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Friday 24th March 2017

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Tuesday 23rd August 2005
7:36 am U.K.



Is there any body out there who needs a Umatic player? I have recently acquired 16 of them of various types, 5030,5040,7030,7040 etc. all that I have tried work ok. What I would really like is a second recorder and control unit to finish my edit suite and would quite happily trade players (maybe even pay cash!) to acquire these.

New to the format, but enjoying learning how to use it!


Edmond van den Hauwe
Tuesday 23rd August 2005
12:59 am U.K.


Hello all.

Can someone give me more info about a Hitachi FP 10 camera.Is this a broadcast camera? Is it a color or B/W camera?How many videolines has the camera?I think in the US there are the NTSC systems, 6.25 and 4....., what is the differance between them?And on wich system is the camera working 6.25 or 4..... NTSC?

Thanks in advance for the information.PLease send the information to southernpacificgs4@hotmail.com

Yours sincerely

Edmond van den Hauwe

Monday 22nd August 2005
11:02 am U.K.


Hi U-matic users.Last week i was buy one Sony BVU-950P, second hand, for play all my u-matic tapes. Some years ago i was user for a VO-5800 + VO-5850 + RM-440 with my old M3+ VO-6800 camcorder and i have very much tapes on low-band.I was read that BVU-950P can read Low-band, Hi-band, and SP, but all my low-band tapes are read in black/white. So, i don't know where is the problem. I don't have the BVU-950P user manual, i'm thinking that perhaps i must push some button or menu, but BVU-950P not like VO-5850. I try to write on a old KCA-60BRS and record/read ok with color on no SP system ????

So, i'm looking for a user manual original, scaned or pdf.... or one solution from other users.

Sunday 21st August 2005
9:07 pm U.K.


i have pristine SONY PCM00 processor for sale.lcd meters etc. requires ntsc recorderfor video recording. often used with 1630 unit. have manual from sony technical.realistic offers considered. massive build for pro/semi-pro use.

Darryl Beamish
Friday 19th August 2005
8:10 am U.K.


Hi all! Anyone looking for a VP-5000 service/operating manual- check out E-Bay, or go to this site-full manual on cd (reasonably priced!): home.comcast.net/~aa4df02/vp5k-mnl.htm They sure are great machines! I have a VP-5000, 2 VO-5850, 2 440 remotes,and a 580 remote, Will the RF out work on a normal cable in TV? Does anyone have a couple of cheap BNC cables: Male/male, male/rf? Please e-mail me! Thanks!

Paul Coolahan
Friday 19th August 2005
1:14 am U.K.


I have a SONY VP7030 with a jambed tape inside.Can anyone tell me how to do a manual release.Thanks Paul

Wednesday 17th August 2005
8:19 am U.K.


Working Betacam decks, BVW-10 etc for sale, offers invited, ex tv station gear...items located in australia, PAL format machines email for details

Wednesday 17th August 2005
2:04 am U.K.



Could someone please tell me if the RM-440 would work with a pair of VP-7040s? Would I have to have BKU-701s installed in both decks?

I'm putting together an editing bay of antique gear...Amiga 4000T Toaster/Flyer, Amiga 3000T Toaster/Flyer, etc...and I have a chance to get a pair of VP-7040s at a good price. I need an edit controller for them and the RM-440 is priced right, if I can use it, that is. All advice gratefully accepted.



Monday 15th August 2005
3:57 pm U.K.


What is the best way to store 3/4" 60-min Sony Umatic videotapes? We recorded approx 200 of these between 1978-1982 and have stored them ever since in their original jackets inside metal cabinets in a temperature-controlled (a/c and heated) apartment.

Monday 15th August 2005
3:41 pm U.K.


We have approx 200 3/4" 60-min Sony Umatic tapes that were recorded between 1978-1982. They have been stored in their original jackets in metal cabinets in an air-conditioned/heated apartment. Can anyone tell us the best way to store these tapes?

Friday 12th August 2005
11:10 pm U.K.


What is the value of a Sony Videocassette Recorder VO-2860A? It's in great working order not used much at all.

Thursday 11th August 2005
1:40 pm U.K.


Hi everybody,we've got 4 sony vp 5030 surplus to requirement.Also 3 panasonic F10 cameras.Any offers?

Ken Poussou
Wednesday 10th August 2005
7:51 am U.K.


URGENT HELP NEEDED.I just borrowed my brother's altec lansing computer speakers and i accidently inserted the subwoofer(110v) cable plug in the 220v instead of the 110v on the tranformer. now it won't come on. is there a fuse which i can change in the subwoofer or something. plse help asap, my brother is going to kill me. thksken

Tuesday 9th August 2005
9:22 pm U.K.


can we change the action scripting mode (expert mode to normal mode) in Flash MX 2004 Professional.....?

Monday 8th August 2005
11:11 pm U.K.


G'Day to all.I am in urgent need of a user manual, for a Sony DVC Model # DCR TRV 460 E. Can anyone help PLEASE

Paul Eedle
Monday 8th August 2005
5:43 pm U.K.


Help! I'm struggling to dub old SECAM U-Matic tapes onto PAL DVCAM. I have a VP7040 multi-format deck, and am passing the video through a SECAM-PAL converter from Vortex (http://www.vtx.co.uk/video/tvconverters.htm#p2s).

The signal looks fine on a multistandard monitor, all colour and audio there. But on the DVCAM it comes through as black and white with some weird colour bands. Going directly from the 7040 to the PAL DVCAM it comes through as plain black and white, which is what you'd expect from a SECAM signal.

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?

Sunday 7th August 2005
6:50 am U.K.


hi O.L. replaced both relays now get sound on record/play back.my next obsticle is how to drive/operate it this should be fun with a frayed temper at the end of session.regardsbill.

Friday 5th August 2005
11:01 am U.K.


I have a "Sony VO-6800 " U-matic recorder with a tape inside of it. This tape doesn' t want come out. On the control panel the slack red light flashes.How can I do to resolve this problem?For this reason I' m looking for a "Sony VO-6800 " service manual. I accept also a copy.I will pay cost of the manual' s copy and postage, of course.I live in Italy.

Thank You.

sam sizwe
Thursday 4th August 2005
11:41 am U.K.


My videotape is damaged, the brown string/tape inside is visibly broken.Is this a repairable damage? If so where can I repair it?I'm in south africa.

Wednesday 3rd August 2005
12:05 pm U.K.


Hi, i have 3x VO-5630 multi standard umatic player /recorder machines in working order as well as a couple of hundred umatic 75 min tapes for sale.i'm based in london and anyone interested can see the machines working before purchase.looking for £100 for the lot.

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