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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Craig Felsman
Thursday 1st June 2006
2:50 am U.K.


RAY CLEAR: l was near London only a month ago, returning home to Brisbane, Australia last Monday. l would have grabbed those tapes off you when l was over there for 1 month. Dont throw them away too soon, someone will see your message sooner or later and take them for sure!

Ray Clear
Wednesday 31st May 2006
9:34 am U.K.


USED UMAT TAPES NOW FOR FREE! Re my earlier post of last week, I have a large quantity of used Umat tapes for disposal-300plus (I stopped counting!) These have programme material (educational and training) on them but they must be treated as blanks to avoid any copyright problems. They have been stored correctly and play ok. Mix of KCA 30/60 -some SP. Need to get rid of them,TAKE THEM AWAY FOR FREE! Unless there is any interest they go to the skip next week. Must be collected from South London and all taken.

Tuesday 30th May 2006
1:35 pm U.K.


Hello how are

Tuesday 30th May 2006
10:15 am U.K.


Hi - anyone have a spare audio/control track head for a JVC CR-6060? Am in Sydney, but happy to pay for the head and postage.


Monday 29th May 2006
7:38 am U.K.


Hi Craig. Yeah I wont be using any more SP tapes until I fix the problem. The tapes get creased by the pinch roller, that is 'metal' by the way. I have found a replacement one on e-bay but its made of 'black rubber'. I'll keep you posted as to how repairs go. Thanks, moosh101

Craig Felsmann
Saturday 27th May 2006
4:22 pm U.K.


Moosh, hope you got that problem sorted out- dont know what could be the problem. Yeah, dont put any more of those new tapes in until you get the problem sorted; especially at $20 a pop! Good luck...

Friday 26th May 2006
12:13 pm U.K.


Complete lo-band U-Matic edit suite for sale. Sony 5800+5850 with good heads, RM440 edit controller, For-A digital TBC, JVC KM2000 3-channel vision mixer, Melos 6-channel sound mixer, graphics via Amiga 2000 with genlock. Complete with monitors and cables in 19" rack mount. Manuals and many used and unused Sony cassettes, too! This setup will also serve as a live mixing desk, just add cameras of similar vintage. Will not split, buyer to collect from London W1. All offers carefully considered.

Ray Clear
Tuesday 23rd May 2006
3:51 pm U.K.


LOWBAND UMATIC EDIT SUITE (take the 1 out of my Email address)I have a JVC flatbed edit suite to dispose of. 2x JVC CR8500LE (PAL) lowband machines complete with edit controller and leads. worked ok when last used a few years ago (heads ok) so probably just needs some love.Must go! so make a VERY silly offer or the skip has it. Must be collected from South London.(take the 1 out of my Email address)

Ray Clear
Tuesday 23rd May 2006
3:39 pm U.K.


USED UMAT TAPES (take the 1 out of my Email address)I have a large quantity of used Umat tapes for disposal-300plus (I stopped counting!)These have programme material (educational and training) on them but they must be treated as blanks to avoid any copyright problems.They have been stored correctly and play ok.Mix of KCA 30/60 -some SP. Need to get rid of them, so make a very silly nominal offer.Must be collected from South London and all taken. (take the 1 out of my Email address)

bill lazario
Monday 22nd May 2006
11:01 am U.K.


hi...noticing a brief mention of one, i thought i'd ask if anyone has any idea where we could get an old SONY AV3420CE reel to reel video recorder repaired? alternatively, a reliable way to transfer from these tapes to say dv, for edit purposes.thanks a lot...bill

Monday 22nd May 2006
10:13 am U.K.


JVC PR4800E Hi Band/SP Portable U-Matic Rcorder For Sale inc Kangaroo PackSorry but no batteries or charger - I have owned this unit from newWas working fine when last used so I presume it still is (Will check this out)

Also Sony BVU 800 Edit Machine (No pictures only whire noise/gash - so presume it needs a head set)

Also quatity of NEW and USED U-matic tape

OFFERS WELCOME - Anyone interested?

Monday 22nd May 2006
1:01 am U.K.


need manual for Sony VO-9800, help

Roy Davies
Sunday 21st May 2006
11:34 am U.K.


