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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Thursday 30th October 2003
10:28 am U.K.


Hi !That's since a while I can't save downloaded jpeg files AS THEY GET TRANSFORMED TO "ART" FILES.Does anyone have any idea to lighten me ?

Jesse Alonzo
Saturday 25th October 2003
4:37 am U.K.


Roderick, maybe it might be the rubber idler that's going out? Does the reel spin constantly or intermittently?

Wednesday 22nd October 2003
3:31 pm U.K.


two items: a.) is there pdf access to a VO5850 Operating Manual? b.) Can the 33 pin remote be adapted to PC control?

Wednesday 22nd October 2003
2:35 pm U.K.


Jim I have a VO5800PS Operating instuction book for £5 inc postage in UKAny use?

Wednesday 22nd October 2003
8:53 am U.K.


HiI ran across your site on a search & was hoping to get some expert advice. I know nothing about U-Matic stuff, but now own several boxes of 3M UCA 60 Broadcast Videocassettes. My problem is - what do I buy to play them on? I have no idea what machine to get for these. I don't need anything fancy. Please advise with any info possible to whoa.thats.cool@netzero.com as I probably will not be reading board messages.Thanks!William

Carey Dillon
Tuesday 21st October 2003
2:06 am U.K.


I am located in New Zealand. I have a complete fully operational Panasonic Edit Suite for sale. NV9600 x 2, NVA960 editor, tapes, manuals, cables plus 3 non operating machines suitable for spares. plus Hitachi Z31 3 tube pro camera Fujinon Lens and portapak with manuals.


Monday 20th October 2003
9:18 pm U.K.


If anyone in the UK needs transfers from PAL U-Matic (Lo/Hi and SP) to DVD-R, SuperVHS, VHS, MiniDV etc feel free to e-mail me. Can also transfer from other old domestic formats including B/W EIAJ reel to reel.

Sunday 19th October 2003
9:14 pm U.K.


My BVU-150 has recently developed a 'tape slack' problem. Not always but about 2 out of 3 times, after loading the tape the 'slack' light comes on and nothing works anymore. Only solution to remove the tape is to open the machine and unthread the tape manually.

Any suggestions what this could be and how to fix it?


eric phox
Sunday 19th October 2003
7:22 pm U.K.


Small addition, though I know it's offtopic, does anyone know anything about a (s)VHS-Hifi portable recorder? It's already on my wanted list for quite a while. Don't know why :-) Bye, Eric

eric phox
Sunday 19th October 2003
7:13 pm U.K.


Hi there, I've got a PAL/SECAM VO-4800 portable for sale / giving away. Seems to be used by the dutch television a long time ago (case still reads: NOS, hehehe). I live in Rotterdam, Holland. It's a lowband using small size cassettes. It seems to run on BP90 batteries, but I'm not sure as there's none currently in the machine. It looks ok and comes in a carrying/operating bag. It even seems to work fine, but unfortunately I have no small cassettes to test that. I got it with a DXC-M3a together with 2 camera cables. It's for the giving away if you have a nice story, or trade for something fancy like a portable Panasonic VHS VCR ? Bye for now, Eric

Jesse Alonzo
Thursday 16th October 2003
7:54 pm U.K.


anyone think they can help me fix my 5800? the au28 audio board's gone wacko (those pesty record relays are sticky i think, plus it needs a connector soldered back on).

Jesse Alonzo
Thursday 16th October 2003
7:53 pm U.K.


i say ALWAYS leave it on, so in case you mistakenly leave the levels from the source deck pegged the u-mie doesn't go deaf and distort.... just my preference because i tend to do things like that, lol.

Tuesday 14th October 2003
10:55 pm U.K.


Sony Umatic Vo-5600, should I use the Audio limiter on or off when making Dubs.Is there any negative effects from having it on?thank you,

Lew Guenther
Tuesday 14th October 2003
10:48 pm U.K.


