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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Friday 28th October 2005
9:56 pm U.K.


Hi Daniel

There are three posibilities here:1- Heads are dirty - the audio heads are in the block at the top right-hand side of the video head drum. Carefully clean with alcohol and Q-tips. Also clean all the steel rods that guide the tape. Build-up of gunk on those effects the contact between the tape and heads.2- Tape path is incorrect. This is a lot more tricky. Try, gently, pushing the running tape up or down with a Q-tip. See if that changes the audio playback. If that is the problem, get some professional help to re-align the tape path.3- The playback PCB has issues. Can't help you there. You may want to look for another machine, repairs would most likely cost a multiple of the value of the machine.

Friday 28th October 2005
4:21 am U.K.


Hi. Looking for any info I can find about a jvc gz-s5. It is a high-band saticon camera. Please give me any info on it.Thanks, Jon

Thursday 27th October 2005
5:08 pm U.K.


hi Roderick:

the vu meters show in recordmode the signal all right and i can hear both, the clear sound in my headphones and in the output of the vcr.

so i guess the inputs are all right.

the strange sound is only on the recorded tape.

its very quietly and sounds like the box is damaged...

only dumb sound and noise....

but in record monitor mode its all right...

but it is not possible that all ten tapes i got are damaged....

Tuesday 25th October 2005
4:37 am U.K.



Just a few suggestions:

What is the sound like when you playback the pre-recrded Hi-band tapes? There is no difference in audio between hi-band and low-band. If that is just as bad, clean the audio heads but normally when the heads are dirty the sound would be dull, not crispy.What do the VU meters show you? Any signal there? What is hooked onto the audio output of the VCR? Have you tried headphones?

Monday 24th October 2005
4:00 pm U.K.


Hi all,I inherited a 197* JVC CR-6060U from my office and I can't keep it anymore. Any ideas on how much I can ask for it? I believe it's in working condition, but it has no wires. I also found an eBay seller with the right remote for it.


Saturday 22nd October 2005
8:21 am U.K.


Phil you need a digital to analogue converter. This device works both ways:http://www.videomaker.com/scripts/article.cfm?id=8642

Thursday 20th October 2005
9:17 am U.K.


i recorded a bit of music with the vo-5630.

but now there is the problem why i thought i need lowband tapes.

the music is on the tape but you can hear it only a little bit and very crispy.

maybe the head of the machine isnt working all right?

what do you think?

Thursday 20th October 2005
8:31 am U.K.


ah i understand...thanks a lot

Wednesday 19th October 2005
2:52 pm U.K.


Anyone know the first thing about connected one of these machines to DV camera?

Many thanks rob

Tuesday 18th October 2005
11:36 pm U.K.



There is no difference in tapes for low-band or hi-band. The difference is in how the information is 'written' on the tape. You'll find that you can use these tapes to record and then playback on your 5630. If you wanted to watch the tapes you bought, you'll need another machine.

Tuesday 18th October 2005
4:42 pm U.K.



can anyone tell me how Lowband tapes are labelled??

i bought some tapes on ebay but those were hiband...

and my vo-5630 canīt play them correctly.thanks a lot

Saturday 15th October 2005
12:30 pm U.K.


Have some U-Matic Recorders and player in very good/excellent condition: VP 7030, VP 5040, some VO 5630, VO 5859, BVU 800 (850?), BVU 150 with charging station and NC-Batteries, Editing controls and Remote Controls. Ask for prices, Must be taken in germany near Mainz/Frankfurt, shipment only at own risk.

Saturday 15th October 2005
5:43 am U.K.


Does anuone know if you can modify a VO-9800/VO-9850 to accept REF?And the tricky question: how?

I am trying to use a BVE-600 for A/B rolls but it looses sync when I use machines without REF In.

chuck ivie
Thursday 13th October 2005
7:38 pm U.K.


If you have a BVU 150 or a VO 8800 portable recorder don't try to modify it for larger tapes you will end up with nothing but trouble. There are some truly remarkable machines available now on EBAY, I just bought two BVU 800 's for less than $100 each. These are fantastic machines and will play any UMatic tape. I have seen PAL versions of these machines for about the same price. One problem, these things are HUGE and the shipping can cost several times what you pay for the machine.

Saturday 8th October 2005
5:55 pm U.K.


ok, this was the not working vo5630 :)

Saturday 8th October 2005
5:53 pm U.K.


hi there,

jipee, its working...after rolling thr mechanics back everything seems to make its job

i bought some old kca 60 and bca 60, to test the play and record funktions...but thre only sound i hear is a fast beeping sound, we uessed it was a timecode signal...but also our signal we recorded, a mic and a line signal, was just like this beeping...???


Broadcast Basement
Saturday 8th October 2005
12:47 am U.K.


The machines i offer for sale are serviced and with warranty, hence the prices. Machines that turn up on ebay and the like are normally sold as is.Decks like VO-9600p that play/rec all formats (LB/HB/SP) are still in demand for transfer of archive material. Panasonic (in my opinion), make the best vhs's and models like AG-7700 and AG-8700 are top of the range in this respect but have long since out of production but there is demand for good second user machines, again for archive and transfer.DVD hasnt completely taken over yet.

Friday 7th October 2005
9:50 pm U.K.


Bob Hicks

Sony VO5630 or VP5630 take U-Matic low band tapes.

Wednesday 5th October 2005
8:47 pm U.K.


>>>>>we have 2 sealed in orignal box, V-32 Helical scan Sony video tapes. Can anyone give us info on this?? Thanks Kathy<<<<<

These tapes are 1/2" open reel tapes used on the old EIAJ and CV series VTRs. They're probably no more than curios now as the tape degenerates over the years. If an attempt is made to play these tapes it will probably stick to the drum, with disaterous results for the heads of the VTR. People do all sorts to recover the signals off tape in this condition. Including 'baking' the tape in an oven. If you know how to do this you don't need me to tell you how! If you don't; well find someone who does! It's a specialist job.

Broadcast basement. What colour is the sky on your planet? The machines you list are worth about 1/5 of what you're charging! As for the others looking for serial numbers, advice on flash, 3d animation and even someone with the surname 'Matic'; YOU'RE ALL IN THE WRONG £!&%ing place!

Nice to see the site still going!

Bob Hicks
Wednesday 5th October 2005
8:28 am U.K.


Hi there I'm new to this and have an OP 5630 machine, could anyone help me, what tapes are compatible with this system please.

Regards Bob

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