Service manuals not a pdf,i know where your coming from,but i would like the actual manual,i recieved an e-mail today so we will see where it takes me.got spare parts for the bvu 150 in uk or europe,get in touch

Sunday 21st May 2006
4:57 am U.K.


Hi everyone. Manuals for most Sony U-Matic machines can be found at http://www.Manuals-In-PDF.com There is a cost involved, usually about US$15.00 and they are in Acrobat Reader .PDF format. Hope this helps.

Nameer Bader
Saturday 20th May 2006
7:21 pm U.K.


I would like to purchase the following U-matic Machines (SECAM / High Band):

Qty 2 (or more if available) x model BVU-800S or model BVU-820SQty 1 set of spare parts for either model (if available)

Please e-mail me if you can deliver NEW equipment or refurbished in good condition.

Thank you,Nameer BaderMobile: +962 79 5594455ITECO BroadcastAmman, Jordan

Saturday 20th May 2006
5:32 pm U.K.


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Roy Davies
Saturday 20th May 2006
1:56 pm U.K.


Hi,has anyone got a Service manual for the Sony bvu 150 for sale,has I would be interested in Purchasing and also spare parts for this model.

Saturday 20th May 2006
9:31 am U.K.


Hi Craig. I have been able to get a hold of 9 new Sony KPS-20min tapes for NZ$20.00 each, but unfortunatly my Sony VO-9850P is creasing them. :-( I opened up the unit and observed during recording that its happening at the S-drawer guide near the pinch roller, but i'm not a technician and feel a little nervous tampering with the machines internals - just in case I make things worse. It looks like I'll have to save my pennies and get a qualified tech to have a look. Thanks.

Craig Felsmann
Friday 19th May 2006
8:34 pm U.K.


Mooshoi- Have you had any luck scoring any NEW U- matic tapes yet? l see youre from the Land Of The Long White Cloud (NZ). lm from Brisbane, and my stock of new sealed Ampex 60min. is almost finished. Scored a dozen from a nice old Pommy bloke last year for 5 Aussies each- he has none left, unfortunately. lf youve found any newies for a reasonable price 2nd. hand, let me know. Will let you know if l find more than l need, also.Alan and Co.: Thx 4 blasting Ninki-Poop into Cyberspace!..................................

Craig Felsmann
Friday 19th May 2006
5:23 am U.K.


To Martin: Thanks mate; great site, too. To Ninki: get outta here if youre not a collector, or interested in becoming one...

Thursday 18th May 2006
10:38 am U.K.


Hopefully the guest book is now working again.

Craig Felsmann
Tuesday 16th May 2006
7:46 pm U.K.


Cant sign the guest book, guys- whats goin on? My 5630 is still goin on and on and on...like my Sony SLHF 100AS and SL- C40 Stereo Betamaxes! Nice site; keep it going- and long live the U- loading videotape format!

Craig Felsmann
Tuesday 16th May 2006
7:05 pm U.K.


Ninki, or whatever your name is ( Ninki- poop, maybe?), get out of here...

Tuesday 16th May 2006
1:32 pm U.K.


Greetings. I have a Sony VO-9850P U-Matic SP vtr that has a problem with recording. During recording, with new SP tapes, the vtr makes a 'glitching' noise. During playback of the recording the image quality is very bad with lines all over the screen. I looked at the tape and had creases on it. Playback with other tapes seems ok. Can anyone help? I appreciate any advice you can offer. Many thanks, Shane.

Friday 12th May 2006
8:43 am U.K.


Hi everyone. Manuals for most Sony U-Matic machines can be found at http://www.Manuals-In-PDF.com There is a cost involved, usually about US$15.00 and they are in Acrobat Reader .PDF format. Hope this helps.

Tuesday 9th May 2006
5:34 pm U.K.


i need owner manuall and technical documentation for tape machine akai 635d tnx

Sunday 7th May 2006
8:31 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a Umatic Hi-band or UmaticSP tape they could lend me? I will pay postage in the UK and return the tape if required. I've just bought a known working VO-9800P, and would like to put it through its paces and learn how to run it.

Thanks for any help. (May 2006)


Terence Khoh
Friday 5th May 2006
4:48 am U.K.


