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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Tom Mountford - The JMS Group Ltd
Thursday 10th March 2005
10:35 pm U.K.


Hi all - Someone seems to have caused an awful lot of fuss over nothing. For the record I work for a production company with bases in Norwich and London W1, naturally we've got every piece of digital kit a client could request... and we've also got VO9850/9800 BVU-SP decks at both sites. In London visiting advertising agencies use them daily for voice-to-picture sessions and in Norwich I tape DX-ed satellite feeds to them as I can trigger them recording in the VT bay from the desktop of my PC. Added benefit is they'll auto-edit to stripe timecode in sync with the timeline, not only that but I can relay the timecode from a Digibeta deck onto them for frame-accurate viewing copies. When they finally give up working (but no signs of impending failure just yet) our Betacam SP machines will take their place - so analogue ain't dead just yet.


eric phoxe
Saturday 5th March 2005
12:57 am U.K.


People, I've bought a Sony DXC-M7 body in mint condition on E-Bay. Only problem is that I wanted a PAL body, while it turns out that I actually got an NTSC one, fairly useless in The Netherlands. Anyone intrested in a swap perhaps?

eric phoxe
Saturday 5th March 2005
12:54 am U.K.


Chuck, yeah, if your machine supports PAL, just about any popular UMatic (like the 5-series) will play lowband tapes in colour.

Thursday 3rd March 2005
4:02 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me what U-matic machine PAL lowband tapes would have been recorded on ? Will a VO-5630 play back PAL lowband tapes ?

Das Snail_@_oo
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
1:58 pm U.K.


Steam engines are dead? That must be news to the folks downtown at the General Electric steam turbine division. Maybe in factories the steam engine has been replaced by electric motors but those little motors would be useless without the whirring steam engine down at the nuclear power plant.

Oddly enough even though there aren't so many steam reciprocating engines left, that technology hasn't gone to waste as giant reciprocating diesel engines now power a growing number of ships and the like.

Even the most modern digital VTR still has a little U-matic technology somewhere within it. Anyway a lot of commercial firms still like using U-matic. I know our local CBS station still archives it's news pieces to U-matic when they're done showing them.

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
1:21 pm U.K.


Just read a weird post from Sylvia - who has a curious way of looking at Umatic stuff. I have state of the art NLE systems. Everything digital in my studio.

So along comes Mr Client with exclusive Umatic source tapes he wants edited. I buy 2 x Umatics for £30 each and make £5,500 on the projects using NLE and Umatics - er, does that make sense Sylv??

Remember - your kettle still uses STEAM - or do you boil your water digitally?

Roland Pickett
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
9:40 am U.K.


I suppose you could say the same for antique furniture. A lot of people make a damn good living out of it.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 1st March 2005
2:02 am U.K.


To Sylvia. The problem with your analogy is that if a steam engine - I'm assuming you mean reciprocating engines because steam turbines are still in widespread use - is no longer needed for a task it doesn't leave anything behind but maybe a shadow on the floor.

Millions of U-matic tapes are out there and they still have to be played on something even if nobody ever opts to hit the RECORD switch again.

Kevin Flynn
Monday 28th February 2005
12:35 am U.K.


I've just acquired a BVO -950 and I have a umatic master I'd like to view on it, but when I do, it seems the machine is not picking up on the control track. I think the tape was recorded in non-SP umatic. Does that make a difference? I also do not have the TBC board on my BVO -950 and do not have an external TBC source. Does that make the difference?

Thursday 24th February 2005
12:28 pm U.K.



I need licenses Novell 4.10. You have license for 100 or 250 users. How can obtain these license ? How much the license 100 or 250 users?

Regards,Marcus - Brazil

eric phoxe
Thursday 17th February 2005
8:10 pm U.K.


Hey Molly, attaching a video camera and a TV monitor to a U-Matic isn't that hard. Just try and find two RCA-to-BNC convertor plugs (the digital camera on video-in, and the TV on video-out). I think you're best off finding a recorder that has standby (the video heads stop rotating) because it's a waste to leave them wearing themselves out when there's no need for it :)

fran devos
Thursday 17th February 2005
1:12 pm U.K.


Hi,want to clean, analyse and transfer old U-matic tapes to HD to conservate the video art on it (made in early 80's) How and where can I do this?

Molly Silk
Wednesday 16th February 2005
8:54 pm U.K.


Hello! I am an stop motion animator that are looking for a machine that I can use as a animation monitor, that are less expensive and complicated than the perception video cards. I've seen a U-matic recorder availiable on ebay and I wonder if you could help me with some questions about the machine.

I used a umatic recorder as a monitor on an earlier animation project, It had a videocamera attached and a tv as a monitor, so I captured the animation both on the umatic recorder and the same frames on 16mm film.

It was perfect way to keep track of my animating, as the umatic recorder was showing the 10 last frames for every new frame I captured. It gave me a really good feeling the moves of the characters. Would I be able to do the same with this umatic recorder?Now I use dv video and after effects its so much hassle going through the software and rendering before I even get a glimpse of the moves I've animated.....It's less organic.................... What sort of video camera would I use to capture images into the umatic recorder? Could I use a modern digital camcorder and could I use a normal tv as a monitor? What sort of cables would I have to buy? Could I capture frames on my digital camera and at the same time use it as a monitor camera for the umatic recorder and the TV?But the most important thing for me to know is if I can use a umatic recorder as a monitor for animation: so instantly be able watch the single frames play simutaniously as a film.I hope anyone can help!Yours sincerely Molly Silk

eric phoxe
Wednesday 9th February 2005
12:33 pm U.K.


