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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Tom Mountford - The JMS Group
Tuesday 7th September 2004
8:36 am U.K.


Hi All - In response to Louis' question I thought I'd put my marketing hat on to offer VT transfer services (normally I'm just here as fan of retro VTRs). I work for The JMS Group Limited in Norwich, we can do dubs to/from all varieties of PAL U-matic and Betacam SP to clean/BITC VHS or authored DVD-R at MUCH better rates than a Soho dubs company. Drop me an email if you want any more info...

Tom Mountfordwww.jms-group.com

Sunday 5th September 2004
10:54 pm U.K.


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Thursday 2nd September 2004
5:10 pm U.K.



Roland Pickett
Monday 30th August 2004
9:49 pm U.K.


Albert, nobody makes U-matic machines any more. There were some attempts by JVC and Panasonic to manufacture them, but the only ones that worked properly were the Sony machines, and they invented the format. As these machines can be obtained nowadays at little or no cost, there is no point in considering anything else.

Louis Rayner
Sunday 29th August 2004
11:14 pm U.K.


Hi There,

Is there anyone here in the UK who could transfer about 4 low band tapes to VHS for a small sum?, you are of course welcome to the tapes after the copying!

If anyone would like to get in touch, please e-mail me but take the 123 bit out.

I also have a selection of small/big hi/lo band tapes of various lengths, all nice condition and used only once or twice £1 each. Email for list.

Thanks in advance folks


Albert Banner
Friday 27th August 2004
9:02 pm U.K.


I'm interested in purchasing a VO-9850 or 9800 in good condition. Does anyone know if other companies manufacture U-matic Machines?

Friday 27th August 2004
1:06 pm U.K.



Due to workshsop clearout I've a couple of SONY VO-2860Plooking for homes...anyone out there have any idea whatthey're worth ?


Friday 27th August 2004
12:51 pm U.K.


i bought from a guy flexisign 7.5v4 pro, i got the crack with but the software after 1-2 minuter if no action stoped working and tell me i got a corrupted file and need to reinstall the soft, but the guy who sell me the soft there a special way to install it, i just patch the crack file, but he suppose to give me the installation instruction to do it, but never respond me, so if somebody know those way to insatll software can give me a sign plz

Wednesday 25th August 2004
6:44 pm U.K.


I have 9 60 min U-matic sony tapes to transfer to CD for work purposes. I dont have access to a machine. Where or who can I contact that is able to convert the tapes. You can mail me at work as well, jan.cillie@sappi.com.

All information is appreciated.

eric phoxe
Thursday 19th August 2004
12:08 am U.K.


Hi folks. I'm looking for a service manual for the Sony DXC-M3AP and the DXC-3000AP. Does anyone have a scan at hand, a place to go on the internet or maybe willing to sell? Photocopies would be fine too. Thanks.

Wednesday 18th August 2004
10:56 pm U.K.


Oh well John, some you win, some you lose... How was your trip to the Isle Of Wight?What's the weather like in Yorkshire? I understand that it has been p-----ng down in Peterborough. Have you been down there lately for a Burger King? Who was that producer chap Edward Somethingorother? What happened to him?


Wednesday 18th August 2004
6:00 am U.K.


Hi Dean

I've tried to email you ref the BVU 800 front panel, but it is always returned as unsendable. Sorry but the panel has already been delivered to the isle of Wight.Regards, John

Tuesday 17th August 2004
10:53 am U.K.


Thanks for all the info on high band....I thought I was losing my mind here in NTSC land, since I'd never heard of anything but "regular" and SP..and I've been in video for 40 years!I'm now looking for a BVU -950 for sure.Guy

Roland Pickett
Monday 16th August 2004
8:37 am U.K.


From my recollection there is no hiband NTSC U-matic. The BVU 200 machines were virtually the same as the VO 2850 models in the USA and Japan, whereas the PAL machines were hi and lo band respectively. I can remember that when there were standards conversions to be performed from NTSC U-matic to PAL you could always play the NTSC tapes from a 5030 multistandard low band player.

Rein Oosterling
Monday 16th August 2004
5:27 am U.K.


Hi Guy,

Is the Sony VO 9800 or 9850 sold in NTSC? If so, these models playback Lo-band, High-band and SP.


Rein Oosterling
Monday 16th August 2004
5:22 am U.K.


Hi all,

Does anyone know if the Canon lens J12-10B KRSM is a broadcast lens or a professional lens?



Sunday 15th August 2004
10:21 pm U.K.


I'm looking to buy a U-Matic machine for archival transfers. I have a JVC CR-850 so far, and now I'm looking for something that will play "hi band" and "SP" recordings.Will a BVU -950 play more than the SP standard? It would be great to find a machine that would play all 3...is there such a thing? By the way, I'm in NTSC land.Thanks for any info.

Tuesday 10th August 2004
6:45 am U.K.



I have a front panel, the bit which swings up, from a BVU 800. All the bulbs work, the jog shuttle wheel works correctly and it's clean. So if yours is a little worse for wear this is for you. Its free to a good home in UK mainland, delivered free,to be collected from your nearest main line railway station

Sunday 8th August 2004
11:08 am U.K.



I have for sale a Sony RM450 CE 3 machine edit controller. It features parallel connexions for the type 5 machines, and the 9 pin serial for the VO series and the BVU series. It comes with 2 x serial cables, and is in first class working order and condition, no dents, scratches scrapes or digs. If this is of interest please Email me for more info, or make me a sensible offer. No time wasters PLEASE! I will deliver it to your nearest mainline railway station for free, or you can collect it.

Frank Cloward
Sunday 1st August 2004
8:53 pm U.K.


Received HP Photosmart S20xi Scanner in tact but the following items were missing: Air Brush, Cleaning Brush, and Photo sleeve. eBay Listing #: 5108538273. Description: HP Photosmart S20XI USB Photo Scanner New In Box. Seller Tracking Info...Sale ID: 13002 SAP ID; 13523. TOPLINE, 9419 GEORGIA AVE. SILVER SPRING, MD 20910-1471Purchase Date: 16 Jul 2004. Do appreciate your help. Thank you.

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