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Monday 27th March 2017

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Sunday 12th January 2003
6:14 pm U.K.


i have litterly hundreds of umatic tapes in lo/hi/sp grades and ranging from 10 mins to 75 mins, i can erase them and am looking for a buyer(s) to clear my space. will do at very keen prices depending upon quantity and if buyer can collect. most tapes have been sitting in a warm studio for the last 5 years and were only used once for mastering.

Saturday 11th January 2003
9:31 am U.K.


hey all i just got 10 more music so e-mail me and get them there all free

robot guy
Saturday 11th January 2003
9:17 am U.K.


hey c.j i'll like some music ok i'll e-mail you ok if thats allright and hi all

Saturday 11th January 2003
9:11 am U.K.


if you want a friend of music e-mail me and i'll tell you my bros site so you can any music ok bye <p> from c.j

Thursday 9th January 2003
9:19 pm U.K.


Have the following manuals available, £5 each plus p+p for small manuals and £15 plus p+p for large manuals (ie BVW-75 ). 1.) BVW-70P VOL1 2ND ED REV6 2.) BVW-70P VOL2 2ND ED REV7 3.) BVW-75P VOL1 2ND ED REV3 4.) BVW-75P VOL2 4TH ED REV2 5.) BVW-75P VOL2 4TH ED REV7 6.) BVW-40P VOL1 1ST ED REV1 7.) BVW-40P VOL2 2ND ED REV10 8.) BVW-40P VOL2 2ND ED REV2 9.) BVU-870P VOL1 1st ED REV4 10.) BVU-870P VOL1 1st ED REV4 11.) BVU-850P VOL2 2ND ED REV7 12.) BVW-21P VOL2 1st ED REV4 13.) BVW-22P VOL2 2nd ED REV2 14.) BVW-25P VOL1 1ST ED 15.) BVW-35P VOL1 1ST ED 16.) BVW-35P VOL2 1ST ED 17.) BVT-810PS 1ST ED REV10 18.) BVT-810PS 1ST ED REV 8 19.) BVV-1APS 1ST ED REV12 20.) BVV-5PS VOL1 21.) BVV-5PS VOL2 22.) BVV-5PS VOL2 2ND ED REV12 23.) BVM-2010P 2ND ED 24.) BVM-2010P 2ND ED 25.) BVM-2011P 1st ED 26.) BVM-1410P 3RD ED 27.) BVM-1416P 1ST ED 28.) BKM-2056 3RD ED 29.) BKM-2056 30.) BKM-2085-14/20 31.) BKM-2085-14/20 1ST ED REV1 32.) BVE-500 1ST ED OP & MAINT 33.) PVM-9045 ETC OP 34.) PVM-9045 ETC OP.

Rein Oosterling
Thursday 9th January 2003
9:03 pm U.K.



You can use high-band tapes in SP machines. You will have high-band quality which is close to SP quality.


The time code reader/generator was optional for the VO-9800/9850. The reader/generator is positioned behind the control panel. (BKU-704 is a time code reader and the BKU-705 is a time code reader/generator) To operate the dial menu you need the users manual. A monitor connected to the output shows the data and items selected. (Don't forget to supply video to the input of the VCR). Maybe 15 is an error code. But the monitor screen will tell you that. If it is an error code and you want to know what it means I can look it up in the manual.

K McHugh,

The TBC can not be integrated inside the VO-9800/9850. You can only use an external TBC.


The VO-5630 uses the RM-420, RM-555 or RM-500. If you want to record frame by frame you need a timecode based editing system. The VO-5630 is not accurate enough. You can use for instance a VO-9850 or even better BVU -950 with its internal editing controllers.


The VO-5630 is low-band.

Thursday 9th January 2003
6:21 pm U.K.


Is the SONY VO-5630 a lowband or highband Umatic ?

Thursday 9th January 2003
5:11 pm U.K.


Hi There Could anyone help me?I am looking for a controller for a Sony VO-5630 U-Matic unit.I need to be able to record frame by frame.Any help on where I can chase this up would be great.Thanks

Guy Chapman
Wednesday 8th January 2003
3:58 am U.K.


