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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Peter O'Rourke
Thursday 14th February 2002
11:02 pm U.K.


I can track down lowband U-matic tapes, but where can I find a good second hand source of equipment. (Portable recorders, cameras, edit suites. Cables and batteries would also be useful.)Near Glasgow if possible. What is the spares situation for most of the available U-matic kit?

Thomas King
Thursday 14th February 2002
10:10 pm U.K.


Hello again. Thanks to those who e-mailed me about my jammed toploader. Having taken it to pieces, the fault was a small latch in the bottom left corner sticking, only accessable by 'ripping' it to bits (teeny little exageration). I tried to record suff onto my VO-1810, but the picture was dreadful. I think I need a new drum, and I hate to think what that would cost. Any offers? <tried cleaning it with alcohol stuff>. I don't use it much, only as a messaround-hobby. Having already recived an email asking how I got a video signal picture out of a Sony AVC3250ce, if you too want to use one as 'the largest webcam in the west', drop me a call. I have changed my e-mail address to the above.for info about the following: Sony VO-1810UK, Sony AVC3250ce, JVC BY110, Ferrograph 5A, BSR/Coomber tape recorder, Telequiptment Servisope ossiliscope, e-mail me.I am also hoping to start a website.

Thursday 14th February 2002
8:58 pm U.K.


i would like to build a chat page on my web site how would i go about doing this?

gavin chester
Wednesday 13th February 2002
3:15 pm U.K.


had to withdraw the deck but there are still the LD player, tapes and the mobile...

Gavin Chester
Wednesday 13th February 2002
10:13 am U.K.


Shameless plug but that umatic...

It's on Ebay, £4.99 No reserve. Post will be £10.50. Also a lot of 10 x 30 minute tapes, (believed new but not sealed, a LD player and a UK/ US mobile

All £4.99 and no reserve. See


Tuesday 12th February 2002
3:34 pm U.K.


I'm looking for an instruction/service manual for a For-A VPS-500P video mixer. can anyone help please?

Tuesday 12th February 2002
12:13 pm U.K.


Hi,Got a BVE-500, anyone interested please drop me a note, it's locatedin Amsterdam . Cheers!

dick priestley
Monday 11th February 2002
9:53 am U.K.


has anybody got an instruction book for canon a-1. please it is for my daughter

Carlos Lema
Sunday 10th February 2002
6:41 pm U.K.


Sunday, February 10, 2002

Ladies and gentleman, this is a great U-matic site great job! Thank you.

I just purchased a nearly brand new VO-5800 — eBay’s price was hard to resist. I needed it for submitting reels with out breaking the bank. Never the less, there is a small problem and what better place to ask a question!

The audio recording through the RCA and Microphone inputs prints at low volume and distorted. While monitoring, the audio sounds normal—even with its harsh limiter. The VO5800 flawlessly Plays back of other tapes—indeed, it does beat VHS.

Either the audio recording head is out of alignment or busted, or the audio board has problems. Before venturing into a local NYC repair shop, I wanted to drop a line to a more seasoned group. Has anyone had a similar experience with these symptoms? I would welcome an expert insight, and anyone’s cheers to a new U-matic user.

Thanks again, for such informative a well-maintained site.

Best regards,

Carlos LemaCreative Solutions for the Future

E. carlos_lema@yahoo.comW. http://www.carlos-lema.com

Sunday 10th February 2002
9:38 am U.K.


We have about 6 Sony VO-8800P portable recorders for sale priced at £150.00 plus VAT each, if anyone is interested let me know.Steve

Jesse Alonzo
Saturday 9th February 2002
5:04 pm U.K.


Okay, will someone please tell me where I can go to get a decent U-matic editing deck for a decent price (under $500!) I am tired of wretched ebay and yahoo! auctions.. I just want to be able to edit video! I used to own a umatic vo-1600,I have a Betamax deck and a Samsung VHS, so it will be my first "professional" umatic deck; I wanted it to be a good one with TC,jog wheel and LED readout so I can edit with frame accuracy.

Gavin Chester
Friday 8th February 2002
12:15 pm U.K.


that Umatic..

Will do a swap for a DVD player (needs to be multiregional)

Gavin Chester
Friday 8th February 2002
12:10 pm U.K.


For Sale: Sony VO-5800PS machine and I guess 20 or so tapes (All Sony 60's I think). With Sony instruction manual too. Buyer has to collect or pay postage Which WILL be a lot these are heavy beasties. I'm in Harlow, Essex, ENGLAND.

It has not been used for a few years (4) and I've no idea if the parts 'go off' (read belts stretch) so it's sold as seen, All I can tell you is last time it was used it was working fine.

So why am I selling, a general need to clear out junk, a need to clear the living room as I'm getting married we want to redecorate and the fact it's not been used for so long I'm unlikely to use it so someone might as well use it.

Make me an offer and remember you have to collect or include postage (According to this site it's 24KG plus the tapes). If I don't get anything by the end of Feb it's going to the tip, (which would be a shame but it has to go..)

Steve Woodgate
Thursday 7th February 2002
10:19 pm U.K.


Has anyone got a service manual for the sony m7 camera??? I am trying to get the cable diagram for the 26 to 14 pin cable to let me use the camera with a m3ccu....I am also looking for a damaged cable that has usable plugs so I can make some adaptor leads!.Steve

Rein Oosterling
Thursday 7th February 2002
7:41 pm U.K.


A good machine for Lo/High-band and SP is the VO-9800 or the VO-9850.I can't come up with a reason why you can't or shouldn't transfer U-matic(SP) material to DVD. The picture quality of original U-matic material is often better than people expected and certainly good enough to transfer to DVD. The sound quality is close to the sound quality of an open reel audio tape deck running at 9.5 cm/sec. It isn't VHS hifi sound but it is better than audio cassette and VHS lineair sound.

Thursday 7th February 2002
6:29 pm U.K.


The small tapes are used in portable machines but fit into (almost) all mains machines without an adaptor.

What you WILL probably need is a machine that can cope with lowband and highband tapes. ....unless you know which you have. There is a fair bit of information on the main site.

DJ Mackinnon
Thursday 7th February 2002
6:18 pm U.K.


Hi I am the archivist at the British Columbia Teachers' Federation in Vancouver, B.C. We have a number of u-matic tapes in 3/4 and S formats that I can't even look at to decide whether or not the content is useful to us from a historical perspective.

So here are a few questions: 1) Do I need two different viewers to look at these two formats (I'm obviously not a technie)?; 2) Where can I get a viewer(s) to do so, either to borrow or to purchase? 3) what are people's opinions about transferring useable material onto DVD? and 4) which DVD is preferred?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Chuck Ivie
Thursday 7th February 2002
4:29 pm U.K.


I have a Convergence ECS-90 Edit controller for my VO5800 / VO5850 editing system. Does anyone know where I can get a manual for the ECS-90?

Chuck Ivie

Wednesday 6th February 2002
5:54 pm U.K.


Hello all,

I'm looking to purchase a U-Matic player, so if you want to sell let me know. The specific model I had in mind is the VO5630.

Many thanks


Saturday 2nd February 2002
3:41 pm U.K.



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