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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Thursday 26th September 2002
4:35 am U.K.


Does any one remember a JVC KY320 tube camera. If so, can you tell me if this was a 2/3 inch camera or if not what size lens did it take.

Wednesday 25th September 2002
11:05 am U.K.


Hello everyone !

I've the following for sale:

PAL Umatic field equipment kit:

1 x DXC-M2P camera (complete with all accessories, no microphone)1 x PVM-4000 overhead comour viewfinder1 x VO-4800 Portable VCR1 x AC-340CE Power supply1 x BC-1WA NP1 chargerHuge lot of NP1 batteries

This kit is in good condition but must be serviced due to inactivity.Location: Namur, Belgium

price for this kit:125 Euros

E-mail: teilkat@swing.be.


Gary Evans
Wednesday 25th September 2002
8:07 am U.K.


Hi All,

My edit suite has finally packed up so :If anyone needs the parts, I have a JVC CR-6650E with a tape load fault, otherwise fine and a JVC CR-8250E Edit Machine which needs new video heads only.I also have a JVC RM-86U edit controller and cables which works perfectly, 2 Barco Monitors and around 40 blank Umatic tapes.I live in South Wales UK and may be able to deliver as I work all over the UK

Sony Head Compatibility
Friday 20th September 2002
4:05 pm U.K.


Hi.. I was wondering if anyone knows out there if there are any other units that the DUR-28 head is compatible with besides the VO-8800... Just pulled one out of a dead unit that had only 100 hours on is and thought of saving it for another machine if possible.. THanks..

Joe Shea
Thursday 19th September 2002
3:48 am U.K.


I'm a community assn. presidemnt and we have 4 1/2 hr programs on 3/4 Umaticsthat need dubbing for a number of cable access facilities in LA. Can anybodyclue mne in on how to make it affordable? The price of tapes and dubbing isway high. Thanks!

Ivan Cordes
Wednesday 18th September 2002
6:40 pm U.K.


Hi everybody

We are some people here in Denmark who have been happy working with the U-Matic system for many years. Now we work with computer-editing and with systems based on BetacamSP. We have to move to another location, and in our cellar we found some of our loved equipment - we have carried it through storms and water and the gear have helped us coming home with a lot of good stories, good pictures and we sometimes had to say "Thank God for the BVU110 - without it, we would have come home without anything". Some of it have been very helpfull during editing - we feel, we know the location of every buttum.But we dont have room for it anymore - check our web-site and see, if you need any of the items. Some more might turn on there.

YoursIvan Cordes

Web: http://cordes.hjem.wanadoo.dk/

John Glendinning
Tuesday 17th September 2002
11:03 am U.K.


We have for sale 2x V9800P Sony Umatic SP machines for sale also a Sony Auto edit control unit BVE 600. Offers please. Buyer collects . Also Sony 19inch edit rack.

contact by email or phone 0131 650 3971

Sunday 15th September 2002
9:07 pm U.K.


For Sale: Sony VP5000 Umatic deck in good working order.....NTSC version.....I will pay half of shipping costs by road carrier(USA only)...$175.00

Al Matthews
Sunday 15th September 2002
8:45 pm U.K.


I have recently acquired a number of Sony KCA-30K umatic tapes which measure approx 9" X6".Iwould like to obtain a cheap tape deck to play these to see whats on them. I live in West Wales, UK. so if you can help???????????????????????????????

Wednesday 11th September 2002
11:34 pm U.K.


Hello. I'm a newbie to U-Matic, and I had a couple of questions. Maybe you people can answer them. I just got ahold of a Sony U-Matic VO-5850. It apparently hasn't been touched forseveral years, and I'm trying to incorporate it into my Edit System.

1. The picture rolls, as if it doesn't have synchronization. Is there a way to fix this?2. I don't get any audio out of the machine, except when I record things on the machine itself. The audio seems to have a 60Hz tone in it as well... but that may be my equipment. Regardless, I don't see any audio on the meters. I get video, but again, it's rolling.

If this can/cannot be easily fixed, or if you have any advice, please send it my way. I'dlike to keep this machine, but if it does't work, then I'll junk it.

P.S. I'll look on E-Bay, but where do you think I could find a service manual for this?

Thanks, -- Tbirdsaw

JSP - B2
Wednesday 11th September 2002
5:25 am U.K.

administrator @ betahifi com


a nice cheap umatic on ebay for those looking for a nice recorder!

John Syer
Wednesday 11th September 2002
4:19 am U.K.


Hi guys, I'm looking for a manual on a Sony VO-9850P recorder. I have been given the task of working out how to connect up this recorder to a SGI Personal Iris, a Lyon Lamb MINIVAS controller, and a PAL genlock encoder 606P. Unfortunatly there is little documentation on these devices, and even less on how they used to be connected (they were all connected and working, but no-one is left who remembers how). If anyone has information on these devices I would be grateful for a clue.

Regards John Syer

Wednesday 11th September 2002
1:10 am U.K.


Hello everyoneI have come across a VP-5030 detail enhancer and a VP-5010 Image stabilizer. what are these things and what are they good for. i have absolutly no idea. if someone could take the time to email me a response, that would be really good. s369380@student.uq.edu.au . Thanks jack

Monday 9th September 2002
10:58 pm U.K.


Hi,Needed urgently!! BP90 12V batteries for a Sony BVU150. Got any? Then let me know please. Thanks.

gary inkman
Saturday 7th September 2002
1:51 pm U.K.


I have (2) BVU 800S SECAM for sale. Lots of other U-matics. Gary 714-554-0159.... Southern Calif. USA

Ian Thompson
Saturday 7th September 2002
11:42 am U.K.


I have a U-matic 4800ps Pal/secam portable with case power supply and some heavy duty camera leads,I wish to sell. Anybody care to make me an offer? All in good order and condition. Based Herts UK.

Thursday 5th September 2002
1:33 am U.K.


Does somebody know where could I get a copy (pdf file) of the VO 5600 User's Manual.Thank you very much in advance.

Wednesday 4th September 2002
2:11 pm U.K.


I am looking for BKE-612 and BKE-622 boards for my BVE-600.Any offers? Please email me.

Monday 2nd September 2002
11:49 pm U.K.


kant i have a vhat pleasi vat one send my one pleas

Monday 2nd September 2002
10:36 am U.K.


i have had a panasonic NV HD600 video recorder given to me and i do not have the instruction manual. can anyone help ?

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