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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Wednesday 25th May 2005
1:45 pm U.K.


I have a lot of once-used umatic tapes of various time lengths and would be willing to give them away to anyone who could collect from London W1.

Friday 20th May 2005
10:12 am U.K.


Oh, and while I think about it, the 5030 would not have an off tape RF connection anyway, it was not designed as an edit source. These sockets are normally found on high band machines like the BVU 800 etc.

Friday 20th May 2005
9:59 am U.K.


Gareth, I appreciate that the RF off tape connection is for the TBC drop out compensator, but I have used machines with a modulator and got RF signal out of the antenna output on some machines which is a coax socket, as opposed to the bnc connector for the off tape RF. I cannot remember exactly which machines they were, but probably playback only machines like the 5030 or 7 series etc. and certainly the older 2030, 2600 and 2850 top loading machines. So, from experience, I dispute your claim that there has never been an RF output signal!

Jim Shaffer
Wednesday 18th May 2005
1:31 pm U.K.


Re: Sony VO-6800. Unit is A-1 in all respects, but I cannot get it record an image from the camera. I am trying to use a Panasonic 341 B&W ccd camera with a bnc 1 volt p/p output. The camera works fine when plugged directly into the a Sony monitor, but when plugged into therecorders bnc video in jack, all that you see is a dark unstable screen that flickers. Am I tryiny to use the wrong camera, wrong impedence match, or what? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim jimshaffer@bright.net

Wednesday 18th May 2005
12:57 am U.K.


BVU800P service/ops manual on Ebay <url>http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7516912828&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT<;/url>

Tuesday 17th May 2005
9:20 pm U.K.


just spotted this site after doing some research for a client. We have just bought a huge amount of brand new Umatic tapes from a bankrupt company which the users of this site may be interested in. some we selling at £1 each. Go to our our site http://www.vt.tv or paste this link in to go to correct page http://www.vt.tv/umatic/c/36/p/21.html

Tuesday 17th May 2005
4:42 pm U.K.


The "RF" connection is "RF Off-Tape" used for connection to a TBC. It's not, nor is it ever (even with a fitted RF modulator) an RF TV signal output.

Gareth :-D o

Malc Taylor
Tuesday 17th May 2005
10:56 am U.K.


Hello, I have just purchased a Sony VO-5800PS, can anyone advise me regarding suitable tapes, or any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Malc

Monday 16th May 2005
12:20 am U.K.


Woo-hoo! Thanks for the info - job done!

Sunday 15th May 2005
11:28 pm U.K.


I have a couple of 5 1/4 UCA-10 & uca 60 Vidoecassette Tapes I want to update and transfer to VHS and DVD. What machince do I need to play the large old tapes (from early 80s) and what do I need to transfer to DVD (a good machine and cables or cords). I appreciate the help. You can email me with your response. Thanks in advance.

Sunday 15th May 2005
3:29 am U.K.


RF outputs will only work if the RF modulator unit is present. Should be inside oblong panel at rear of machine? Otherwise you have to use the composite output to a scart connection on your TV monitor and select line in (AV) on the TV.

Saturday 14th May 2005
11:27 pm U.K.


Help! Have just fulfilled a 15yr ambition and bought a U-matic system (a V05800/RM440 controller and two VP5030 players) and I have a very silly question. It all seems to be working fine but when I tried to connect a monitor to the VP5030 via the RF socket I'm getting nothing (I've tried on all three machines). I know there were some models that didn't connect to regular TVs but surely they wouldn't have RF sockets on the back. Does anyone know if I'm missing something on the settings? The 5030 doesn't seem to have many output controls at all but it's been about ten years since I last worked with these kinds of machines and I think I might be missing something dumb/obvious. Hope someone can help - I have films that desperatly need finishing before I become to old/fat/bald to do so!

Tuesday 10th May 2005
6:18 am U.K.


Hi... Need help.. Hv vo9600 .. giving mech. prob..jus going in fwd stop mode n if I start any function(play rew few .). anything ..it starts n stops immidiately. cheked all ps.. they r fine Any clue?as i dnt hv manual.. thanks

Art Amyth
Monday 9th May 2005
9:15 pm U.K.


Hello everyone..just got a SONY 5850 umatic lo band Pal model and the edit controller Rm 440 would like to know how to use them ..any handbooks available ?? thanks all.. Art

Sunday 8th May 2005
4:24 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a users manual for a vcr - AKAI VS-G240 please - I've recently aquired it, it works ok but I need to know a few things which aren't obvious to me - thanks

Saturday 7th May 2005
5:39 pm U.K.


Jim. No U-matic portable will record without a signal.

Saturday 7th May 2005
12:26 pm U.K.


frank "M3 shifting Focus..... "at the camera side of the lens you've got a thingy called flange-back zoom in and focus , then zoom out and refocus using the flange-back adj.repeat this until the focus doesn't change when you zoom

Friday 6th May 2005
5:05 pm U.K.


M3 shifting Focus..... Hi I just got myself a Sony M3 with a Tamron lens and I have the following problem. When I zoom in on an object and focus, then I zoom out and the object goes out of focus. According to the seller a good cameraman should know, because it has something to do with a procedure. Anyone a clue ?

Thursday 5th May 2005
9:07 am U.K.


hiya ia jade

Thursday 5th May 2005
8:23 am U.K.



Two suggestions: 1- Check the switch on the side and make sure it is set to 'Line', when in 'Camera' it will wait for the camera remote switch. 2- Make sure the cassette has the little red tab at the bottom. This is the safety tab and without it the machine won't record.

Good luck

lupschen hga
Wednesday 4th May 2005
11:55 am U.K.


wie weet adres van frans lupschen en telefoonnr of imail adres

Wednesday 4th May 2005
2:42 am U.K.


Anyone know how to get a sony vo-6800 into the record mode? All the funcions semm to work fine, but when you press record, the light comes on but the tape won't advance. Do I need a signal to make it work? Any advice appreciated! Jim

Wednesday 4th May 2005
2:34 am U.K.


HELP!!!! I am about to start onlining a doc. Film and the film has been archived on 3/4 SP PAL. I need to either buy a deck for really cheap (I have engineers that can work on it, maintain) OR, find one someone would be willing to rent/loan for a reasonable price... I am in San Francisco, CA. I have over 60 hours/60 tapes of this footage to go through and most of the $$ will end up paying for my system to be able to work with this deck and footage. I would be willing to discuss "in-kind" donation or may be able to get it set up as a 501 Tax deduct. donation. I will even discuss work for trade.

thanks! Colleen

Monday 2nd May 2005
2:59 pm U.K.


Been using the deck this morning for over two hours without a problem. It's definitely a heat issue, although it didn't FEEL really hot last night. The vcr is missing its little rubber feet, it was rack mounted before apparently. I have it sitting flat on a cardboard box, but the box is smaller than the base of the machine. I have been very careful not to cover any vent holes. Perhaps the box is acting as a heat sink though, and heating up the machine slowly. This is what I think the problem is, and it may be fixed when I find a set of feet to put on it.

Monday 2nd May 2005
1:20 am U.K.


Hi everyone. I just picked up a VO-5600 on Ebay and it seemed to work great, at first. After sitting wit the power on all day however, it is acting up. I suspect a problem caused by heat, and am letting it cool off now. The behavior is that during (or while initiating) playback the machine won't come out of pause. Or if I can finally get it to play it will play for a couple minutes, then jump into pause and stick there (play or pause do not cause the tape to roll at this point). Sometimes when I just turn it on, no tape, the pause light is lit. Anybody have any clue what this behavior could mean?

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