I was wondering if anyone might know of a supplier that sells 3/4" tape cases in bulk for the small U-matic cassettes. I have found some that carry cases for the large cassettes, but we have a large collection of 3/4 tapes in both sizes that need to be properly housed before they can be accessioned. Is it possible to safely house the smaller cassettes in the larger cases?

Tuesday 14th October 2003
8:01 pm U.K.

no- such-address@hotmail.com

Matthew, you and Youcef (qui cherche un jeune fils de 18 anse) make a good pair. For starters, most of the correspondents on this site are in their twilight years and most of us can only just manage to type our names on the computer. That is why we are still enthusing about this obsolete crap that came out of the Ark. May I suggest that you ask this question on a more lively site such as "HTML for Swingers" where you will probably get a better (if not more direct) response?

Tuesday 14th October 2003
4:48 pm U.K.


how do i make a chat website

Roland Pickett
Tuesday 14th October 2003
8:47 am U.K.


Tony, the RF (off tape) output on the BVU is not a normal RF signal. It is for drop-out compensation when the machine is used in conjunction with a timebase corrector such as BVT 800 etc. However, there is no reason why your monitor will not work when the video out on the BVU 800 is connected to the composite input (could be phono connector) or scart input on the monitor. The monitor should be selected to AV or AUX or LINE IN (whichever applies). You cannot use the RF tuner on the monitor to locate a composite input. There is no RF output from the BVU for a TV tuner.

Tony Searle
Monday 13th October 2003
3:00 pm U.K.


I have just purchased a Sony BVU 800P and the seller showed me it working through his broadcast monitor. I have tried to connect it to my domestic Panasonic TV using the video-in RCA socket. The signal appears to be incompatible. I have also tried connecting the RF out socket on the recorder to my TV aerial in socket. This also fails to work.

Do I need to buy a professional monitor or can the connection be made to work. Sony Broadcast tell me that it will work through a 'composite' input. But I do not know if mine is compatible.

Grateful for any informed advice.

robert gustafson
Monday 13th October 2003
7:41 am U.K.


Dear Sir

We have received information about your organization from a contact in your country and convinced that our product range could be a good addition to your current activities.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as exporters of Alubond u.s.a. Aluminium Composite Panels. Some of the major International Landmark buildings around the World including New Concourse Dubai International Airport TD-48 (50,000m2) have been cladded with Alubond u.s.a!

We are seeking a Distributor in your territory who can stock and sell our range for the entire country. Please advise us your interest. Please visit our website http://www.alubond.com for further information on our product range including Product range of 1mm to 6mm, Product finish color charts in Solids, metallics, Veneer, Granite, Double shaded Chameleons, Arctic figure textures, World Wide project references, Distributor Agreement Terms and export price list.

Looking forward to receiving your valuable enquiries. ROBERT GUSTAFSON

Export ManagerAlubond u.s.a. Panel Division.info@alubond.comExport ManagerAlubond u.s.a. Panel Division.

rein oosterling
Sunday 12th October 2003
6:00 pm U.K.


Steve: No



Thursday 9th October 2003
1:05 pm U.K.


My Sony Reel to Reel VTR AV-3670CE is now on ebay link:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=39999&item=3052252600

Steve Higgins
Thursday 9th October 2003
10:01 am U.K.


Does anybody know if a BVU 800p or a VO 9800p will playback NTSC??? Thanks for any help guys.

Wednesday 8th October 2003
10:58 pm U.K.


SONY Reel to Reel Vide Recorder AV-3670CE RARE ITEM Working I have recorded and played back but only in B/W so may need a service Complete with 10 Brand New Sony Reels Unopend exept 1 which I used to test .Offers . email me at >m.m.potter@tesco.net< for more details and pictures if you require Will post worldwide buyer pays all postage costs .

Jesse Alonzo
Friday 3rd October 2003
6:43 pm U.K.


You won't find one here, pal. This page is boring..... lol, need to spice it up :)

Wednesday 1st October 2003
8:03 pm U.K.


je cherche un fille de 23----18 anÚs

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