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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Jay Binks
Tuesday 16th July 2002
11:56 am U.K.


oh, my bad..these are PAL Edit Recorders..

Jay Binks
Tuesday 16th July 2002
11:55 am U.K.


I Have 2 Sony Lowband Umatic Edit recorders & Edit controller (and all cables etc) that im thinking about selling.if anyone is interested, PLEASE contact me with an offer.Buyer pays shipping.

They need a little work but they have both been services regualary and used up to about a month ago.

(im in brisbane australia. so offeres in $AU or $US would be best)

Monday 15th July 2002
10:35 pm U.K.


hello , is there anyone out their ?

Monday 15th July 2002
10:31 pm U.K.


any one got any u matic tapes for sale?

Monday 15th July 2002
3:03 pm U.K.


i need contact to companys of all product to manufacture your product in argentina

Malcolm Dunn
Sunday 14th July 2002
1:49 pm U.K.


With regard to JR's problem with the power plug on a Sony VO-4800; it is a Din plug but there are so many variations of these (and they are poor things too)that I'd be inclined to use the socket in the battery compartment which is a standard 3mm power plug. You probably couldn't get any (NP90) batteries for these anyway; I use a lead acid battery pack which plugs into this socket.

Saturday 13th July 2002
5:33 am U.K.


need to know price of recording heads for u-matic sp bvu 850 please i'll appreciate it tank you

Gerald Cornelius
Friday 12th July 2002
5:45 pm U.K.


Where can I find the manual for a Sony Rm-440?

Thursday 11th July 2002
8:54 pm U.K.


I'm looking to get hold of a Sony AV3420 VTRthe portable model, to transfer convert a reell to reel tapeI have.Any suggestions to hire/buy?

Thursday 11th July 2002
5:53 pm U.K.


Can anybody help is there a reset button on the VO6800 to reset Logic controlas on Sony HI8 machines

Thursday 11th July 2002
5:17 pm U.K.


Can anybody help I have a sick VO-6800 the Drum is spinning but will do nothingelse is there a reset button to reset Logic as on Sony HI8 machines.

Doug Stewart
Wednesday 10th July 2002
3:52 pm U.K.


Qty 240 UCA60 Broadcast Quality Video Tapes (New 3M). Offers.

Steve Magee
Tuesday 9th July 2002
9:31 am U.K.


Hi Folks,

Just got a couple of DXC-325's with composite backs. I currently have a lowband edit suite with TBC which I was thinking of replacing with a BVU 950 and some other bits. I know that an EVV 9000 will dock with a 325 but did they do a Betacam back ?, although a beta edit deck would be way out of my price range. (don't think the docking plug is the same as BVP type ?) Also has anyone had any experience with the EVV 9000, what is the second generation copy like. Should I look for a BVU 150 instead ?Someone even suggested using a DV walkman instead like the GV-D200. Any observations would be appreciated.


Ric Pestano
Monday 8th July 2002
5:32 pm U.K.


Hi I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help me. I have an encoder with an VLan serial remote that I connect to my digibeta player. I have just got a Sony VO-5630 Umatic and I want to control it from the encoder via the Vlan serial remote. The only trouble is that the Umatic's remote is not serial (I'm not sure what the conector is called), I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a converter from the Umatic remote to the VLan remote or if there is any other way of doing it?

If anyone can help it would be great,Thanks Ricric@octaviatv.co.uk

Monday 8th July 2002
10:46 am U.K.


I'm looking for a working U-Matic VCR for my collection of 38 U-Matic tapes I scabbed from a TAFE garbage bin. Is there anyone in NSW Australia or close to NSW who has a working U-Matic on for sale. I'm willing to pay up to $100 for one in working order and I don't care if it's a 70's top loader or an 80's front loader, as long as it's in good working order. If anyone from NSW or near NSW has one please email me at ac_dc_rocks@hotmail.com.

Kai Hoffmann
Sunday 7th July 2002
6:10 pm U.K.


GML Merlyn Digital Video Mixer/TBC: HELP!!!!!!

HiI ve a problem with my gml merlyn mixer: when i do transitions from a-to-b everything is correct, but when i do them from b-to-a, i ve awful green lines and spots on the screen. those lines and spots are AWAY at the end of the transition (ok ... and also at start time). hmmmmm?!?!?!?!?? anyone knows what that could mean (apart that there must be something broken in the gml ......)? there seem to be no loose connectors, fallen-out ics or broken boards. so there comes the second question: anyone who has spare parts?regardskai hoffmann

Roger Carey
Friday 5th July 2002
6:17 pm U.K.


Anyone interested in a JVC S-100E camera? Couple of matching VCRs also available, possibly.

Dave Dingle
Friday 5th July 2002
4:05 pm U.K.

davedingle@tinyworld. co.uk

I have a Sony VO2630 U-Matic. All functioning, motors, winds, sound etc, except no picture -though it came back for about 30 minutes last time I tried it, after standing for many months, the went again!.FREE...... to anyone who wants to repair it or use it for spares. However as anyone who has experience with the old top loaders knows, this is VERY HEAVY, even compared to later U-matics. So it would have to be someone who would have it delivered by myself (see below) can collect, or have it shipped at presumably quite a cost.I am in Lancaster, England, and do travel quite extensively on business however, so provided you don't live too far out of the way, or cann meet me somewhere sensible, I could deliver. Having fondly used it for many years I wouldlike to see it go to a good home having now been replaced by a VO5630 and VO5030!.

Friday 5th July 2002
5:01 am U.K.


I have a sony vo-4800 that requires a power supply. I'm not interested in battery power, but would rather use the 12v dc input instead. My question is this: What type of conncetor do I need? It appears as though it is a 4 pin din conncetor, but the pins/slots are all at odd angle to each other. I am completly unfamiliar with it. It is possible that it's not a 4 pin din connector, but then what the heck is it? Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

ton sins
Thursday 4th July 2002
7:11 pm U.K.


I have a sony VO 7630, do somebody know or it is possible to play also u-matic pal usa umatic tapes on this machine.Also I am searching for connectors from the machine to a vdeomachne to copy tapes.If somebody can inform me about this let me know please.With regards,Ton Sins from the Netherlands

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