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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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d fasd
Sunday 9th May 2004
9:48 pm U.K.


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Sunday 9th May 2004
2:26 pm U.K.


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Roger Cloud
Saturday 8th May 2004
9:23 pm U.K.


Hello! I need to find a manual for a U-Matic BVU -800, and also need (showing part nos.): a resolution chart, XWV1400RB900; an auto-centering set, YVF8RA0032BN; and, a registration chart, YFV8RA0011A3. I'm also interested in a portable deck with genlock/blackburst. Thanks for any help! My best, Roger Cloud.

Saturday 8th May 2004
4:48 pm U.K.


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david hyde
Friday 7th May 2004
12:50 pm U.K.


VO6800 final chapter: Well, I took Alans advice and tried cleaning with paper, Tied camra in though the signal is required to be genlocked, got some pretty lines as a signal. Tried cleaning the erase head, but that must be working because the blacked tape signal is erased. I guess theres just a funny little thing inside not working. Yes Rod I do get a signal on video out but thats a straight connection isnt it, not from the tape. I guess I either find a repairer , but Im guessing that it will be expensive ( I only paid £12 for it) or put it back up on Ebay as spares or repair. Thanks for your help guys, I ll look out for another machine thats sold as working as opposed to "no reason why it shouldnt work"

david hyde
Friday 7th May 2004
9:52 am U.K.


Thanks Rod, i presume i can just hook up to the video in pins to put a signal in. I'll try cleaning the erase head too. Every little helps.

Thursday 6th May 2004
9:30 pm U.K.


David,Camera pin-out, try this : http://www.rcrowley.com/SonyPinout.htm

When you send a signal to the Line-in, does it show at the Line-out? Also, try to get a tape with an image, rather than black, so you can check the actual output. If you want to send a tape to Sydney, I'll record some colourbars on it for you ;-)Cleaning, have you cleaned the erase head - the large static head before the drum?

david hyde
Thursday 6th May 2004
3:15 pm U.K.


The saga of my VO6800 continues. Ive solved the problem on the pause button - I wasnt pumping a signal to the recorder, so it obviously needs the input to trigger it. Dont think me stupid, I just wanted to get the pause of before i tried recording, Now everything works fine except the damn thing wont record anything on tape. It plays my new tape (blacked) fine but sjust shows snow on any section i record. One good sould has already emailed me about cleaning it, which I have done, but playback heads misy be fine anyway to play back the blacked tape. Im using the line in (video in socket) swithced to line) I suspect its a bigger fault than cleaning and would like to try the camera in before throwing this very cheap machine against the wall:) Does anyone know the pins for the camera in. Found something about K socket 14 pin but nothing on Q. It would be nice if the site carried this information. And cleaning instructions for us sad newbies..Thnaks a lot..hoping for replies

eric phoxe
Thursday 6th May 2004
8:13 am U.K.


Bob, about your canon mv100.... You don't need any drivers for a firewire connection, that's the good part. You might need some if it has USB-capabilities for still-images, etc. The bad part is that there's multiple firewire drivers, while e.g. Premiere only can work with Microsoft's firewire driver. Have you checked the brand in the Hardware Device Manager? If it says, Texas Instruments or something, it might be the cause of the problem.

Wednesday 5th May 2004
10:24 pm U.K.


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francis Toma
Wednesday 5th May 2004
2:45 pm U.K.


i just want to get the power_on schematic diagram unit on the mother board of pentium II.

david hyde
Wednesday 5th May 2004
1:35 pm U.K.


I have bought a VO6800PS from ebay, finally got a tape, finally found i needed more watts to make it lace up. All fine so far, it will play, fast forward and rewind but wont record because the pause remains on and wont swicth off using the pause button. I think Ive seen this before on here. Does it need to be triggered from the camera ( i dont have a umatic cord just video in) or can it be over ridden? Be greatful for some help

Wednesday 5th May 2004
7:44 am U.K.


Anybody here know if it's still possible to buy a viewfinder for my trusty old sony ccd-v200e? Price not that important, any help really appreciated.

Wednesday 5th May 2004
7:43 am U.K.



Tuesday 4th May 2004
4:38 pm U.K.


Sony umatic VCRs at gr8 prices, let us know what model you need (no portables) ! All machines supplied with 30 day warranty.

Handy - Handys - Handyzubeh÷r
Monday 3rd May 2004
9:58 pm U.K.



Sunday 2nd May 2004
7:07 am U.K.


I Have a Canon MV100 and I've got a firewire connection problem on Windows XP homeit did see it to begin with but, no more. It seems I need a driver for it but can'tfind one. I've tryed uninstalling 1394 in the device manager and updating generic driverbut no joy. I've searched through canon site no reference at all to MV100If anybody can help!Thanks for any replies.

Sunday 2nd May 2004
6:18 am U.K.


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Evil Man
Sunday 2nd May 2004
2:13 am U.K.


I need access codes for Wilcom v6.0 with:

HASP ID: 2019719620-2a93Old ID Code: HBSF GWWWY DBIK

Many thanks for help

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Saturday 1st May 2004
9:20 pm U.K.


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