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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Friday 28th December 2001
10:56 am U.K.


..and finally some of my projects I an chewing on:I'm considering do build a Y /C to DUB & DUB to Y/C converter.So far I stumbled accross some very interesting things - first of all, after just plugging in one of my monitors FBAS INs into various holes of the DUB OUT socket of my 9850 I discovered that there appears to be transmit the combined (comp./FBAS) signal as well, - and another one, which my monitor sync'ed to , but appeared with a very moireé-like pattern (which looks like either a modulated FBAS - or something where the luminance FM-signal got filtered out.To both these signals my monitor could a) sync & b) resolve it in color..The other lines didn't cause (or output) anything.I expected one B&W Y-signal out, and something the monitor can't handle (i.e. the "C-signal" the subc. mod. C)

Despite of that - I checked my handy TV-technician cookbook to see, that the internal split-up & de/re-modulation, which is done in VTRs is actually done very simple.

Every home VTR splits up the FBAS to F & BAS, takes the luminance, and codes (modulates) the Y to FM, because elsehow it's very difficult to record static signals magnetically (like a white line).But that is of no interest to me, since only the "C-signal" is in the wrong format.Reading further on, the C-component gets modulated DOWN from 4.43MHz by some average FM-voodoo.Simply by confronting it with a 5.061 MHz oscillator, which generates a new C-carrier of 627kHz !Since umatics don't use any magical recording techniques, but simply higher frequencies & are better engineered - it should be possible to convert an FBAS OR Y/C to DUB as easily as described.BTW - *exactly* the same way the signal can be converted from DUB to an FBAS (/ or Y/C) - means: confronting (->mixing) the xxx khz signal with a (example) 5.061 MHz signal -> gives you a 4.434 MHz mod. C-Signal !

If I'm wrong, please correct me - elsehow I just need to worry about building a precise 5.xxx MHz oscillator circuit, and obtaining the exact frequencies of the umatic HB/SP/LB format - which I will right now on this page :)=)

Thanks for any hints-JanK

Friday 28th December 2001
10:30 am U.K.


First of all thanks Frank - I thought the BVT-2k would be the best destiny - but now I'll look around for the one you've recommended - especially the weight of the 2k doesn't appear that healthy to me..

*Art Chudabala* - EXCUSE ME FOR THE HAIR-RAISING HAVOC I've posted before - I was refering to the PORTABLE VO-6800 - meanwhile you're talking about a stationery type VO-5800 (next time I should put my glasses on..).

Of course it's possible to get such converters, and you can control everything (such as jog,frame-stepping) you could ever dream of. There are a few manufacturers still selling such devices (the only one that I can recall, is making very rudimentary boxes which just allow FF,RW,STOP/PLAY/REC.. Another way is to look at some eBay auctions - or get it used/refurbed somewhere.Again - you could try to do something by yourself - I do have quite a bit of the P2-Protocol handy in case you'd need it. The only thing you'd need to get is a service manual which explains how to steer the specific functions (most of them are TTL, which you just need to tie either to ground, or to 5 Volts - these include all the buttons you're seeing on the front-panel of your 5800).The more specific controls are the jog-control - this is most likely sent serially over some pins as binary data - OR just as a frequency or PWM - signal.

When you've gathered that information, you could build a "small" protocol-converter-box. (In worst case by using an PC-486-mainboard & an appropriate (ISA or PCI) RS-422 card, and some ISA parallel-Interface-cards OR a special TTL-card with enough TTL-lines (the got to be as much as the 5800 needs).

In case you want to work that out - contact me - or post something here. (But I doubt that you want to continue after reading this posting :-))


Dieter Cibis
Wednesday 26th December 2001
8:50 am U.K.


Is there anyone interested in an Sony VO 7630 Umatic Recorder, so mail me

Tuesday 25th December 2001
12:08 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me how many hours the heads on a Sony V0-8800 3/4"U-Matic SP portable deck can deliver before the picture begins to degrade past the acceptable limits. Does the hours meter read the number of hours of use, or read from the top down i.e. the number of hours left on the heads? Thanks

Tuesday 25th December 2001
11:22 am U.K.


