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Friday 24th March 2017

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Clinton Radloff
Saturday 12th June 2004
5:25 am U.K.


anyone got any smaller u-matic tapes for portables. please email me and let me know.

Jerry Allen
Friday 11th June 2004
4:43 pm U.K.


I am owner & operator of a production studio in the Northwestern Indiana area in the United States.

I have produced programming, television shows and more. I have used VHS editors (BR-8600U),great machine but lacking in quality video. I then started using a Panasonic S-VHS system,great system, but many trips to the repair shop. S-VHS lacks in ruggedness, and video signal strength is not as strong. I use U-Matic 5850's and get rugged machine, very good rock solid video and audio. In fact in our area 90% of the local cable television channels still use 3/4". I hope they keep making U-matic blank tapes, and parts if you need them. I wish Sony would come back out with 3/4" video it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 10th June 2004
9:17 pm U.K.



Also make sure that there is a video signal present at the Video IN, otherwise the menu won't display on the Monitor output. Weird but true, it had me stumped for a while.

Monday 7th June 2004
3:09 pm U.K.

not.relevant@this time


go http://www.broadcaststore.com/store/model_detail.cfm?id=4925and get the brochure information which is linked at the page. The menu thingy is described there. Also, be sure to connect your monitor to the "monitor" video output of Your Sony, menu is not visible in other video outputs.

Monday 7th June 2004
1:39 pm U.K.


Is it possible to use tape from D1 cassette in U-matic machine? As far as I know the tape speed is higher in D1 machine (28.69 cm/s instead of 9.53 cm/s) and therefore I consider that tape won't be damaged. Maybe the D1 machine mechanism is more delicate than the one of U-matic? Aivars Migla - from LatviaTo answer me directly please remove excess 'dot.' from my e-mail address.

Monday 7th June 2004
4:18 am U.K.


hi folks!all right in there?<br>greetingZ!!!!!!!<br><br><a href="http://www.everex.de">everex</a>

Sunday 6th June 2004
11:00 am U.K.


ron"Rewind is very noisy " take of the "tape pully's" an grease them a littlemost of the times this does the trickgrtz

Saturday 5th June 2004
8:49 pm U.K.


Please review the site http://www.pccooper.co.uk and write to the guy (or use his guest book)to tell him of your disgust at his misuse of the internet. - Rgds, an avid U-matic fan!

Ron Ronson
Saturday 5th June 2004
1:25 pm U.K.


Hi All.

I've recently bought a second hand VO-7630 to replace my ageing 2630. Player is virtually unused although has a couple of problems. Rewind is very noisy although visual search forward and backwards is fine. The PAL/SECAM system swith is reversed so in PAL it is actually SECAM and vice versa (NTSC is as it should be) and the colour lock switch on the back has 'popped'. Repaired switch but could do with some advice on the rewind noise. Suspect it has been serviced and a connector put back incorrectly which would explain the PAL/SECAM business. I can live with the latter but not the rewind noise.

Anyone out there with advice or service manual that can help. I can recommend the (UK) place I got this from. They have two VP5040 's, a VP7040 and a 5600P (I think) still for sale. The machines don't seem to have had very much use and the 7630 I bought has no signs of any head wear except the usual evidence on the audio assembly.

My very best regards,


Saturday 5th June 2004
1:17 am U.K.


I cant seem to get the dial menu to work on my Sony VO-9800, ( I no longer have the manual) can anyone tell me what the correct procedure is to get the dial menu to come up, I am getting no information .

thank you.

sniffy dog
Friday 4th June 2004
2:11 pm U.K.


Howdy troops. Stupid beginner question: I've just got a VO-5630 and need help connecting it all up! How do I connect from the 8-pin tv output to a regular TV (via an scart)? And what do i do with the connections to send (to a pc capture card) and receive (from the card's s-video output) onto the umat? Do I just need adaptor cables from the BNC ins & outs to s-video/composite video or is it much more complex than that? Sorry for the newbieishness :)

Friday 4th June 2004
11:40 am U.K.


hi wat r u up 2

Thursday 3rd June 2004
10:59 pm U.K.

sorry -for-the@joke.com

moon "I would really like to use it as a fireplace or aquarium at parties"I don't think this type of u-mat will hold water verry long you'd better go for the fire place thingy i guess it'll burn if you heat it enough

Thursday 3rd June 2004
8:00 pm U.K.



Thursday 3rd June 2004
5:55 pm U.K.


I own a VO5630. I would really like to use it as a fireplace or aquarium at parties. (or psychedelic music videos - chill-out zone). Can anybody mail me how I can record on this machine? What kind of cable do I need, for example to record from a DVD player or normal Video Recorder (VHS), or better even to go from DVI/Monitor out (computer) to VO5630. I think the side on the VO5630 is BNC, but are there cables that do this conversion??? Please mail me. Moon

alan clark
Thursday 3rd June 2004
3:12 pm U.K.


wanted a good home for sony vo5850p vo 5800p rm44o vo 7630p vp5040pall in good working order

no reasnable offer refused

Thursday 3rd June 2004
3:43 am U.K.


Can anyone tell me what is the best product to use when doing a "wet" cleaning on the Sony VO-9800?thank you.

Ian McMillan
Wednesday 2nd June 2004
12:43 pm U.K.


I have a number of New and sealed U-matic heads for sale, no reasonable offer refusedSony DUR-41-R, DUR-22-R, DUR-19-R, DUR-44-R, DUR,32-R. Also VO5630P, VO5800P, VO5850P edit recorder, all working and in good condition

Tuesday 1st June 2004
12:10 pm U.K.


Just wondering if anyone knows of a converter for Umatic DUB (Y/C) to s-video that I can buy.



David Urbaniak
Tuesday 1st June 2004
11:59 am U.K.


I am located Jackson,Michigan U.S.A. and have Umatic S AMPEX 197 BCS-20 tape that I am trying to play. The machine that I have is a SONY U-matic Model VO-5600. The machine that I bought used will take the tape in and reg. but only the standby light comes on. Only the eject workes, I can't get it to play. Can anyone out there help me or point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help.

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