Hi, I am interested to find out if there is any Complete Drum Assy (New) available for Sony BVU-800P? The other alternative is anyone wanting to sell either a BVU-800p or 850P?Pls conatct me by email, thanks.

Saturday 29th April 2006
6:39 pm U.K.


Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand. I would like to purchase new or used U-Matic Hi-band or SP tapes. Any manafacturer ok! If you have any such items for sale please contact me at: soakley@paradise.net.nz. Many thanks, Shane Oakley

Wednesday 26th April 2006
8:18 pm U.K.


U-Matic SP tape stock wanted. New or used, any manafacturer! Please e-mail me if you have any such tapes for sale. Many Thanks.

Kevin White
Tuesday 25th April 2006
2:43 pm U.K.



I apologise in advance if this topic has been done to death!!

I have a number of Umatic Low/High & HighSP masters I want to remaster onto DVD.

I have a Sony VO-9800P which can play all formats of Umatic.

I really want to take a DUB out & convert it to Firewire, is this possible??

I can take a composite feed into a DV deck & dub onto DV tape while digitizing BUT I would like to keep the quality of the video signal as high as possible.

I understand the issues regarding the C part of the Y/C signal from the Dub out.

What I'm looking for is a 'box of tricks' which can convert the Umatic Dub (in all its forms!!) to Firewire or at least SVHS Y/C.

So . . . . Anybody know of a solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Saturday 22nd April 2006
4:36 pm U.K.


Greetings from New Zealand. I am fairly new to videography and am a little uncertain as to the analogue format I should use for recording. I am considering using either S-VHS or U-Matic SP. From the specs i've seen, S-VHS has more horizontal lines while U-Matic SP has higher S/N ratio. If anyone could help point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful. Many thanks, moosh101.

Friday 21st April 2006
5:47 pm U.K.


what types casette's i can used for BVU-820P? please!

Friday 21st April 2006
10:15 am U.K.


Series 2 edit suite comprising of 2 VO-2850P edit recorders and RM400EC automatic edit controller with remote cables. Just add video leads and you're away. Good condition with a great picture. £75 the lot, located in the midlands, collection prefered.chunks@ntlworld.com

Thursday 20th April 2006
8:40 pm U.K.


Hi. Does anybody have a scheme for stereo amplifier HITACHI model HA-6? If do please let me know or send it to my e-mail address please.Thanks

Monday 17th April 2006
9:08 pm U.K.


I have a Sony U-matic VO-9850 for sale. Works great. Anyone intersetd? Email me.

Stephen Kabar
Saturday 15th April 2006
10:24 am U.K.


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Friday 14th April 2006
10:43 am U.K.


hi - does any one know how to connect a sony vp 5030 to a tv or normal video? will the rf out put socket work? thanks for anyones kind imput!

Thursday 13th April 2006
8:49 pm U.K.


I have a Panasonic NV-9450 recorder and no one seem to know what type of battery it takes. I got it new on e-bay but have no manual with it. If anyone knows please e-mail me.

Thursday 13th April 2006
11:44 am U.K.


Don't know If this is the right site but I'm trying to sell the following items:

1 x Umatics Videocasette RecorderV0-5800 PS

1 x UmaticsVideocassette Rocorder VO-5630 PAL/SECAM/NTSC

They are in West London and in good condition.

If you would like any further information please drop me an email.


Tuesday 11th April 2006
2:58 pm U.K.


I have recently been clearing out some unused equipment at work and have a BVU-950P SP Umatic VCR. Its history is that we used to sell and support Aries and this was part of our test and demonstrator kit. I don't have any tapes so haven't fully tested it but it was in working order a few years ago and has been carfully stored since. I don't have any use for it and its too big to keep, so I am willing to let it go to the best offer received in the next couple of weeks. Also I have a Acron PAL Genlock Encoder 606P and a Lyonlamb Minivas Video Animation System. Both condition unknown. Location - West Mids. Anyone intrested?

Monday 10th April 2006
5:46 pm U.K.


is this the one?

Thursday 30th March 2006
2:30 pm U.K.


