug out a couple of ferrite-rings, so I'll experiment a bit with'em on the cables.

Wednesday 3rd October 2001
4:02 pm U.K.


Hi again, Is there someone who knows about the JVC BY-110E (see post upon) and can help me to do a white balance on it, like a procedure with the name of the buttons to push ;-) because i'm quiet lost with this old camera... the video signal is orange/red colored and i suppose that could be a solution...Thanks for you helpvincent

P.S sorry for my english

Tuesday 2nd October 2001
7:27 am U.K.



Monday 1st October 2001
1:24 pm U.K.


I have a VP9000P low/hi/sp player for sale. It is in excellent condition, reasonable offers considered.

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