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Monday 27th March 2017

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Gerry scott
Wednesday 27th August 2003
7:32 am U.K.


Hi i just bought a National NV 9210, U vision and I would like if anyone could tell me about a site or send me any information on the machine im am new to this and from what i can tell it takes a Beta style tape.The machine has power and has ejected but im unable to close it! any information would be great thank you.

Tuesday 26th August 2003
9:09 pm U.K.


HI,I have a Sony VO9850P, but I can't make it asssemble or insert edit. All the usual stuff is correct, red tabs in, sync connected, video in connected, dub in connected audio in connected etc, but I can't get it to work. It laces up OK, plays back, jogs, shuttles, fast forward, rewind ,records when I press record and play together, all these work fine, but it won't insert or assemble. There seems to be some kind of modification/addition in the shape of 3 white buttons marked MENU, DATA and SET in red letters, under the CTL/TC and MEMORY switches. If someone can sell me a manual, or has any suggestions how to remedy this problem, I would appreciate their help. Mnay thanks.

Kiril Arsov
Sunday 24th August 2003
2:07 pm U.K.


Sony U-matic Videocassette Recorder Model VO-1810.Hi,I have a Sony U-matic Videocassette Recorder Model VO-1810 for sale, its serial number is 18X65. It is clean and complete but I do not have idea if it works. Please contact me for further details or any questions. I have picture of the actual recorder to be send on request.

David Barnes
Sunday 17th August 2003
3:38 pm U.K.


Hello all;Can anyone recommend a good place to have a Sony EVV9000 (Hi8 back) repaired in the states??It looks like it needs cap replacement (don't they all at some time? hehe)...


Roland Pickett
Saturday 16th August 2003
11:52 am U.K.


Free to anyone who can collect. Philips N1500 VCR (first domestic VCR - museum?) and N1700 VCR with some cassettes. I don't think either work. 2 Hanimex 8mm cine projectors (one super8 - again both need attention). Bell and Howell video presenter (old and needs servicing). Various other old stuff which should be skipped but just in case someone somewhere can use it. First caller must agree to take the lot (what you do with it afterwards is up to you but it must be removed from my premises in Peterborough).Email me at rpe*@sitesource.co.uk (remove the astrisk* - I have had to do this to stop spam; my penis is large enough already, thanks).

Wednesday 13th August 2003
8:26 pm U.K.


Hi! Does anyone have or know of a site where I can obtain a service manual for the VO-7630 or any other 7000 series RECORDER.

Wednesday 13th August 2003
2:08 am U.K.


I have a Sony VO-7600 and when I put a tape in the stand by light comes on and never goes out. Has anybody had this problem before, any advice?

Tuesday 12th August 2003
9:38 am U.K.


Hi. I've won a Sony VO-2630 Umatic on EBAY a few months ago and it was in perfect working condition but when it arrived to my doorstep it was damaged all no thanks to TNT couriers! Anyhow what's damaged is the cassette cradle as it's dipped in (one of the couriers must have walked on it) and the cradle won't stay down when I put a cassette in. Also the VCR won't function due to the fact that the main sensor light detecting cassette is blown. Anyhow I was wondering if there's any Australians here who might have a spare cassette cradle and sensor light for a VO-2630 as I would love to buy them from you so I can get my Umatic going again. If anyone can help, please email me at ac_dc_rocks_1998@yahoo.com . I'm located NSW, Australia.


Guillermo Hernandez
Monday 11th August 2003
9:50 pm U.K.


I have 20 unused 3-m videotapes. Is anyone interested? Make an offer.

Sunday 10th August 2003
2:37 pm U.K.


I have own a panasonic camcorder and have just upgraded my pc. Does anyone out there have a copy of the DVStudio software needed to download the photos?

Saturday 9th August 2003
10:25 am U.K.


HI everyone,

Re the kit I was giving/throwing away. It was all collected yesterday, and is now winging its way to a school in Zaire, Africa. I worthy cause, I think. There may be more to follow. Watch this space.

Friday 8th August 2003
9:12 pm U.K.


can someone please tell me what a u matic tape is? Where do I buy it from in NYC? And how do I copy something from a dv tape to a umatic tape? Thanks

Friday 8th August 2003
1:40 am U.K.


i have recently found a sony hvc 2200 in mint condtition. but i have no idea how it works or if its missing cables. this unit is is about is old as me. would some one please provide me with a product discription. becuase i cant wait to start playing with this camera.

Wednesday 6th August 2003
4:56 am U.K.


I am looking for a SERVICE manuel for a evo 9800 sony hi 8 recorder... does anybody have one?

Jesse Alonzo
Wednesday 6th August 2003
1:16 am U.K.


P.S. It's not like I could have them anyway, as I'm in the U.S. But still. U-mies shouldn't go into the skip.

Jesse Alonzo
Wednesday 6th August 2003
1:15 am U.K.


nooooo!!! Why does everyone throw out their old u-mies!? Ask around and give them to an aspiring young videographer who's worthy of making video the old way and not with some JVC DVcam and a copy of iMovie. Someone like me, LOL. :) Give them to your thrift store or something instead of tossing them away!

Saturday 2nd August 2003
11:40 pm U.K.


Hi Everybody

I'm retiring so I have to get rid of all this good kit.

1. Sony BVE 800 Automatic edit contoller with service manual and cables2. Sony BVT 500 Digital Time base Corrector. (This one can convert Low band to High band)3. Alta Pixis 2 channel TBC with effects4. Sony VO8800 SP portable recorder in mint condition, and Kangeroo bag.

I know this kit is more or less worthless, so to anyone who can use it, it's FREE!You can either collect it, I'm in West Yorkshire, or for the cost of the diesel, I'll deliver it on the UK mainland. This is a one off deal, I need the space urgently, so if I dont hear from YOU by Saturday August 9th 2003, IT'S ALL IN THE SKIP!!!

Saturday 2nd August 2003
8:53 pm U.K.


oh no. Im the only technician working for the entire month of august. One of our old 3/4 Umatic decksSony -5850 recorder deck has a tape jam. Error 22. I have watched my boss move a lever or breaker near the play head but I am usure how to eject this tape... Please any suggestions, I need to get this tape out and the other technician is away on holidays.

Saturday 2nd August 2003
12:37 pm U.K.


do u think bara's r uncomfy

murat esendag
Friday 1st August 2003
4:10 pm U.K.


equipments for sale urgent very cheap price and good cond.low hrsOur Equipments

1 Sony DXC 3000 PK camera1 Sony BVU-150portable rec/TC1 Sony BC210 batt charger1 DPL4x2 AC/adp.4way charger1Sachtlervideo14tripod/dolly1 sony dxf 40C wievfinder BW1 Wide angle attac.7.51 Sony LO-23 zoom lens contr1 sony BVT 810 TBC1 sony DME 450 digital effec1 Sony VO-9850p Sp VTR inc TC1 sony VO-9800p sp VTR iNC tc1 SONY BVE 600 editör1 Echolab DV-5 mixer1 VIP SPG/Bars1 sony PVM 1320 monitor1 sony ECM 55 mic1 sony BVU 50 port.recorder1 PESA Character Generator1 sony MXP 21 Audio mixer 8ch2 sony PVM 1442 QM monitors1 EV Waveform monitor1 Textronic vectorscope1 sony PVM 1442 QM monitor1 Video patch panel1 Audio patch panel

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