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Monday 27th March 2017

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Tuesday 10th August 2004
6:45 am U.K.



I have a front panel, the bit which swings up, from a BVU 800. All the bulbs work, the jog shuttle wheel works correctly and it's clean. So if yours is a little worse for wear this is for you. Its free to a good home in UK mainland, delivered free,to be collected from your nearest main line railway station

Sunday 8th August 2004
11:08 am U.K.



I have for sale a Sony RM450 CE 3 machine edit controller. It features parallel connexions for the type 5 machines, and the 9 pin serial for the VO series and the BVU series. It comes with 2 x serial cables, and is in first class working order and condition, no dents, scratches scrapes or digs. If this is of interest please Email me for more info, or make me a sensible offer. No time wasters PLEASE! I will deliver it to your nearest mainline railway station for free, or you can collect it.

Frank Cloward
Sunday 1st August 2004
8:53 pm U.K.


Received HP Photosmart S20xi Scanner in tact but the following items were missing: Air Brush, Cleaning Brush, and Photo sleeve. eBay Listing #: 5108538273. Description: HP Photosmart S20XI USB Photo Scanner New In Box. Seller Tracking Info...Sale ID: 13002 SAP ID; 13523. TOPLINE, 9419 GEORGIA AVE. SILVER SPRING, MD 20910-1471Purchase Date: 16 Jul 2004. Do appreciate your help. Thank you.

Saturday 31st July 2004
7:36 pm U.K.



I am looking for a replacement capstain belt for a Sony U-Matic Editor Model VO-5850. Does anyone have any thoughts on where I might find a vendor on the web?


Broadcast Basement
Friday 30th July 2004
4:41 pm U.K.


SONY VO-5800PS for sale, great condition and working order. £225.00 London based.Please remove 123 from email address if replying. Thanks

David Hyde
Friday 30th July 2004
3:39 pm U.K.


Ive just become the proud owner of my first (working) u-matic. Its the portable JVC CR-4700E. The picture quality seems very good, almost as good if not better than S-VHS dare i say, but I know this is all subjective. One thing for sure, theres seems to be no colour shift at all, but I believe this is a feature of the u-matic format. Anyway my question is, does any body have further information on this model, battery size etc, and perhaps a manual?Remove the extra @ sign in the email address

Oh and by the way who are these cretins who keep posting stupid comments nothing to do with u-matic in here.I thought Yahoo was for that

Sunday 25th July 2004
9:27 pm U.K.


I need serial number for MetaStock Pro 8.0 RT for BMI & eSignal

Thursday 22nd July 2004
4:17 pm U.K.


Hi All:

I'm selling a Sony Umatic VO-5850 for $250. Anyone interested in buying this? If so, please email me at Jupiteram@xmsg.com. Thanks. Great chat page!

James B
Tuesday 20th July 2004
2:08 pm U.K.


HI, Im looking to buy a VO-5850 can any one help Im UK Based.

Kind Regards,James

Sunday 18th July 2004
4:23 am U.K.


I have a VO-5850 that is doing something very wierd. It will record audio & video and will only play back in rewind or ffwd. Does not read counter.... Counter will count if a tape is used that was recorded on other machine. Seems that there is no time code when it records to tape. How can I fix this? We are on a very limited budget and cannot afford to have it fixed by a tech. Im willing to try as we are now using anothe unit without asemble edit, looks bad!

Saturday 17th July 2004
9:25 am U.K.


I am looking to buy a sony vp-9000 umatic video player can anyone help me

Brent Goselin
Friday 16th July 2004
1:48 pm U.K.


Have a look at our website....www.megawavz.com....If you are interested in u-matic equipment I'm sure this web page will be of interest to you.

gloria mcdermott
Wednesday 14th July 2004
2:01 pm U.K.


To whom it may concern,I was just left a collection of over 6000vhs tapes everything from the classics to star warsJust about every movie I have heard of since childhood to vast to even think about listingAnyone interrested contact me and I will give more information. Collection is in Palm Springs and can be seen, it is in a climate control unit.

Broadcast Basement
Monday 12th July 2004
10:06 pm U.K.


Have available for sale:

SONY U-MATIC EDIT SUITE, CONSISTING OF: 1X SONY VO-5850P, 1X SONY VO-5800PS AND 1X RM-440 EDIT CONTROLLER AND CABLES OF COURSE. ALL IN GOOD CONDITION AND WORKING ORDER. A STEAL AT £475.00Pictures available on request. Please remove 123 from email address when replying. Thanks

Monday 12th July 2004
11:38 am U.K.



Sunday 11th July 2004
8:14 pm U.K.


Panasonic 'M' format broadcast vtr (component on vhs tapes), model AU-300B-E. Rare collectable unit. Unit needs attention (timer roller gone gooey with age), also comes with spare boards.If you collect vtr formats then i bet you havent got one of these. Free to good home, but must be collected from south east London. Its heavy!

Monday 5th July 2004
6:23 pm U.K.


Hi all. I recently got a Sony VO-2630 Umatic from a mate in Sydney, it works, plays, records and produces a really nice picture. The only downer is that on the video outputs (both BNC and TV) I'm getting intermittent horizontal hairthin noise streaks in the picture. I don'tknow what's causing that problem, might be some sort of interference or something. I know it's not the videotapes as I've ran a live feed from my pay TV decoder box to the machine and outputted to VHS and still getting noise.

I only hope it's not a circuitry fault which requires painstake fault finding and ripping half the guts out of the machine to get to the fault cos I don't want to cause more faults on the way.

So if anyone knows what this fault may be your technical advice would be most appreciated. My contact address is ac_dc_rocks@hotmail.com if anyone can help me.


Madeleine Hill
Monday 5th July 2004
8:59 am U.K.



I am having a problem with a new PCI Parallel Port we've installed. We're a Football Club and are selling tickets along with memberships. We have a ticket printer and a membership card printer, both of which MUST be connected by Parallel Ports directly with the Computer. We have installed a new port, Q-Tec, 110P 1 Port Parallel PCI Card, for LPT2.

The problem we are having is which ever printer is plugged into the LPT2 port is not working. The Computer is registering the new Port and on the computer all properties are correct and the port seems fine and to be working. But it simply will not print.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks. This is really getting desperate and urgent.

eric phoxe
Saturday 3rd July 2004
11:59 pm U.K.


I've got this Canon TV lens on my Sony DXC-M3A. The lensis good but the camera has seen better days. I did get a nice quotelately for a functional DXC-M7, but it has no lens.

Before I pay too much, could anyone maybe tell me if I can use the M3lens on a M7? Someone told me tubes and CCDs use different lenses, butI have no idea if that is true. Don't know if the mount is the sametoo.

Thanks a lot for an answer. Even if it's short and rude ;)

Friday 2nd July 2004
9:35 am U.K.


For all BVU -800 owners, I have a BK-806 / TC-20 Timecode generator/reader for sale on eBay:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3824106036&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1

For Australian umatic collectors I also have a BVU -800 for auction:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3824105425&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1

Any questions, please remove all numbers from the email address.

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