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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Wednesday 3rd August 2005
12:05 pm U.K.


Hi, i have 3x VO-5630 multi standard umatic player /recorder machines in working order as well as a couple of hundred umatic 75 min tapes for sale.i'm based in london and anyone interested can see the machines working before purchase.looking for £100 for the lot.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 28th July 2005
12:50 am U.K.


>>>I'm seeking a umatic player that will accept high-band PAL tapes, and output in NTSC, for transfer to digital archive<<<<

YOu'll find that most DV bridges will accept a PAL signal. Capture as PAL then Render out as NTSC using your NLE application.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 28th July 2005
12:46 am U.K.


Boy amm I surprised this list is stil going! Must be 4-5 years since I last shot any Umatic and I thought I was the last one standing!

Cought sight of the universal question about power leads......

4 Pin XLRs for 12V are almost universally wired + pin 4 - pin 1

The easy way to remember it is to picture some old duffer playing golf wearing ... "PLUS FOURS" Easy! Plus 4 - 1.....

In over 25 years in the industry that's how I've ALWAYS done it and I've not lost a piece of equipment yet! There were SOME items that used a 6v-0-6v configuration by utilising the centre pins...but we're more in film territory than video and I've NEVER seen anything wired other than the way I stated. The 4 pin DIN sockets on some equipment though is COMPLETELY different and DOES vary from item to item. Sadly I can't help in this respect.

Have fun folks!Matt

Bram actually emailed me off-list a few days ago and was I understand able to get his kit running.

Josh Liang
Tuesday 26th July 2005
6:04 am U.K.


Can anyone help me retrieved the password of opay99@yahoo.com? Someone hack my account and I can't access it anymore. Please e-mail me! Thank you!

Sepe Suomesta
Sunday 24th July 2005
10:23 pm U.K.


Bram:Be aware that there is not a universal standard for these. You have to look for specs for the exact machines You are working with.

Tuomo:At least these machines should play SP: VO-9600 VO-9650VO-9800 VP-9000 (no recording, playback only) BVU-850 and higher model numbers.

Friday 22nd July 2005
5:06 pm U.K.


I have a Umatic Sony VP-2260, which I want to sell.Where can I sell it? Do you guys know anybody interested?

It's in decent condition, needs some head cleaning but consists of all it's parts.

Tuomo Laakso
Friday 22nd July 2005
8:17 am U.K.



I'm working in a project that developes archiving methods to preserve film and magnetic AV-materials (such as u-matic, B-cam, B-max, VHS, etc.) which are in great danger to be lost forever because of deteriorating and de-magnetizing. I came across a tape that has a U-matic S -logo printed on it (and hand written marking High Band on the sleeve). I can't make it play correctly on a Low-band- (shows b/W image and low audio) or High band (no video, great audio) -machine, and at this moment I have no access to a SP machine. Could anyone help me to what kind of machine to use?

Also I's like to thank the wholesome of the Palsite.com staff and contributors for making a great knowledge site!

Thanks in advance!

Tuomo Laakso

Thursday 21st July 2005
5:16 pm U.K.


THANKS 0.L. i will pursue the relays as the possible cause.will post with findings.P.S. any information regarding purchase of operating or technical manuals.regards.

Thursday 21st July 2005
3:03 pm U.K.


I have a number of importan 3/4 Sony KCS20 cassettes. I would like someone to help me to find a suitable UMATIC VTR PAL/NTSC to buy. Can you please let me know asap.

Thursday 21st July 2005
2:20 pm U.K.


I'm looking for the pinout of the 4pin xlr, used to feed 12V into many devices as camera's and portable recorder/players. Does anyone know?Please mail the + and - pins to my emailaddress...Thank you very much!Bram

Wednesday 20th July 2005
6:38 pm U.K.


need for Umatic 9800 new Head nad Punch roller

Old Lag
Saturday 16th July 2005
11:58 pm U.K.


VO5850 audio : From the description of the problem, the most likely cause would be no 'bias' signal applied to the audio record heads (with the audio).The 'bias' is derived from the erase signal … so if the oscillator is not running you get a) no erase of existing audio and b) low level and distorted audio from new recordings. If the erase is ok, check (with oscilloscope) that the audio record head has bias & audio (I think bias is several TENS of volts) with the audio ( a few volts) sat on top of it.