I have a NV-GS25 Panasonic DV camera. I am not able to download my video tapes into my pc which runs windows xp media centre edition. when i click on the DV Input device button, a message appears "No DV device is connected to the personal computer" although my video camera is connected to my pc by means of a usb cable. The pc is however reading the still photographs saved onthe memory stick through the usb cable. I am unable to install the USB driver available on the PAnasonic CD. Windows gives a message saying "USB devices use standard drivers, you need not install the driver". Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Sunday 26th March 2006
11:14 am U.K.


For sale numerous Umatic vcr's full list at http://www.mvsvideo.comAlso we service & repair all types of pro kit just email or phone for a quote.Looking for Sony VO-9600P VCR's x3, email with asking price.ThanksSteve

Tuesday 21st March 2006
9:27 pm U.K.


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Olive E Thomas
Friday 17th March 2006
8:22 am U.K.


Basically all these spammers are doing is admitting that their product is so dodgy that they had to resort to the cheapest most fraudulant form of advertising.

David Halloran
Thursday 16th March 2006
7:52 pm U.K.


Please I need the program Floor Plan 3D designer suit any vers.>4, I didn't find here in my city it's very difficult. Thanks - Halloran

manja kloss
Thursday 16th March 2006
10:37 am U.K.



I'm keen to find a really good maintainance company to look after our machines here at The Casting Suite in London. Any suggestions? Manja

Thursday 16th March 2006
5:30 am U.K.


I'm find out for used V0-9800P.Contact me immediately.


Wednesday 15th March 2006
2:09 pm U.K.


Hi, looking for a scheme of the 7-pins dub connector.I like to know what pin is Y,C and ground.Thanks in advance.

andrew cowan
Thursday 9th March 2006
2:09 pm U.K.


Hi Everyone

I service and maintain all standards of equipment through Beta, Digi Beta, U-matic, DVCAM, DVPRO Mini DV and most other standards too. If you have kit that needs servicing, please get in touch. (Tel 01902 750404)

Regards Andrew Cowan

Wednesday 1st March 2006
10:11 pm U.K.


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Monday 27th February 2006
4:03 pm U.K.


hi... I'm looking for an umatic player to read 3/4" tapes in ntsc ... does anybody sell one? I'm in Italy ... thnks

Terry Costello
Monday 27th February 2006
5:36 am U.K.


I have Sony VO-5800 and a Sony VO-9600 for sale. Also have a JVC-CR8250U for sale. All 3 are in excellent condition. Consider any offer. Call (602)367-5001 or email at usaroofing@cox.net

Friday 24th February 2006
8:56 am U.K.


For sale:

Panasonic Umatic NV-9600. Appears to have been well maintained over the years. Surplus to requirements, and too large to keep hold of without a good reason! £50 for quick sale. Located in Dorset. Can courier, or deliver. Will be eBayed if not sold fairly soon.

jean philip
Wednesday 22nd February 2006
8:09 am U.K.


Looking for an alternate source for Optima Gel-Cell maintenance free battery with top and side post terminals,Red Top Model:850U

Tuesday 21st February 2006
10:53 pm U.K.


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Monday 20th February 2006
5:09 pm U.K.


Hi Everyone

I service and maintain alll standards of equipment through Digi Beta, Beta SP, DVCAM, DVPRO, Mini DV, Umatic and VHS. If you have any technical issues or require existing or recently purchased kit servicing please get in touch. Tel No. 01902 750404



Monday 20th February 2006
10:36 am U.K.


Hi, I need a complete Drum for Sony BVU800P and BVU820P. Can anyone help or suggest some contacts. Thanks.

Saturday 18th February 2006
12:08 pm U.K.


In addition to the Swit batteries I am advertising above, I will also include a PAG AR124 NP sequential fast charger. This is in mint condition and works perfectly. I am advised by CityLink, shipping this package within the UK mainland will cost £15.50, or I can deliver it FOC to your nearest mainline railway station. More info on 07722 165277.

Saturday 18th February 2006
10:27 am U.K.


Well, Roderick, he lives in the UK and he just got his latest gas bill!

Wednesday 15th February 2006
6:05 am U.K.



Are you serious? A 23 year old, clapped out BVW10 for 2600 pounds?Just to give you an idea, last week I bought 2 x BVW10P and 2 x BVW40P, all in working condition, ex. Channel 7, 3 of them with SP mod, for A$100 (about 40 pounds), for the lot!

