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Monday 27th March 2017

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Wednesday 12th February 2003
9:58 pm U.K.


More about the monochrome mode

I've been looking at the machine specifications for the machines on the palsite.

The SP machines seem to have less resolution than what I assume are high band machines with mono mode. Presumably as they have no mono mode as such?

Most curious however is the BVU800. I assume it is a missprint, as it claims to have 370 line colour and 260 lines mono. I assume it to be the other way around, however, I'm wondering if the figure of 370 is true for the BVU 800? It is a fair bit more than the other recorders with mono mode which only manage 340 lines. Perhaps this is because it is high band?

If so, my assumption would be the following:

SP - No Mono Mode, same as colour resolution. 300 linesHi - 370 lines, special high band mono mode? 260 lines colourLo - 340 lines in Mono Mode, 250 ColourPortable recorders have no mono mode.

The BVU800 is high band right?Does this sound right to anyone?



Wednesday 12th February 2003
9:03 pm U.K.


Monochrome switch.

Right, apparently, umatic machines have a switch which makes the machine run in monochrome but increases the resolution. Is it only low band machines that have such a switch? If not, does flicking the switch on an sp model or a high band model, increase the resolution even further beyond the realms of the resolution that High band or even SP are normally capable of?

I assume this works by using colour area on the tape to store further video information?

Do the little portable recorders have such a switch?

What is the compatibility of such tapes? Given that any umatic machine is supposed to be able to play a tape in monochrome, Will they play on all 3 standards?

I'd love to hear more about this as the information I have so far is kind of vague.



Wednesday 12th February 2003
8:54 pm U.K.


Lo, High or SP

I'm wondering which models of umatic are lo, hi, or sp?

For instance what is a vo5630? Often with the SP models it is quite easy to see the sp logo in photos.

Not so with high band, so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me which umatic machines are high band.



jon merritt
Tuesday 11th February 2003
3:06 pm U.K.


does anyone know what the "auto-off" light means on a circa 1980's vp-2010 u-matic player? is it like the "dew" or moisture indicator on older machines? ---it prevents all functions except eject from working....


Tuesday 11th February 2003
10:25 am U.K.


I Need ( Encoder and Pre-Amp Image Enhancer ) Boards For Sony DXC M7 Camera PAL

Monday 10th February 2003
11:54 pm U.K.


I have 5 Sony Umatic 3/4" decks for sale.....from the VP5000 player to the VO9800 SP record deck with shuttle......and a few in between. Who buys these decks.Would love to sell a few....all are NTSC versions.....based in Toronto.....will quote prices in Canadian $ (peso's)

Monday 10th February 2003
1:12 pm U.K.


Panasonic F10

I'd like to know more about pro cameras, as I have never had the opportunity to play with one. Often when cameras are sold, people talk of them being dockable to different formats such as Betacam or MII etc. I was wondering if there was any kind of standard for this docking.

Now Umatic recorders don't dock right? They use little portapak type things. I'm wondering how much of a standard there is for this too! I mean can a panasonic F10 be connected to a Sony umatic portable recorder, or would you need a panasonic one?

Lastly tripods! Now pro cameras talk a lot of tripod plates. I have no real idea what they are like or how standard they might be. I assume you can't stick a camera like an F10 on top of a high street style camcorder tripod? Apart from the weight and the tiny top, I assume the actual interface is different?

Well if anyone cann answer these questions then that would be greatI I'd love to hear more about cameras that I might not know too! :)



Rein Oosterling
Saturday 8th February 2003
7:54 pm U.K.


Berny, obscuring this burned-in area can take up a few days and you don't need to have the camera switched on.

Rein Oosterling
Saturday 8th February 2003
7:46 pm U.K.


Berny, You can point the camera to a perfectly even illuminated white chart. Make sure that the reflected light has the right colour temperature of 3200 Kelvin or when you use the daylight filter on the camera 5600 Kelvin. Better, if possible use the camera. If the burned-in area (usualy the red tube) isn't too bad it will disappear very slowly.

Roland Pickett
Saturday 8th February 2003
2:15 pm U.K.


Steve, I have got the male connectors (brand new) but no females. I have also got a 14 male to 14 female cable. What are you tring to connect the camera to? Since your mistake ( Name: Steve Magee Email: steve.magee@cheshire.police.uk) there will probably be a lack of equipment postings on this site!

Friday 7th February 2003
10:03 pm U.K.


I have a vo5850 and some 5800's that are having sound problems. It records faint distorted audio. But plays back prerecorded material wonderfully.????

Steve Magee
Friday 7th February 2003
10:03 pm U.K.


Hi All, I have a DXC-325 and I want to make a custom VTR lead. Does anyone know were I can get a 14 female "Q" connector in the UK.

(sorry I used the works email on the above post in error,this is my home address)Many Thanks


Steve Magee
Friday 7th February 2003
9:57 pm U.K.


*** Q Connector *** Hi All, I have a DXC-325 and I want to make a custom VTR lead. Does anyone know were I can get a 14 female "Q" connector in the UK.

Many Thanks


Thursday 6th February 2003
1:42 am U.K.


Hello u-maticians,

I have a very nice (external TBC) for sale.It is a I.DEN IVT-9SP. It works perfecty in PAL, don't know about NTSC.It has composite/yc/component inputs and 1xcomposite 2xyc 2xcompn't dub-outputs.This page seems to have one too: http://www.rentcom.com/catalog/Video_Processing.html

Drop me a line if you are intrested.Might trade for other stuff, e.g. a Sennheiser ME-66/67 microphone.

Keep U-Matic going!Eric (Netherlands)

Tuesday 4th February 2003
8:47 pm U.K.


Dear all,My question isn't U-Matic related. However, as there are a number of "video veterans" on this board, I hope to get some help. I purchased a JVC BY110 three tube camera on eBay. It seems that it has a slight burnin (hope this is the correct English word for it) on one of the tubes. I've noticed a small grey spot in the middle of the camera image. I've heard that there are some techniques to remove this spot without having to change the whole tube. Something like filming a particular colour or grey card for a couple of minutes. Anyway, I really hope someone is able to help me :-)Thanks a lot & greetings from Austria,


Massimo Vincenzi
Monday 3rd February 2003
7:51 pm U.K.


JVC PR-900E: I need help. The problem of my editing BVU videorecorder is this: just after inserted the tape, when I select play, or FF or RW or I use the jog/shuttle operation after a few seconds the VCR stops and I get the error code 72 which means "supply reel motor stops". At that point all controls except ERJECT are inoperative. Can anybody help me? Thank you

Monday 3rd February 2003
5:29 pm U.K.


Sorry to say but I'm a bit confused.I have a large video archive containing LB,HB, and SP formats, on the other hand I have 3 different VCR's BVU850P, BVU800P and VO 9850P can any of the following machines can play LB, or in another word which machine can play which format???

Thanks,Effi Neumann

Monday 3rd February 2003
5:02 pm U.K.


Hello,Does anyone has any information about JVC Profissional Camera JVC S-100 E PAL.I will love to have it.



Monday 3rd February 2003
5:00 pm U.K.


Hello,Does anyone have information about a JVC S-100E. It seems that even JVCompany doesn't have it.

Saturday 1st February 2003
6:56 am U.K.


Thanks Roland

I have been asking that question for a long time and couldn't find an answer. I'm glad I don't have to use earplugs when I rewind a tape anymore!! THANKS!!

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