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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Monday 26th January 2004
7:47 pm U.K.


hi I would like to build an adapter for an old video camera that used to go with an externalu matic recorder.I would need to know the funktions of the 14 pin connection for i would like to attatch a s-video(hosiden)cable.I found lots of old u-matic recorders in the basement of my new studioin berlin..anyone wanting to pick them up???it's all for free and i feel reluctant to throw them away ..patrick

Sunday 25th January 2004
8:03 pm U.K.


I just powered up a VO9800 for the first time in 2 years and guess what. It wont play. The tape threads round the drum ok then a second after the pinch wheel engages it stops and I get an 'Error 02' in the display. All other functions Rew. Fwd are fine. Any ideas as to what the problem is? or what 'Error 02 ' means? I suspect the capstan motor may not be moving.CheersRichard

Saturday 24th January 2004
2:39 pm U.K.


dear mrs/ms

how are you. i hope ok,and a good condition and good health.thank you.

Michael Byron
Friday 23rd January 2004
8:45 pm U.K.


Does anyone have operating manual for VO 8800 and VO 6800. I would be happy to pay you for a copy. I just got one of each and I am trying to figure out how to use them. Thanks . Michael Byron. Also how do I find an inexpensive power supply ?

Friday 23rd January 2004
1:16 pm U.K.


Looking for help with Sony VO-7630 U-Matic machine.I've just picked one of these machines up to archive some old U-Matic footage to DVD. All connections are fine - unit powers up, but then goes into 'Standby' mode, and I can't get it to budge! I cannot eject the tape or perform any other functions such as fast forward, rewind or play. Any suggestions/info much appreciated!

Thursday 22nd January 2004
1:24 pm U.K.


WOW! Checkout Seller WILLTCOMM on ebay! - Hi-band machines working from just £1-00!!

David Hyde
Wednesday 21st January 2004
9:26 am U.K.


I have just purchased a VO-6800PS on ebay but it has no battery or charger. Is there a way I can test the equipment using a 12v feed to the machine. I have no knowledge of u-matic yet so any help would be appreciated

Tuesday 20th January 2004
12:11 pm U.K.


I have recently purchased a BVU-950P it has the following problem - With or without tape inserted - An input signal applied + ref Video - All the video outputs are noisy and have thin vertical lines (stationary & Freq of 1/2 Sub-carrier) Present and about 300mV Pk-PKIf I record on a tape it plays back & the lines are still there. If anybody can help even identify the board or better still has any tech info it would be most appreciated. THese lines are superimposed on the picture. THe machine has generally been battered about but I'd really like to get it working. Many thanks for reading.

Cris Baldwin
Monday 19th January 2004
10:41 am U.K.


Hi There We have a Sony Umatic VP 5030 here and a large number of recorded tapes. We wish to back them up on vhs tape as then more people will be able to see them. Has any one any advice or tips on transferring these tapes? - is it possible to link it to a domestic VHS recorder?

I would be grateful for any adviceCheers! ps remove the dummy to reply Cris

Sunday 18th January 2004
2:20 pm U.K.



Thursday 15th January 2004
11:19 am U.K.


Really nice feature on Sony site!http://www.sony.net/Fun/capsule/broadcast/

Scott Charles
Wednesday 14th January 2004
5:40 pm U.K.


Hi, I don't know much about U-Matic (although i did use it in college).I am considering buying a machine to transfer programming from U-Matic tapes to DVD-R. Is this possible? Will i need any extra equipment? How do i do it? I would be grateful for any help.

Wednesday 14th January 2004
9:30 am U.K.


yeah i got a boss(roland) dr.groove dr-202 drum machine and i was just wonderin if anyone out there knows how,or where on the internet to look,to find out how to record on it?if anyone knows how to then feel free to email me directions or whatever!!it didnt come with the instruction manuel like it should have! thanks

Roland Pickett
Monday 12th January 2004
8:27 pm U.K.


Robert, you can play both hiband and lowband tapes (in colour) on a BVU200P hiband VCR via a BVT500P TBC. Both items should be cheap enough if you can still find any. Incidentally, my email server appears to be suspended from the internet, so now you need to replace "sitesource" with "ukonline" - which saves me having to jumble it up with numbers etc. to stop spam!

Saturday 10th January 2004
10:30 am U.K.


Robert:No really sure what you mean about the auto-stop at a BVU-800, didn't think it had one. About the VO-4800 tapes, these would be low-band tapes. The BVU-800 is a High-band machine and will never play those tapes correct. You will need a Low-band machine like a VO 5 or 7 series or a VO-98** which plays all formats.

If you want to send me an email, please remove all numbers from the address.

Robert Caddy
Saturday 10th January 2004
7:54 am U.K.


Can anyone pleaseeeeeee, tell me how to disable the auto-stop funtion on the BVU-800? Also, how to mod the BVU-800 to play tapes that have been recorded on a vo-4800 that recorded the video signal, but not the control track. It played fine on the vo-4800, but it shows a very shaky picture on my BVU-800. HELP!!! I have alot of tapes that I have been transfering to DVD and my BVU-800 is taking a dump. I can't afford a new one and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose over 20 years of news footage if I don't transfer these tapes. Any help would be a great blessing...Thanks, Robert

Louis Rayner
Thursday 8th January 2004
10:37 pm U.K.


Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone here can help me with a tricky predicament, I have recently acqireda really nice BVU800P, But it has one fault-It will not eject a tape unless you press a little black lever on the tape load/eject mechanism inside the machine. Does anyone have a clue what exactly is up with it or any ideas of parts i may need (If you have a Sony part code or even the parts to fix this i would be a very happy chappy!)

If anyone has the slightest little bit of info-Please, Pleas e-mail me!

Thanks in advance


Thursday 8th January 2004
9:28 pm U.K.


Plead for any sourceable means for help

Thursday 8th January 2004
9:03 pm U.K.


RE: TC-20 cardI've looked it up in the documentation and although I have my doubts whether it will work, here you go:TC In (X) - 9BTC In (G) - 10B

These are the contacts on the connector on the soldering side. The connector is numbered left to right, looking from the soldering side.

Thursday 8th January 2004
4:35 pm U.K.


Sorry if this a repeat ...I Have two Sony VO5800PS for sale any offers ?

Thursday 8th January 2004
4:31 pm U.K.


I have two Umatic sony VO5800PS units for sale .....any offers ?( based in the uk)

Tuesday 6th January 2004
3:46 am U.K.


Would anybody have a manual for a Johnichi Torque Gauge? It is pretty basic but I am just curious what the different colours mean.


Saturday 3rd January 2004
11:04 pm U.K.


WANTED Philips N1500/N1501/N1502/N1700/N1702 Video Recorders for spares ,any machine considered ,LVC tapes also wanted for these machines,please email me with details and you location ,I also transfer Philips N1500 and N1700 /V2000 tapes to DVD/VHS/Betamax Thanks.

Saturday 3rd January 2004
7:13 pm U.K.


Hello folks, I work with umatic machines BVU 800 and am looking for schematics for the tc 20 time code cards. I have a few 800 manuals, but they only have the tc13 documentation. We have many old tapes dating from 1980, with the time code recorded on channel 2 audio, and I would like to inject the channel 2 signal into the TC 20 card to be able to read it out. I realise that my machine is NTSC but I bet the TC20 card schematic is virtually the same as PAL with only clock or firmware differences. If any of you have schematics you can fax me or info on how to make this modification, I would be greatful.

junk collector
Thursday 1st January 2004
8:19 pm U.K.



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