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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Tuesday 18th January 2005
5:04 pm U.K.


Hello all,

The American Social History Project is looking to backup all their old U - Matic tapes (which are like huge VHS tapes) onto DV's. We were using a old sony 5850 u - matic which has recently, died. We need a new one!

We would really appreciate it if someone could donate one for the continued production to help create educational media for the schools of NYC. It is a tax deductable donation to boot!

We all appreciate the help. Thank you, Thomas

Tuesday 18th January 2005
12:16 am U.K.


Hi:I need a viewfinder for my Sony Handycam CCD-V900E.Someone can help me?ThanksFernando

Saturday 15th January 2005
10:46 pm U.K.



I don't think you can modify a 850 to play low-band tapes.Your best bet would be to get a VO-9800 or 9850, these are relative new machines (when it comes to U-matic) and play all formats (low, high and SP). They pop up on eBay from time to time or you may be able to hire one.

Alternatively, try to get either low-band machine to work. In my experience it really helps to first clean the machine internally (heads, the whole tape path) to remove any dust and gunk to hampers the tape. Then leave the machine turned on for about one or two days. When in storage capacitators often dry up but if they are not too bad, prolonged power will get them back in service. Finally, find a tape you don't care about and play it several times, including regular stopping and ejecting.Effectively, the machines need a bit of 'morning' exercise to get up and running again.

Friday 14th January 2005
8:52 pm U.K.


Hi just bought a Sony BVU800P - trouble is I can't tell a HiBand tape from a LowBand!!

I had a tape in the machine when I got it - which outputs monochrome only. also when I tried my old Umatic tapes (lowband) they came out monochrome as sort of expected.

Question - how can I tell a Hi Band tape?

Also does anyone have a Hiband recording on tape in colour that I could try please?/ my expense of course.

cheers Chris

Friday 14th January 2005
5:58 am U.K.


Hi everyone,

I have a steady supply of PAL U-matic (and beta) stuff which I sell regularly on eBay. The trouble is, I'm no analog video expert so I don't know an awful lot about the different models.

I'm wondering if one of you kind souls can point me in the direction of (or supply me with) some basic blurb about the common models, including some specs, distinguishing features, known problem areas and maybe even ball-park values, so that I can improve my listings and avoid wasting my time on the lemons.

In return, I will certainly help where I can with parts, manuals or tapestock etc as it comes up, or I'm happy to negotiate a fee for the right info.

To give you an idea, some of the models I have dealt with recently are:

VO9600P, BVW60P, BVU150P, VO8800P, BVW60P, PVW2650P, BVW22P.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - remove all the w's from my email address to contact me.

Thanks in advance, Neil

Thursday 13th January 2005
9:37 am U.K.


Will a tape recorded on a PAL miniDV camcorder play on an NTSC Camcorder?

John Egan
Wednesday 12th January 2005
2:06 pm U.K.


Hi All

I have a mountain of lo-band U-matic to copy to DVD-R and my VP 5040 is too flaky to put original masters in. (all in store too long)I've managed to borrow a BVU-850 P (SP) and a VO - 5630 from a conact at the BBC (also in store too long)

The 5630 works grudgingly, but the 850 won't play lo-band in colour Do you know of a modification to get lo-band colour out of this SP machine.

thanks for your time

John EganRecording DeptRoyal Northern College of Music124 Oxford RoadManchester


Wednesday 12th January 2005
10:52 am U.K.


Slightly of topic I know, but I hope you don't mind if I jump in.That last post got me thinking about manuals.If anyone has a service manual/schematic diagram for a COX 350 VTR Clock, I am in idre need of a copy. I need to build a keyboard for it(Because I have loads of parts and no money to buy one :) )so the schematic is essential.

If anyone can help I will be forever greatful!

Thanks all.


Tom Mountford - The JMS Group Ltd
Tuesday 11th January 2005
8:04 pm U.K.


Hello there - It's a longshot but does anyone out there happen to have the user manual for a GML Merlyn-X dual-channel TBC that they could either loan me to copy or part with for reasonable money?

All the best,Tom

Tuesday 11th January 2005
7:50 pm U.K.


Hello, message for Jonathan (muzzy-spam@bt-openworld.com), i have tried emailing re the equipment your selling but the email bounces back to me. Please let me know when you put this on ebay.

Monday 10th January 2005
1:38 pm U.K.


Nigel, there's an e-mail coming your way.

Monday 10th January 2005
1:05 pm U.K.


P.S. I'm in the UK, and some of this stuff is impractical to post.-----ends-----

Monday 10th January 2005
1:01 pm U.K.


I have the following to sell, I'll be putting them up on e-bay shortly, so contact me soon...(Remove the hyphens from my e-mail address to reply).A) Box of Sony Umatic Tapes: 11x New KCA-20XBR & 3x used KCA-60BRSB) Timecode Inserter - POLARVIDEO TC-1, overlays timecode digits into video image.C) Edit Controller - PANASONIC NV-A500-E & cables. (1st of 2)D) Edit Controller - PANASONIC NV-A500-E & cables. (2nd of 2)E) SONY Umatic VCR - VP2031F) Portable VCR - SONY VO-4800PS Umatic (NTSC) & soft case.G) Portable VCR - SONY VO-8800P UmaticS-SP & all-weather case.H) Edit Controller - SONY RM440 & Cables. (1st of 2)I) Edit Controller - SONY RM440 & Cables. (2nd of 2)J) Edit VCR - SONY VO-5850P Umatic PAL & CablesK) SONY AC-345C - Power Supply & battery charger for Portable VCR's, cameras etc. 12v-14.7voltsL) Extra SONY control cables for edit suites, selection.-----ends-----

Sunday 9th January 2005
2:16 pm U.K.


I have a VO 9850 Pal for sale. It's in mint condition, low drum hours in perfect working order. I'll take £75.00 for it. Any Offers?

James Burch
Sunday 9th January 2005
2:58 am U.K.


Anyone ever come across a Panasonic M format VTR model AU-300, that uses vhs tapes. Any collectors want to own such a machine??

Sunday 9th January 2005
2:53 am U.K.


Hello, let me know if you interest for:

Sony Digital Audio U-Matic system

3x U-Matic Recorder DMR-2000 Editor DAE -3000 3x Audio processor PCM-1630

Digital Mixer Unit Sony 1105

Video Recorder Sony BVU 870p

regards$500 ???

Wednesday 5th January 2005
11:11 am U.K.


Hi - I have a VP 7040 - and tapes are starting to 'slip' every few seconds. Suspect drive belt?? any ideas on what to do to rectify??

thanks Chris

Wednesday 5th January 2005
5:52 am U.K.


I don't know if anyone is interested but we are trying to sell a Sony 3/4" VO 5800 Umatic on eBay...it works great, was recently serviced and plays/records perfectly. Thanks for your interest.



Sunday 2nd January 2005
9:39 pm U.K.


can anyone tell me the head drum rotation speed of a u-matic video deck, and how the video and audio heads write information onto u-matic high band sp tape. any diagrams would be well appreciated. cheers!

Saturday 1st January 2005
2:56 am U.K.


Somebody was looking for a list of RS-422 compatible machines.Have a look here:


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