Tom Mountford
Tuesday 14th February 2006
12:45 am U.K.



Sony BVW10P Betacam edit player – modified to play Betacam SP. Manufactured in ‘83 and well cared for by Thames Television. It was last re-headed in ‘92 and now has tearing on peak whites / faint herringbone pattern appearing, the tape-transport is in need of a realignment, a couple of bulbs and a fan need replacing but otherwise it is still a very high quality machine with many more years of good service left in it! ---- £2600 -----

JVC AA-G10E quad battery charger / 12v power supply – comes with 2x NBG1U batteries which have been barely used ---- £845 -------

Tripod plate for JVC GY-X3E (and probably similar) S-VHS camcorders ---- £350 ------

Buyers must be able to collect first two items from Norwich.


Ikegami HL79D 3-tube colour camera (in working/repairable condition) with lens + VF & possibly a power supply. No silly prices please (max £20) – it is over twenty years old! Plus, I’m also interested in many other ex-broadcast/professional shoulder-held colour tube cameras from the past 25 years in any condition.



Saturday 11th February 2006
1:24 pm U.K.


For sale.

4 x Swit SC2112D Ni-MH 13.2 volt 50Wh batteries.These are a replacements for the dreaded NI-Cad NP1 batteries, which means, amongst other things, no more memory effect.

2 x Swit SC302 2 port sequential chargers.Having 2 2 port chargers is better then 1 4 port charger, for obvious reasons.

1 x IDX adaptor for these batteries. It can hold1 or 2 batteries, and is fitted with a V-lockconnector.

These items are all brand new, and have never been used, except to bench test them when new.

I am asking £500.00 for these items, and are offered as a package, and cannot be sold separately.

Regards, John

Thursday 9th February 2006
5:47 pm U.K.



I have some U-matic items for sale or trade: SONY BVU-870P + BVT810P time base corrector. The 870 powers up and loads tape, but won't respond to the control panel..

SONY BVU-150P, loads tape, but indicates 'tape slack'. BC-210CE battery charger for BP-90 batteries. (no batteries)

Items located in Denmark. Pictures by request.

Alternative mail adress, in case the other one gets flooded with spam:


Wednesday 8th February 2006
6:45 pm U.K.


Can someone tell me if the sony VO-5850P is high band or low band..! Thanks!

Ajit Mishra
Wednesday 8th February 2006
11:15 am U.K.


1. Architectectural diagram of the CPU and explain its function.2. arithmetic instructions formats?3. bus architecture.4. H/W support to support to memory management.5. Pipeline support in the architecture.

Tuesday 7th February 2006
11:47 am U.K.


MarcusI don't want to be too negative, but there is a problem with your set-up. The 5630 are not edit machines and whilst you could hook them up to the RM-440, it won't let you edit properly. You really want to look for a 5950/5800 combo (you need at least 1 5850 for an edit suite).Try to find a complete kit on eBay, they do pop up from time to time and see if you can sell the 5630 at the same place.Alternatively, you could look for some 9850 / 9800 machines and a RM-450 controller. These connect with standard 9-pin 'serial' cables.

Good luck

Tuesday 7th February 2006
4:32 am U.K.


Help! I looking for advice on some equipment I'm looking at.I was thinking of getting them for my husband a novice to use for filming wildlife on our camping trips. I don't know what to get him but saw some equipment at a flea market. A hitachi Computacam FP-Z31, Sony video cassete recorder VO-5800 & VO-5850 , Sony video monitor PVM-1271Q and a Panasonic Digital FX generator WJ AVE3. What is a fair market price to pay for these items?

Jon Fox
Monday 6th February 2006
12:26 pm U.K.


Hi i've recently got hold of a SONY VO-5850P, as part of a set up for doing 2D animation. Im looking to get hold of a Manual to go with it, either original/photocopied ..etc. If anyone can help in any way, please contact me!


Friday 3rd February 2006
6:40 pm U.K.


