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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Roland Pickett
Sunday 12th December 2004
2:14 pm U.K.


Depends what model it is. Sounds like someone's been tweaking the pots on the video card.

Saturday 11th December 2004
11:04 am U.K.


I just bought a umatic machine off ebay and when i play tapes i can't see the picture i can hear the audio only .However i can see the pictures if i use the fast fwd or rwd search anyone got any ideas as to how i can just see the tapes normally.

Friday 10th December 2004
10:34 pm U.K.


i will con

Regular user
Thursday 9th December 2004
6:26 pm U.K.

Lets get rid of this rubbish@last

Yes - it has gone now

Regular user
Thursday 9th December 2004
6:25 pm U.K.

Lets get rid of this rubbish@last


That should have shifted it up a bit

Regular user
Thursday 9th December 2004
6:22 pm U.K.

Lets get rid of this rubbish@last

Wednesday 8th December 2004
5:50 pm U.K.



Tuesday 7th December 2004
12:11 pm U.K.


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Tuesday 7th December 2004
11:54 am U.K.


Hey - I've got loads of Umatic tapes - does anyone know a company that buys them for recycling?Anyone help?

Tuesday 7th December 2004
9:57 am U.K.


BTW yes I remember the old Fergies with the "Ka-Ching" piano keys. It terrified me when I played a friends tape on my machine at home.

Tuesday 7th December 2004
9:52 am U.K.


Heh! (et tu?) No, the film is 'Abigail Wanted'. It's no great shakes, I think he wanted to see it out of curiosity. The 'cues' on the tape are in two varieties, the first is a single, clean, very loud pulse that is only on the empty Ch1. The other two quieter pulses are at about 50% of maximum, and have a little bit of noise after them. Unforunately they are only on the Ch2 soundtrack. I tried to use the pulses as a noise print, to run through noise reduction, but unforunately they occur at the same time as dialogue, music, and bar-room sound effects. I had to make do with an only partially characteristic snatch. The results were far from perfect, but you could at least hear the line it went over originally.

Tom Mountford - The JMS Group Ltd
Monday 6th December 2004
8:53 pm U.K.


Hi Riley - I've had similar on a dub from a 1950s 16mm print, with the left channel containing soundtrack and the right containing the soundtrack plus filmcode/sync pulses recorded as audio, but for what reason it was kept during the telecine I don't know? I guess in the heyday of U-matic people were only recording mono VHS copies and only felt it necessary to only keep one complete audio channel if the other was required one for some other purpose. It's odd that yours is recorded across both though because as far as I know once something's embedded in a soundtrack you can't take it out again.

There's a variety of strange things like that on older equipment, I recall one-inch VTRs where the video recording began before the audio, the sound came in couple of seconds later with a rumbling noise which I think was called a 'pilot burst'. That and the drawn-out 'bird tweet' between edits on a top-loader Ferguson Videostar... anyone remember them?

Monday 6th December 2004
5:19 pm U.K.


Riley - is the film called "Roadrunner" by any chance?

Monday 6th December 2004
3:33 pm U.K.


OK, an academic query more than anything. I got a machine (V0-5800PS + Remote control for £40), and I was passed some tapes in return for a favour. I was also passed a couple of tapes that contained a movie (whether it was for TV broadcast or something I don't know) and asked if I could capture it/transfer to a disk. I did the job, as it served as a nice chance to practice. The film's sound was on Ch2, and I wasn't suprised to hear some squeals towards the end of tape 1 (which I took to be changeover signals). While processing the sound (Left channel mono to stereo) I was surprised to see only the first beep was on Ch1, the other two were actually on Ch2 mixed in with the films sound, so I guess my question is;"What's all that about then?" or maybe "How did that work?"I'm sure I'd have noticed if films on TV always had a couple of beeps at around the 50-60 minute mark. I was expecting the Ch1 signal, but not the others. Did broadcast machines come with circuitry to filter out this element from the sound?

Dr Stephen Nye
Sunday 5th December 2004
5:27 pm U.K.


Does anyone know anything about an Ikegami HL99A CCD video camera? I have been offered one for £ 200 and I wonder if this is a fair price and if the camera itself is any good. It comes with the 26 to 14 pin din cable and seems to be compatible with my Sony Umatic VTR.

Tom Mountford - The JMS Group Ltd
Saturday 4th December 2004
1:28 pm U.K.


Hi Denis - Definitely the easiest way to do it is to hook up the output of the low-band to the composite in on the PD150 - this will get you a direct 'conversion' to DV compression. If you go via the PC the fairly low quality signal of low-band will be going through another generation of compression... and if you're using a domestic composite capture card (as opposed to an uncompressed/low-compression pro card) you're going to get those unsightly little 'blocks' on heavily compressed areas. When dubbing it's usually always best to take the shortest route.

Hope that helps,Tom

denis doyle
Friday 3rd December 2004
11:38 pm U.K.


HiI want to transfer lowband umatic to DV. Which is better dub direct to my PD150 or capture to my PC (analogue). Will there be any saving in quality to go either wayTIA

Evelyn Dawson
Wednesday 1st December 2004
2:41 pm U.K.


How do I get rid of unneccessary files on my Win Mx v 3.53?

Wednesday 1st December 2004
12:24 pm U.K.


Videorecorder for sale type Sony U-MATIC SP VO-9600P. Very good condition and very few hours of use. Price= 400 EUR.

Wednesday 1st December 2004
12:00 am U.K.


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