As to Art Chudabala - in case the remote to RS-422 conversion -

you know that you won't be able to control more than the VO-5800 's front control would allow (Play/Record/Pause/FF/RW/Stop) ? + even it's possible that some manufacturer has made such a converter - I never heard of something like that. I do have a VO-8800, which has also a remote-port, but despite of the mentioned TTL-leveled& serially sent functions you couldn't control much.

My 8800 came with time-code, so I can record everything to an editor - or in your case you could record the signals (splitted) to FCP 2.0 - and *then* do the cutting totally inside FCP 2.0 .

P.S. if you would want to control the 5800 remotely via RS-422 that desperately , and have some soldering&programming skills - there's a way (but it will take some free-time).

As to Paul: the VO-8800's hour-meter displays the head-usage.I wouldn't bet on that, but you should see degradation after about 1K hours (that's where the meter is maxin' out anyway..). You read the meter from "0" to "10" and everything is to be x 100.

If I'm wrong - please correct me someone, since I got mine without the manual.I assume you're not happy with the picture-quality. In case you got it 'fresh' cleaning the heads does wonders - but not with conventional cleaning - I just let it record&play it two new tapes, and rewinded a couple of times - now the picture is fine.. + In case you're using an bogus power-supply (like I do) - try some other power-supplies, with better regulation or more amperes - I tried such - and the noise went away & the picture is way sharper.

Ok - nothing left but wishing nice holidays to everyone !-JanK

James Burch
Sunday 23rd December 2001
5:07 pm U.K.


Hello, with reference to Eugenes BVU870p-do the VU lamps still light up? Depending on the design of the psu, it may have just gone into shutdown mode. The slugishness of the transport is due to the loading belt slipping but if the deck hasnt been used for ages, then the grease around the gearbox may have hardend causing more problems. The gearbox isnt easy to strip down. The board you shorted out is the DT board. I have service manuals and spare boards.

Art Chudabala
Sunday 23rd December 2001
4:15 am U.K.


Hello, I have a VO-5800 and I was wondering if the remote connector in the back of the deck can be converted to a 9-pin serial to use for deck control via RS-422? What do I need to be able to have deck control and timecode for capturing to FCP 2!?HELP PLEASE!

Peter Phipp
Friday 21st December 2001
10:16 pm U.K.


Full Service Manuals for sale ; Sony V)8800P... £25 ; the two BVU870P service manuals (each as thick as telephone directory) £40 for both. all in VGC. phone 8878 2226 (london richmond) or email. Peter Phipp. Also for sale Hitachi FP21 in excellent condition. £500. including flight case.

Thursday 20th December 2001
10:11 pm U.K.



I have a Sony BVU 870 that i have recently acquired.

We plugged it in at work and it appeared to do something (try to load) but everythign seemsed very sluggish.

this was after I opened the lid.

I closed the lid and noticed that all the meters went out and so i opened the lid to have a look and saw that the board above the transport had net been seated properly and i think that the reinforcement in the middle of the top of the machine has touched the power rails for that board.

Has anyone any suggestions aas to what has porbably been blown (it appears that the Transport controls do not respond).

All the fuses in the back seem OK and all the edit buttons flash and blink correctly.

Even better, if anyone has a service manual that could be e-mailed, I would be very happy.

many thanks

Eugene Mark Sully.

(PS> On the subject, does anyone know what the servo fault is on the Betamax HF100 where the head becomes unstable and then stops?).


Monday 10th December 2001
1:57 pm U.K.


I have 3 beta machines and have 508 beta movies that I would like to sell. All are in excellent condition. If interested - please e-mail me with an offer. All 3 machines are in excellent condition. I am moving and I don't have the space for these movies and machines.

Friday 7th December 2001
3:51 pm U.K.


Hi! We are looking for new or recycled black UMatic cases...about 1000 of them, so if we can take them off your hands, please contact us. We'll also be interested in the odd few if anyone has them for sale. Thanks!

George Tucker
Friday 7th December 2001
3:11 pm U.K.