Hi. Good site. I have a Sony DXC-3000P camera, coupled with a VO-6800PS portable U-matic recorder. I then have a pair of 5630 recorders and I acquired an RM-440 edit controller, but I don't have any of the RCC-5E leads for it. Does anyone know where I might get hold of some? I haven't found any on Ebay, or in the dealers I've looked at (and, judging by dealers' prices of other cables - even second hand - I wouldn't be wanting to buy from them anyway). I'm also missing the eye-piece lens and rubber bit from my camera, if anyone has one tucked away. So, what does everyone use their equipment for? I'm totally amateur, just muck about really. There's some lovely countryside round me that I've filmed. I just love the quality and it's fun playing about with the gear. I'm the same with my audio gear (I have four reel-to-reels now!). I did think about doing video as a sideline business, but I decided I didn't want the hassle. At the moment, I'm actually using the gear for some cine-video transfer for my Uncle. Anyway, good luck everyone and if you can help me out, let me know. Thanks. Marcus.

John Milnes
Thursday 2nd February 2006
6:20 pm U.K.


Hello out thereCan anyone tell me when production ceased on the Sony DXC 327 Hi-8 camcorder please.


Tuesday 31st January 2006
4:15 pm U.K.


who can convert a Sony Vidio Tape V-60H usually played by a Sony AV-3420CE in good Quality to a common Format AVI MEPEG ....

Saturday 28th January 2006
12:55 am U.K.


A friend's father has a series of U-Matic KC-60 tapes (maybe 30-40) with old archived news footage on them. He is going to be moving to a smaller home soon and was looking to sell these if possible to save space. Are there any ideas as to thier value (if any) and to whom they might be sold?


Sacred Noise
Tuesday 24th January 2006
9:54 pm U.K.


i have 3 umatic sony vo-9850 s for sale! cheap! at least half of what they cost at mediaconcepts.tv

email me for info

Thursday 19th January 2006
4:10 am U.K.



ion webster
Tuesday 17th January 2006
9:30 pm U.K.


Help! I just played a twenty minute casette in a VO-7600. After stopping it, I tried to rewind. The controls are all dead, and the standby light is illuminated. Repeated cycling power on/off fail to revive the beast. I remember this happened once before to me, but so long ago, I can't remember what to do.Is there an easy solution, or is it strictly a technician's job? Ion

Tuesday 17th January 2006
11:28 am U.K.



The problem you'll have with these tapes is that you have the find out what they are. There are three different ways U-matic can recors a tape: low-band, high-band and SP. Then, to make things more complex, there are 3 basic standards: PAL, NTSC & SECAM. The USA uses the NTSC system but Europe (except France which is SECAM) uses PAL.To solve the first problem, there are machines such as the VO-9800 or VO-9850 that will play all systems but only 1 standard (PAL, NTSC or SECAM) and there are machines such as the VO-7series that will play different standards but only low-band.......My advice: find yourself a nice VO-98** machine on eBay, shouldn't cost much more than $ 200 and see how you go. Being in the USA you'll should get a NTSC machine 'cause I assume most tapes would be recorded on that standard. If you get a lot of tapes without a picture and really fast sound, those are probably PAL tapes, you may want to look out for a cheap PAL machine.As to the value of the tapes, that will really depend on what's on them. U-matic tapes sell for dime-a-dozen but if it has some interesting footage you may get some collectors.

Good luckRoderick

Monday 16th January 2006
12:12 pm U.K.


Hi - I have several UMatic machines inc BVU 800P. I want to capture directly to my edit system but not using Composite out. I really want the best quality video out and wondered if the Dubbing cable VDC-5 would permit a better (SVHS??) signal for me?

So does anyone have advice and secondly has anyone got a dubbing cable that I can adapt to give the S signal out and S into my system?

thanks Chris

email me at proactive@zoom.co.uk please

alan clark
Monday 16th January 2006
11:48 am U.K.


i have 2 sony vp 7040p tripple standard u matic players for sale very clean working well any offers ?

Sunday 15th January 2006
10:18 pm U.K.


bonsoir te souhaite une bonne nuit!!!! Joc-----

Sunday 15th January 2006
1:32 am U.K.


I live in california. This looks like a great site. I just received hundreds u-matic tapes of all different lengths. They all have vintage programming on them. It is quite a collection. I'd love to view them. What would be a good cheaper u-matic model that would work for me. Nothing fancy. The tapes have many documentaries that were on BBC or PBS from the 80's I think. Is there a market for these tapes. Would folks on Ebay buy them?

