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Friday 24th March 2017

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steve woodgate
Sunday 20th March 2005
11:34 pm U.K.


Yes there are two sizes of U-matic tape, as with the Betacam system. Your machine, being a portable, only takes the small size - usually called U-matic-S (not to be confused with U-matic SP of course) although to confuse the issue Sony made short-duration tapes in both small and large cassette shells! These are still readily available new, just make sure you order 'portable' or 'camera' tapes - as the duration doesn't always give it away. Remember though that the longest small-size cassettes are 20 minutes, anything longer will definitely be a large-size one.

Sunday 20th March 2005
6:57 pm U.K.


Thanks, Roland. I have some spares so I'll try them.

Roland Pickett
Sunday 20th March 2005
6:50 pm U.K.


Chuck - the auto off usually means that the tape end detector is not working. In the case of the 800 they are red leds that you normally see through the front cassette compartment when the flap is raised. I think there should be four of them.

Sunday 20th March 2005
3:43 pm U.K.


That was quick! I thought these Umatic machines were past their sell by date, old technology etc, isn't that right Sylvia. Anyway, my VO9850 has found a new home. better luck next time.

Sunday 20th March 2005
3:38 pm U.K.


I have a BVU -800 series machine that, when powered up, the "Auto Off" indicator lamp lights on the front and it will not load a tape. Can anyone tell me what some of the causes of this problem might be ? I tried board-swapping from another machine to no avail.

Sunday 20th March 2005
11:14 am U.K.


I have a VO9850 edit recorder which is surplus to requirements. It's in VGC with low drum hours, no major dents or digs, all in all in good working order. I know these things aren't worth much, according to Sylvia at least, so it is FREE! to a good home. First one to Email me can come to West Yorkshire to collect it any time, or I'll deliver it for the cost of the diesel. This includes you Sylvia.

Roland Pickett
Wednesday 16th March 2005
6:30 pm U.K.


Southwest museum of engineering etc. Looking for a camera to use with your NTSC BVU-150? Did you see this post?

Name: eric phoxeEmail: phoxetis2@yahoo.comSaturday 5th March 2005 12:57 am U.K. Time People, I've bought a Sony DXC-M7 body in mint condition on E-Bay. Only problem is that I wanted a PAL body, while it turns out that I actually got an NTSC one, fairly useless in The Netherlands. Anyone intrested in a swap perhaps?

Wednesday 16th March 2005
9:47 am U.K.


I want beta BVW-75P service manual vol-1,2&3

Wednesday 16th March 2005
4:10 am U.K.


VX1000 with jammed cassette

I have a vx1000 and the cassette deck is jammed halway in and stuck..anybody have the same problem..any ideas for a quick fix??

southwest museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation
Tuesday 15th March 2005
1:50 am U.K.


We just got a Sony BVU 150 Broadcast Recorder! But.... not just for a museum display. Although, It will be interesting to show the young folks what was the standard at the time...It sould be really interesting to use it to shoot some interviews of pioneers on... now all we need is a sony camera of similar vintage to pair up with it. when I saw it for sale I did not realize what it was but this site was wonderful, there were all the details that pushed me into getting it!

Was reading previous comments... yes, the new digital cameras have a weight advantage... but... I think this will be interesting!

Ok here I am ... Teach me!

( and if anyone has an older sony camera that needs a home to pair up with this unit we would love to hear about it!)

many thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC

see the museum's web site at http://www.smecc.orgor, when in Arizona- USA stop in and visit in person!

Roland Pickett
Monday 14th March 2005
6:28 pm U.K.


A U-matic portable utilises a 14 pin camera socket although I don't know what plug the RCA camera uses. In any event if you have a PSU for the camera and it also has a composite out connector then you can input the signal into the U-matic recorder via the composite bnc "video in" connector and feed the mic input into the "audio in" XLR connector. BTW don't tell Sylvia any of this....

Bill Gower
Monday 14th March 2005
4:49 am U.K.


Can anyone tell me if the RCA Color Video Camera will work or operate with the Umatic recorders? I recently purchased a Umatic and would like some info on this. Thanks

Tom Mountford - The JMS Group Ltd
Thursday 10th March 2005
10:35 pm U.K.


Hi all - Someone seems to have caused an awful lot of fuss over nothing. For the record I work for a production company with bases in Norwich and London W1, naturally we've got every piece of digital kit a client could request... and we've also got VO9850/9800 BVU-SP decks at both sites. In London visiting advertising agencies use them daily for voice-to-picture sessions and in Norwich I tape DX-ed satellite feeds to them as I can trigger them recording in the VT bay from the desktop of my PC. Added benefit is they'll auto-edit to stripe timecode in sync with the timeline, not only that but I can relay the timecode from a Digibeta deck onto them for frame-accurate viewing copies. When they finally give up working (but no signs of impending failure just yet) our Betacam SP machines will take their place - so analogue ain't dead just yet.


eric phoxe
Saturday 5th March 2005
12:57 am U.K.


People, I've bought a Sony DXC-M7 body in mint condition on E-Bay. Only problem is that I wanted a PAL body, while it turns out that I actually got an NTSC one, fairly useless in The Netherlands. Anyone intrested in a swap perhaps?

eric phoxe
Saturday 5th March 2005
12:54 am U.K.


Chuck, yeah, if your machine supports PAL, just about any popular UMatic (like the 5-series) will play lowband tapes in colour.

Thursday 3rd March 2005
4:02 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me what U-matic machine PAL lowband tapes would have been recorded on ? Will a VO-5630 play back PAL lowband tapes ?

Das Snail_@_oo
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
1:58 pm U.K.


Steam engines are dead? That must be news to the folks downtown at the General Electric steam turbine division. Maybe in factories the steam engine has been replaced by electric motors but those little motors would be useless without the whirring steam engine down at the nuclear power plant.

Oddly enough even though there aren't so many steam reciprocating engines left, that technology hasn't gone to waste as giant reciprocating diesel engines now power a growing number of ships and the like.

Even the most modern digital VTR still has a little U-matic technology somewhere within it. Anyway a lot of commercial firms still like using U-matic. I know our local CBS station still archives it's news pieces to U-matic when they're done showing them.

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
1:21 pm U.K.


Just read a weird post from Sylvia - who has a curious way of looking at Umatic stuff. I have state of the art NLE systems. Everything digital in my studio.

So along comes Mr Client with exclusive Umatic source tapes he wants edited. I buy 2 x Umatics for £30 each and make £5,500 on the projects using NLE and Umatics - er, does that make sense Sylv??

Remember - your kettle still uses STEAM - or do you boil your water digitally?

Roland Pickett
Wednesday 2nd March 2005
9:40 am U.K.


I suppose you could say the same for antique furniture. A lot of people make a damn good living out of it.

Olive E Thomas
Tuesday 1st March 2005
2:02 am U.K.


To Sylvia. The problem with your analogy is that if a steam engine - I'm assuming you mean reciprocating engines because steam turbines are still in widespread use - is no longer needed for a task it doesn't leave anything behind but maybe a shadow on the floor.

Millions of U-matic tapes are out there and they still have to be played on something even if nobody ever opts to hit the RECORD switch again.

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