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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Sunday 23rd November 2003
10:14 pm U.K.


Does anyone know of a reference for Sony Part numberson Umatic Drum Assemblies and upper drums? We have a large inventoryof brand new Umatic spare parts that we are offering for sale. Firstwe need to identify the all parts.



Sunday 23rd November 2003
1:33 pm U.K.


Hi, Does anyone have Service Manual for VO9600 for sale. I have video output problem which looks like the luminance has disappeared and I need a circuit diagram to chase it back.

Cheers Pete.

Saturday 22nd November 2003
10:11 pm U.K.


Now I've been looking some more into the "tape slack" problem with my bvu-150, and here is some more detail:

I have taken the top jacket off the machine to see whats going on...

When I load a tape it gets threaded just as it should. When the threading has finished the roller pincher engages the capstan (if thats how to put it?). If the tape is *completely* rewound, then I can see the tape beeing tensioned, but nothing else happens and after a short while the machine stops with the "slack" light flashing. If the tape is *not* rewound, an amount of tape gets pulled off the take-up reel and wound around the roller pincher (eeech tape jam :o/ ), the machine then stops again with the "slack" light flashing.

I also wonder why the roller pincher gets engaged -does it by defalut start playing when a tape is loaded? (That would seem quite odd to me, but... )

The hour meter reads something like 200h (if it reads from 0 - 1000 hours?) so I guess it can't be completely worn out ;o)

Any comments or tips highly appreciated

wbr Gert

Saturday 22nd November 2003
4:22 pm U.K.



Roderick mentions a slack problem with his bvu-150. I have a bvu-150 which does exactly the same each and every time I load a tape...I also wonder if it means sopmething more than just "slack tape" when the "slack" light is flashing?

My own guess is that it could be a malfunctioning contact or sensor of some sort that is supposed to "measure" when the tape tension is ok -but this is just a wild guess, though it is inspired by the fact that my machine has remained unused for about 6 years... And I think I'll hesitate for a moment to await wise comments here before I start fiddling with the unit on my own hand...

newbee U-matic-pal Gert

Friday 21st November 2003
9:32 pm U.K.

junebennet @ntlworld.com

hi im called stacie wots your name and wot r u up 2

Daniel Intrup
Thursday 20th November 2003
10:37 am U.K.


hi,my boss told my today to search the net for a few informationsto his umatic bvu 900-p he bought last week.

and the only reasonable result i get is the page, but unfortunatelyyou don't have the desired Information. So ask here.

Can the Umatic bvu 900-p play low band cassettes ordoes anybody know where i can get a manual forthis machine?

best regards Daniel Intrup

oh and please excuse my english it's notmy native language ;-)

Wednesday 19th November 2003
9:17 am U.K.


I have two used VO-5800s for sale that have been used primarily as spare decks (very clean with low hours). One is rack mount - the other is full chassis. I also have several VO-5850s in the same condition.

I'll also ship (almost) anywhere and entertain (almost) any offer for the items.


Dr. Dr. Jazz
Tuesday 18th November 2003
5:15 pm U.K.


I have a Sony Portapak missing the RF converter. If anyone has one or knows where one can be located please let me know. Thanks.

Sunday 16th November 2003
1:08 pm U.K.


Hi U-Matic friends

2x U-Matics in very good shape for saleSONY BVU-800P and SONY BVU870P (each Euro 450)dont hesitate to ask !exor_1999@yahoo.de

Thursday 13th November 2003
1:19 pm U.K.


Can sambody tell me, how to change -H- and SC to seg-1210p.Tanks for answer!

Jesse Alonzo
Tuesday 11th November 2003
11:07 pm U.K.


either that or I'd say $1 :D I'll take any if you don't want anything...

Jesse Alonzo
Tuesday 11th November 2003
11:06 pm U.K.


ahhhh well then you need to ship it to the Wards Home For Wayward U-Matics... :) They'll have a lovely nice restful home to spend their days :)

Monday 10th November 2003
9:18 pm U.K.


I found this site trying to find out about Sony Video equipment that I just bought at auction. In addition to a bunch of other stuff, I bought 9 Sony Cameras (2 w/lenses) 4 CMAs, 3 VO8800 Portables, 2 Waveform monitors, 2 VO-9800s, 1 VO-5850, 4 BVU-800s, and 6 VP-7020s. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what all this is worth? It was pulled from a working studio and everything I could test appears to work, but I don't have the cables for the U-matic equipment so I couldn't verify the condition.

kurt dahl andersen
Monday 10th November 2003
5:45 am U.K.


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Friday 7th November 2003
6:14 pm U.K.


Simon, do you still have that VO-5800PS operating manual?Jim, did you find a VO-5800PS manual?

I've got a VO-5800PS, no manual, no cables, lots of used tape. My aim would be to convert the material recorded ages ago using this Umatic into something for use in a web archive. But first things first, anyone know where I might get hold of an operating manual for VO-5800PS? Has anyone found one on the web (that would be great ... )?

thank you, Katherine

Thursday 6th November 2003
10:14 am U.K.


hi everyone.i do really freak out as there is no way to bring this VO 5630 just remains in stand-by modus when i put in a cassette. did anyone ever have this proble before?i really need help. if not my boss will...thank you

Wednesday 5th November 2003
7:13 am U.K.


I need jwewlcad 5.0.1 where found this software? anyone helpme please

melanie (australia)
Tuesday 4th November 2003
2:19 pm U.K.


Hello PLEASE HELP am desperately seeking all over to find the old classic movie of superwoman not superman superWOMAN. might be on Beta Cord.it is rather old so i wouldnt be suprised if it was late 1970's or something like that i think it may have been around the christopher reeves time period.it is not a cartoon it is a normal movie and at the time was probably on VHS or Beta cord even something like that.i know DC crimes sindacate seems to have some old things like this although i have seen more action figures than actual movies from them. have you ever heard of or seen this old old movie.Or do you even know what the name of the actress in it is as i can not even search via her name for i do not know it.thanking you kind regards melanie -xxx-PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP cheers :))

Sunday 2nd November 2003
7:46 am U.K.


I am need of help. I need a U-matic deck for a studio. But I'm not sure what the differences are between the 5600 & 7600?

Jesse Alonzo
Saturday 1st November 2003
2:49 pm U.K.


erf!!!! Put them on ebay.. dont toss em out! :( Someone'll sleech 'em!

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