Hello all: I work for an Audio Visual installation and design group in NYC as an automation programmer. We have installed a number of referbished VP-9000 decks in a multi-media conference room at the clients request. Currently we are controlling the decks via the front panel Remote connector _( by basically stripping the IR carrier to send a qausi RS-232 signal). This works fine except the client does not like the cable out the front. This unit also has the IF-132 card installed. short of using contact closures on the multi-pin connector _( the control frame does not have enough Relay / closures left)_ I was looking into the RX data in connection. Do any of you fine folks have any information, protocol manuals, or relevant expierence using this early form of Sony Transport control ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. George Tucker Show Control Engineer Scharff Weisberg NYC

George Rivera
Thursday 6th December 2001
6:14 pm U.K.


I'm looking for suppliers for Sony and Ampex U-matic tapes. Please send me contact information via email.

Stefan Kraft
Thursday 6th December 2001
3:22 pm U.K.



I recently aquired a VO-5630 machine for cheap. I m thinking about combining it with an edit machine and a JVC or Sony edit controller. Can I use the 5630 in this combination? Any opinions on the edit machine I should buy?

Thanks a lot.


Wednesday 5th December 2001
6:27 pm U.K.


I need a manual for Sony BVU-800. Where i can download or request them?! PDF Format, web page?!Would be nice in german?!

Tuesday 4th December 2001
2:19 pm U.K.


Hi Guys, I am looking for the manual for the U-Matic Sony 5630?Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pleaaaaaaaaaase!

Tuesday 4th December 2001
1:00 pm U.K.


VHS is a world standard and very common in the UK

What may be a problem is if you are in a country which uses the NTSC colour system (the U.S. etc). Though many uk home VCRs do offer NTSC playback.

Tuesday 4th December 2001
2:32 am U.K.


I need to know if a UK vcr with a Pal system can play a VHS tape, can someone e-mail me with that information please? Thank you.

Sunday 2nd December 2001
11:17 pm U.K.


"??????? What a load of ol' pony! :-)"Mm...whoops. Yeah, well, I was writing an article on digital audio reproduction and conversion at the same time - 3am - and that's what comes of writing without engaging the brain first...It's called Jeffrey Archer syndrome I believe...


Roland Pickett
Sunday 2nd December 2001
8:35 pm U.K.


Mark - what you have is a "C" format reel to reel 1" recorder.This works very similarly to the old reel to reel sound tape recorders except that a rotating head (usually only one) lays the video track and a separate magnetic static head lays the audio tracks - much the same as all VCR's. I used to own a pair of these made by IVC.

Mark Parrott
Sunday 2nd December 2001
6:34 pm U.K.


Need some help here if possible. Just got hold of a Sony reel-to-reel video recorder called a sonymatic. Is this any relation to the u-matic format? It uses a large stationary video head that the tape wraps round in a large U-shape. Don't work very well at the moment, but I'm working on it. Think it's from the 70's.


Marky P.

Sunday 2nd December 2001
5:10 pm U.K.



I am in need of a battery pack (or any other accessories )for a JVC BY110 3 tube camera or similar please. Model number for battery pack is DC-C11-Thanks. Timbo.

Sunday 2nd December 2001
7:37 am U.K.


Well, for anybody that remembers my posts from this past Sept., I have a Wollensak VP-205, which as I just discovered is the same as a Sony VP-1000; as there is one on Ebay at the starting price of $1.00; it ends in 7 days if anyone wants a piece of nostalgia. In my case I can't see spending $32.00 shipping plus the cost of the deck for the power cord. Yeah, I'm still looking for a power cord for this Wollensak. Obviously I'm in no big hurry or I would've found something for it by now. The 2 places I thought would've had such a cord didn't. They both said call MCM Electronics. Maybe, if I don't trip over one around here. Oh, the Ebay for that VP-1000 is: 1304216738 . Later. Pepse.

Jim Middleton
Saturday 1st December 2001
9:32 pm U.K.


I have, for sale, a Panasonic F10 mark 2 (F15) in good nick c/w af lens, a couple of mics and a hard case. Will record to VHS SVHS and U-Matic. Lead only for vhs.Also a Panasonic NV180b recorder in v good nick.Used for wedding and hobby work, well looked after. Offers? In the UK - NWest.

Col Brannon
Saturday 1st December 2001
8:30 am U.K.


I have a Sony VO-2630 machine plus a tape that I no longer use. If anyone is interested in it please make me an offer.

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