Hi, I have a complete Sony, SP Umatic edit suit, with digital effects unit, cables and manuals for sale. Includes: VO-9850P edit machine (with only 327 hours use), VO-9800P source machine, BKU-705 time code generator, BKU-704 time code reader, 2 x PVM-1440QM monitors, RM-450CE remote, DME-450P digital effects unit.All in excellent working order. Located in Sydney Australia. Make an offer?

Cheers, Guy

Wednesday 8th January 2003
1:25 am U.K.


I have a Sony SL-HF400 that has not power to it. The removable fuse appears to be alright but there is a solderd fuse that appears to be blow. Could this be the problem? How do I get the power to work again? Do I need a new power supply? Can I get a schematic diagram anywhere? I would appreciate any help at all.

Thanks, Rick

Tuesday 7th January 2003
3:15 pm U.K.


Hey Chris!

Sounds like it could be a gear with broken/missing tooth or something is frozen/needs lube. You are on the right track. Check everything related to the tape loading mechanism.

If it should move freely make sure it does, look for anything unusual or broken pieces. Check all you can topside thats easy to access.

You may have to get under it for a really effective troubleshooting, prepare yourself for possibly mean dissassembly of the machine and write down what you do, because they dont make them easy to repair. Thats so you have to take it in for Service! lol.

good luck.

Monday 6th January 2003
11:21 pm U.K.


Dear all,

Is it possible to record onto Highband tapes (Sony BCS-20) using a U-Matic SP recorder,do they work in a SP machine or will only KSP tapes do ? How is the picture quality ? Thanks for your help, Berny.

Keith McHugh
Monday 6th January 2003
10:54 pm U.K.


Another thing about this Sony VO9800P - was the timecode reader an optional extra ? I have a tape with timecode that was made on a BVU800P... this VO9800 light's up it's "timecode" light during playback - but the display only ever ready the control track regardless if the switch is in the CTL or TC position for the time display.

Also anyone know anything about the "dial menu" - if I select it the time display flashes "15" ??



Massimo Vincenzi
Monday 6th January 2003
11:08 am U.K.


Hi everybody! I have a problem with an old 3/4" VCR: JVC PR-900E. The problem is this: when I insert the tape, the VCR give me the error message 72. The user's manual tells me: "supply reel motor stops". Sometimes I get the error not immediately after the insertion of the tape but a few seconds after I have tried to move the tape with PLAY or using the JOG/SHUTTLE wheel (both in FWD or RWD direction). Anybody can help? I cannot find any service manual. Sometimes the VCR works fine... if I move by hand the tape wheels a little and insert the tape again, sometimes the VCR starts.. but I need it works fine always! I know this VCR has no value at all now because of new digital format, but I would like to keep it in my studio fully working (it has so nice colored button lights!) Hope somebody can help me. Thank you!

Monday 6th January 2003
12:12 am U.K.


Could anybody help me with the pin-out of the Sony 33-pin remote/editor connector?


K McHugh
Sunday 5th January 2003
3:09 pm U.K.


Does anyone have any info on the Sony VO-9800P ? It has a T.B.C. switch - but under the control panel it looks like some boards are missing - was the T.B.C. an optional extra like it was for the BVU-900/950s ?


Bill Craig
Saturday 4th January 2003
5:43 pm U.K.


I have a load of players and recorders in working order. Some of them are to be rack mounted and I am looking to move them statring at $40 USD. Various models from VP7020 to VO9000, to BVU950. All are NTSC. I have PAL equipment too, but no PAL 3/4" umatic left. Mostly new Digital MiniDV, DVCAM Etc.Bill 305-573-8440 Fax 305-573-8554. Located in Miami Florida USA We ship international every day.www.broadcast-usa.com

Friday 3rd January 2003
9:06 pm U.K.


I am planning to video my auntie's wedding here in the UK on a vhs-c tape can anyone tell me if it will play on an American player as she wants me to send a copy to her son in the States

Pete Cowell
Friday 3rd January 2003
3:51 pm U.K.


I have a SONY VP-5030 for sale. In good condition, rarely been used. Power cable included. £300. Phone 07789 816 883.

Also have a SONY KX-27PS1 Trinitron Colour Monitor in great condition also rarely used. Will listen to offers. Phone 07789 816 883.

In London, UK.

ian fleming
Friday 3rd January 2003
2:45 pm U.K.


I have a fair amount of used/wiped U-matic tape for disposal in the UK.You will need to collect it if you want it for a small charitable donation.Ian

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