Hi Roderick, well, what I actually tried to say is that if you found a batch of unknown source, you'd best seperate the tapes and the sleeves/boxes/whatever, and just leave them for a year in an open box in your living room under a table or something. Forward/rewind them after a couple of months, might try in getting rid of stickyness. By the time you use them, the warmth of the machine should be enough to keep any damp remains out for a while. This sounds like obvious advise, but hey, just try to think it's meant positively :)

Wednesday 9th February 2005
12:11 pm U.K.


Eric, thanks for your response. Humidity may well play part in this, I live in Sydney and humidity levels are between 60% and 80% at the moment. But I do have less problems with Sony XBR or BRS tapes. I'll see if I can find some Fuji tapes and compare. Or have a look at installing Air Conditioning, something I don't really want to do.

eric phoxe
Wednesday 9th February 2005
12:54 am U.K.


Roderick, did you get those tapes in a cardboard box out of the basement? if so, they probably hare humid or something. I find remarkably little problems with Fuji tape. Either digital, S-VHS or U-matic, it seems like the tapes are well made. At least for me. As for Sylvia, I guess she requested a 35mm to U-Matic dub or something? 8000 quid? :)

Sunday 6th February 2005
7:24 am U.K.


And now back to business: I use VO-9850 and VO-9800 for editing. I recently found a batch of brand new Sony SP tapes which I thought would be superior in quality, but they are giving me a lot of grief, they often get tangled or stick to the capstan. What experiences have other people had and what tape do you recommend for editing?

Could be an interesting discussion!

Sunday 6th February 2005
5:27 am U.K.


In response to SYLVIA, although I doubt she will ever read it, most likely too busy rebooting the computer after it crashed again in the middle of an edit.First of all you are wrong about the commercial use of steam engines. You'll find that still many of them are in daily use in Asian, African, South-American and Eastern European countries, but I assume you would never have visited a country that didn't screen MTV 24 hours a day. And why do they still use them? Because they work and where made to last. In regards to U-matic, the point you so obviously missed is that there are people who enjoy using 'old' technology. For fun, not everything in life is related to money. And in regards to 'obsolete' technology, a example that you may be able to comprehend, why do you think so many international DJ's still use vinyl records instead of CD's? Because it sounds better than digital recordings. And I haven't even started about the commercial broadcasters that still use u-matic. 'Old' technology isn't dead, deal with it!

Sunday 6th February 2005
2:54 am U.K.



Saturday 5th February 2005
7:50 pm U.K.


Hi, Umatic users! Here's the news. Steam engines are dead. There are some lovely little exhibition railways chuffing about in seaside resorts just to show the kiddies what it was like when Grandpa was still a virgin, but that's it. There are no more commercial steam engines in use, the technology is old, dead, discarded. Want to see a steam engine ? Visit a museum. Folks, it's the same with Umatic, and thesooner you get it into your head the better. I just costed a 12 minute short and shooting, color balancing, duping etc on Umatic would have added £ 8000 to the budget! What the hell for? Mini-DV gives you a better picture and it's much easier to use - no cables or recorders to piss about with. DVCAM is even better but costs a bit more, but much less than Umatic! Why use obsolete technology that is not only outdated but massively inferior to cheaper technology which is far easier to get your hands on? Try getting a Umatic recorder repaired, or even serviced! Can't be done - not at a reasobale price, anyway. Meh. Do what you like. Umatic is crap, and it's dead and buried crap, too. Live with it.

King T
Friday 4th February 2005
10:22 pm U.K.


ANYONE RECOMMEND someone who SERVICES Umatics in WEST MIDLANDS BIRMINGHAMUK?(Why not advertise here!)Thanks!

Thursday 3rd February 2005
7:11 pm U.K.


Hi all, I've just put up a bunch of Umatic gear on my home-made website.http://www.btinternet.com/~the.convent/Selling/Audio_and_Video.html(some people have trouble seeing it, contact me if so).You can order securely online with paypal, (or pay other ways), although I'm yet to weigh anything to calculate shipping costs.To contact me please remove the hyphens in the e-mail address shown here.Thanks, Jonathan.

Thursday 3rd February 2005
6:43 pm U.K.



Patrick Kirby
Thursday 3rd February 2005
5:52 pm U.K.


Hi all. Umatic is the format that Planet TV started out with in 1981. First a pair of VO2860 top loading edit machines and a VO3800 portable with separate (heavy) powerpack. We progressed to a 4800 portable and a pair of VO5850 edit decks and RM440 edit controller, before moving up to Umatic SP, which used metal tape and gave MUCH better pics. We still have quite a few old Umatic decks here which are very occasionally pressed into service. If anyone needs help dubbing to/from Low-band, BVU High-Band or High-band SP, we may be able to help you out. A U.K company called APR Video (01823 251831) still sell tapes for both low and high-band. Regards, Patrick Kirby. http://www.planet-television.com

Wednesday 2nd February 2005
4:48 pm U.K.


Hi Guys ,Hi guys can some one tell me how to get a head count on a sony Umatic 7630 please.Thanks

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