Saturday 16th July 2005
10:44 pm U.K.


hi, i'm looking for working machines jvc or thomsom 6600e, cp 5550e, 6650e, cr 8200e, em 303, L 103T, pal u-matic. Thanks.

Saturday 16th July 2005
10:05 pm U.K.


hi my latest requisition is a v05850p with a sond problem.the level meters peak on record but on playback i get no to very little sound distorted with no movement on meters.can you advise which area to start and which test points to scope. regards bill.

Naveed Amjad
Thursday 14th July 2005
5:17 pm U.K.



Thursday 14th July 2005
7:25 am U.K.


If anyone is interested I have placed a BKU-703A (33pin remote interface) and a BKU-704 (timecode reader board) on ebay australia. I am selling it worldwide. These boards came out of a VO-9800 series machine, but should suit some other models.

Wednesday 13th July 2005
10:07 am U.K.


James, no such machine exists. U-matic machines were designed for professional use and what goes in is what comes out. Your only option would be to feed the signal from a PAL machine to a stahdards converter. Depending on the quality and resolution, they'll cost between a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Wednesday 13th July 2005
7:42 am U.K.


I'm seeking a umatic player that will accept high-band PAL tapes, and output in NTSC, for transfer to digital archive. I assume a standard PAL player won't work, as the output is also PAL. Anyone know what machine would fill the bill, to play high-band PAL for an NTSC transfer?

Also I'm seeking a photocopy or original manual for a VO-9800.


Tuesday 12th July 2005
11:24 am U.K.


Hi - I'm trying to find the value of a Sony VO-5800PS and RM580, that I'm going to sell on ebay - any help gratefully received. Thanks Doug

Peter Loftmarc
Monday 11th July 2005
8:17 pm U.K.


Where I live, I cannot get OTA (over-the-air) signals that are consideredgood. I live in a valley, called Val Verde, 45 miles northwest of LosAngeles, CA and Mt. Wilson where the majority of the TV and DTV transmittersare located. Since there are only about 1,000 homes in Val Verde there isn’tany cable company that services my area. Even the phone company cannotprovide DSL service to my area.

Two months ago I got tired of watching the “hour glass” as I surfed theInternet using a 56k modem that never connected much above 24600 bps to myold Internet service provider. So I decided to go with StarBand. StarBand isan Internet service provider that uses a geosynchronous satellite to providea high-speed downlink as well as a fast uplink.

One Antenna, Two-Way:StarBand uses a single satellite dish antenna (24”x36”) for receiving AND forsending information. Plus, the StarBand antenna can accommodate both theInternet and EchoStar's Dish Network satellite TV programming. StarBandservice brings the Internet and hundreds of channels of television into myhome, all through one dish antenna.

StarBand is up to 10 times faster than dial-up can provide. With downloadspeeds up to 600 kbps, downloading a file that used to take me up to 5minutes with dial-up now takes me as little as 30 seconds!

As a StarBand subscriber I have the opportunity to be part of a uniquesatellite multicast network. In the future, I should be able to surf theInternet and receive channels of high-quality content from top entertainmentand information partners, including MP3 files, software downloads,subscription content and more.

For the last 6 years I have been a DirecTV subscriber prior to subscribing tothe Dish Network. In the early days of DBS the DirecTV pictures werestunning. Sure there were some MPEG artifacts like noisy fades and sometimessome “mosquito” artifacts on edges but overall quite acceptable. Once inawhile during a heavy rain I’d get some MPEG blocking but that was prettyrare.

Last year I purchased a Sony Wega 24” TV set for my living room while waitingfor a decent HDTV to arrive on the scene. My preferred viewing distance fromthe Wega is approximately 8 ft. or 9 screen heights. The flat screenTrinitron display on the Wega has much more than 500 lines of horizontalresolution and a very stable DC restorer. Blacks are black with little, ifany, long term drift. I use the “S” video connection for all the heavyviewing and the composite video connection for other videos sources such asmy digital still camera, S-VHS machine and sometimes my camcorder. Mycamcorder also has an “S” video connection as well as the IEEE Fire Wire.

In the bedroom I have an old Sony 17” Trinitron monitor, the kind that manyof the off line editing bays used several years ago when doing 3/4” U-Maticediting. It has a horizontal resolution of about 300 lines.

