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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Sunday 24th April 2005
9:51 pm U.K.


Hi!Where can i find some testreports from my camera a JVC GF-S1000HE, S-VHS camcorder

Sunday 24th April 2005
5:57 pm U.K.



I have just got out of my loft and found my old Hacker GP42 Record Player and Amp Loudspeaker AL.42 - The turntable does not work, but the speaker on the Record Player does, as I tapped it and it made the usual noise.

But I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying it or knows of anywhere I can sell it



Sunday 24th April 2005
8:40 am U.K.


hello mr erkan turkey

Sunday 24th April 2005
7:25 am U.K.


Anyone selling (ebay prices please) a umatic PAL machine capable of low band SP and high-band work?

kevin fitzmaurice-brown
Friday 22nd April 2005
4:31 pm U.K.


JVC BY110 hi i have the main body of this video camera . f1. 4 7-70mm lens no viewfinder or tape holder i would like to either obtain the relevant parts or sell the camera to someone who needs one !

Thursday 21st April 2005
7:08 pm U.K.


Robert234Mueller"how to mod the BVU -800 to play tapes that have been recorded on a vo-4800"You can't mod it to play lo-band recorded tapes from your 4800 the bvu800 is high band onlyyou'll have to play it on either a lo-band machine(type 2 or 5)(also porta's4800 and 6800)or a type 9 machine (play's lo and hi band tapes)good luckroger

Wednesday 20th April 2005
12:24 am U.K.


Vendo sitonizador VTX-100M mando a distancia / manual y cable. Ofertas a gogora@ono.com. O compro monitor KX-20PS1

Tuesday 19th April 2005
10:54 pm U.K.


The umatic label is a new netlabel focused on adventurous and experimental sound and video art. Through this label, umatic will stimulate collaboration between [inter]local experimental image and sound artists, who are creating audiovisual works in unconventional ways. Our aim is to promote releases coming forth from projects and collaborations in relation to umatic activities. All our releases are free for download with artwork under GNU Design Science license.

http://gnu.intissite.com/licenses/dsl.htmlNEW RELEASE: #001 UMA01_MOIRA

UMA01_MOIRA[recordings march 5th 2004, Moira, Utrecht, NL]

With: 87Central [US/NL] Bas van Koolwijk [NL] Christian Toonk [NL] Yannick Dauby [FR] --->>>

Tuesday 19th April 2005
10:48 pm U.K.


Can anyone pleaseeeeeee, tell me how to disable the auto-stop funtion on the BVU -800? Also, how to mod the BVU -800 to play tapes that have been recorded on a vo-4800 that recorded the video signal, but not the control track. It played fine on the vo-4800, but it shows a very shaky picture on my BVU -800. HELP!!! I have alot of tapes that I have been transfering to DVD and my BVU -800 is taking a dump. I can't afford a new one and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose over 20 years of news footage if I don't transfer these tapes. Any help would be a great blessing...Thanks, Robert

Sunday 17th April 2005
7:39 pm U.K.


hi guys

i have a sony-matic reel to reel recorder model cv 2100 ace the machine is in mint conditionand plays perfectly as do the rest of the functionsi am thinking of putting it on Ebay but dont know what its worth

can anyone help ?

Friday 15th April 2005
12:03 am U.K.


I need the last disc in corel draw 3.0

Thursday 14th April 2005
11:48 pm U.K.


Want to buy corel draw 4 or 5 or 7

Tuesday 12th April 2005
6:19 am U.K.


Would anybody have a manual for RX-353CE they could copy for me, or any suggestions how to program this unit?


Monday 11th April 2005
11:34 am U.K.

umatic ....@....tonarchiv.ch

Dear Forum!

I bought a very cheap BV-800P. When I try to record the "Auto Off" light lights up for short time and the machine stops.

Sometimes, the cassette is loaded, but the tape gets not winded arround the head.

What kind of signal should be feeded to the "external sync" connector? Is black burst ok?

Unfortunately I havn't a user manual...

Thank you in advance


Roland Pickett
Saturday 9th April 2005
10:30 am U.K.


Brian - check this out -http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ProductPage_n.asp?Product_ID=1427&Langue_ID=7

Saturday 9th April 2005
3:57 am U.K.


I'm here in the states and have a question or two about u-matic s conversion to the dvd format.First, people here are fairly ignorant about anything that is older than last week, so I hope you good people across the pond are a help. Since losing my wife to cancer several years ago, I've been unable to locate a reputable/quality u-matic s to dvd transfer service here in the west/southwestern US. Would anyone on this board have a suggestion? The tape I want to convert was one my dear Ella and friends put together - a homegrown movie short if you will. Thanks for your ideas in advance. Brian "tell our US executive branch to read Animal Farm - duh!" Geoffrey

Roland Pickett
Friday 8th April 2005
5:33 pm U.K.


Boyd - you really do not want to know!

Boyd Catling
Thursday 7th April 2005
8:38 pm U.K.


I have a Low Band U-Matic edit suite for sale, comprising a 5800 player & 5850 recorder, RM 440 controller and two JVC monitors.

I have had this kit since new and had it serviced regularly.

I should be grateful if anyone could tell me what it may be worth ?

Tom Mountford - The JMS Group Ltd
Saturday 2nd April 2005
2:22 pm U.K.


Hiya - I have been using my U-matic for that sort of thing quite a bit recently, as a mental break from my 'paid for' work I do various video art projects which frequently call for the 'grungy' look I recently did a piece in the style of a 1960's inflight safety film, I used Discreet Combustion for the graphics then passed the render through FilmFX to get the look of faded 16mm reversal, but it just didn't look tatty enough - so I bounced it down through three generations of U-matic and then over-corrected it with an old Merlyn-X timebase corrector before making a Digibeta master. I still have an analogue satellite receiver to get various types of video noise, digital stuff just gives me a blue-screen when there's no signal.

No matter how obsolete it is someone always has a use for it... like top recording studios paying thousands of pounds for genuine 1960s valve kit rather than a few quid on a plug-in that can 'emulate' the sound.


Roland Pickett
Saturday 2nd April 2005
5:15 am U.K.


I was watching a TV programme last week which showed the making of the video "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. They band were filmed whilst walking on a moving treadmill in front of a large screen onto which they projected a 16mm cine film which had been "aged" by the producer using scratches and burns etc. to make the footage appear "old". The producer, presumably, was paid handsomely for his work. Why didn't you get this job, Sylvia? Your equipment is much more up to date.

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