Now let me get back on track with the subject of this article. When I madethe switch from DirecTV to Dish, I was not impressed with the quality of theimages I was seeing. They were very soft, exhibited lag, had very noisy fadesand poor resolution. These are all MPEG artifacts from not having enough bitsto do the job properly.

I have spoken with some of the engineers at both DirecTV and Dish and theyadmit that on some channels they do turn down the bit rate so as to notoverwhelm the statistical multiplexers or Muxers as they are called. This waythey say they can get more programs into the limited bandwidth available onthe satellites transponders. Pay-for-view seem to get top priority with thehigher bit rates as they usually look pretty good. Kind of like DVDs’.

I have two receivers at my house. An EchoStar 6000 HDTV receiver and anEchoStar DP301 receiver. Both are DVB compliant. The artifacts I’m seeing arecommon to both receivers. The interesting thing though is that the DishNetworks HDTV demo channel, #9443 and the CBS-HD feed from the east coast, onchannel #9453 look great even when viewed using the 480i output to my 24”Sony Wega. The pictures are sharp and crystal clear. In the CBS case,however, the same program in SDTV on channel #243 looks very soft, has lagand poor resolution. Other network feeds such as NBC and ABC are very soft,have lag and poor resolution also.

Is this my imagination or are the pristine images that are being provided bythe various networks, to the two DBS companies, DirecTV and Dish, (nowmerging into one company per FCC approval) being degraded to VHS quality?

With the FCC in a decision last week that all DBS must carry all local TVstations will this further the degradation of the images? When a TV that hasless than 350 lines of resolution displays images with less than 200 lines ofresolution I think it is time to take a closer look at what is happening.When my camcorder images look sharper than what the networks through the DBScompanies are transmitting I can imagine what might happen on the cablecompanies when they standardize on a set-top-box and go digital. Why do we asconsumers have to watch less than VHS quality? What ever happened to truebroadcast quality? If we are to continue into the digital world with digitaltelevision then I think it is time to think about switching over to HDTVbecause even though, at this time, most people only have analog SDTV sets anHDTV picture at 480i resolution looks like studio quality SDTV as seen onstudio monitors.

Distribution of content can take many avenues. Who is going to be thewatchdog for quality control purposes? As we have seen during the 911 crisesonly a minority are receiving images OTA. The broadcaster probably doesn’tknow or even cares about how his signal is being degraded as it is beingdistributed to the viewing public. We would like to hear your comments onthis developing problem.

Monday 11th July 2005
2:31 pm U.K.


Cherie,I hope your son is not too hungry. Let me put it this way, Sony discontinued the AV3400 in 1979. Unless you find a collector who may pay a few dollars, the unit is pretty much worthless. Sorry.

Saturday 9th July 2005
11:14 pm U.K.


Hello there! my first time - so i have available.... SONY Matic Portable Videocorder... Model# AV3400 - NO.TV-122 in a over the shoulder casing. good condition. Could anyone kindly tell me if it is worth anything. My mom is trying to sell all my things at a garage sale right now.... not to happy! but my son needs to eat. thanks in advance for any responses. Cherie

Tuesday 5th July 2005
5:53 pm U.K.


Till.Rückerli, if you are using this unit as a stand alone recorder you do not need to feed any signal into the external sync connector. The auto off usually occurs if there is moisture present. It may well be that the machine was stored in a garage or outbuilding before your purchase and there is condensation in the machine. Keep the machine in a fairly warm environment for a while. (Like Spain!!!)

Mic Dixon
Monday 4th July 2005
8:20 pm U.K.


Hi everyone. If anybody is interested in buying a working Lo Band U-matic edit suite, comprising 2 x 5850s, RM 440, 2 x JVC 14" monitors, Tascam mixer, cables and manuals, have a look on ebay. Consumer electronics/professional,studio/video. I used this suite between 1985 and 1995, editing a variety of projects including a number of current affairs programmes for channel 4. I'm really impressed by the passion shown on this site and would like to see these machines go to a good home. Auction on 'til monday 11th July, Best wishes.

Sunday 3rd July 2005
10:46 pm U.K.


Dear Forum!I bought a very cheap BV-800P. When I try to record the "Auto Off" light lights up for short time and the machine stops.Sometimes, the cassette is loaded, but the tape gets not winded arround the head.What kind of signal should be feeded to the "external sync" connector? Is black burst ok?Unfortunately I havn't a user manual...Thank you in advance


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