Thanks to all!

R Singh
Friday 13th January 2006
1:07 pm U.K.


i have couple of hundred umatic tapes , mixed-lo/hi/sp and various lengths, many 75 mins.if anyone can use these or knows of a school in africa that could use them, you can have them for FREE as long as you can collect. if you need delivery then ask for a qwuote.

Friday 13th January 2006
3:02 am U.K.


I have 2 5850's, 1 rm440 with cables. All in good working condition.

If any one is interested please contact me.


Thursday 12th January 2006
10:23 pm U.K.


To: Several posters and including the last four.I think that it has been said before - this is a forum discussing the obsolete U-matic video format, not the fountain of all knowledge. King Kong games and Plasma screens were not invented when we were using these resources! You would do better to ask at http://wwww.google.com

Friday 6th January 2006
11:53 am U.K.


Looking for Primavera 3.5.1 softwareWith manual prefered but not required

Monday 26th December 2005
8:19 pm U.K.


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Monday 26th December 2005
8:18 pm U.K.


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Friday 23rd December 2005
7:36 pm U.K.



Wednesday 21st December 2005
8:08 pm U.K.


I don't know what annoys me more - The fact that these Nigerian scammers think that the people on this site would be stupid enough to even contemplate buying a phone from them or the fact that that post hasn't been removed after a week!Really, can we clean these pages up a bit? How hard is it to remove unwanted ads, posts from delusional kids looking for sex or illegal software?

Saturday 17th December 2005
11:01 am U.K.


Just in for little Prices!!! Some machines: SONY VO-7630 Low band recorder, good condition £1150,SONY VO-9600P Low band/high band/SP recorder £1750,SONY VO-5850P Low band recorder,good conditon £1200, Panasonic AG-7700BE vhs/svhs edit recorder rs422, timecode, xlrs, hifi, jog /shuttle)£1950(2 available) Panasonic AG-7350 vhs/svhs recorder £1870, VO-8800p Portable SP U-MATIC for Spares£550(Dead for Spares),Sruffy VO-6800p Low Band Portable £340.



Sunday 11th December 2005
11:16 pm U.K.


Anyone know of any good javascript email programs

Peter Stonefield
Saturday 10th December 2005
6:03 pm U.K.


I have a video tape Scotch UCA 16 with some video on it but no way to play it. Can anyone recognize this format. I believe it is 1inch wide.Peter

Saturday 10th December 2005
1:28 am U.K.



Manuals are hard to find due to Sony copyright. What connections are you after, I may be able to help.

Saturday 10th December 2005
1:26 am U.K.


Slightly off-topic but the Betacam page seem to have turned into an advertising page with little response to questions......I have a problem with my old BVW-40P, it won't power up. When I turn it on, the display lights up and the heads spin for a millisecond before it shuts down. I have to wait about ten minutes before I can make it do that again, otherwise it is just dead. Any ideas? I suspect the powersupply, but how do you get to the bugger without pulling the whole machine apart?

Thursday 8th December 2005
9:12 pm U.K.


hi its me DARIN i cant faind u please ring me if u wont on 07868865711

Monday 5th December 2005
8:58 pm U.K.


MANUAL FROM U-MATIC VO 5800. Does anyone could tell me how to get a manual from this U-Matic version? I've just bought it and I need to know some details about connexiones, etc.

Thanks a lot!!


graeme king
Monday 5th December 2005
6:18 pm U.K.


Entire Studio Contents for sale,London W10 incl Soundtracs & Soundcraft Consoles,Akai DD8 & DL1500 Controllers,Perfectone Rapimag Equipment,Perfectone Unitor 16/35 Movie Projectors etcMore info call 07860 214251

steven tutty
Monday 5th December 2005
5:37 pm U.K.


Hi! I own a Sony VO-5850 and live here in Nova Scotia, Canada. My problem is that I hear the EE audio fine on this machine, but when I record/edit/insert, etc audio is not recorded onto tape or is distorted and low. I am suspecting the record switch relays for the audio channels. Can anyone tell me where the relays fore the audio is and can they becleaned. Any help would be great. I don't have the service manual for this deck.

Sunday 4th December 2005
12:34 pm U.K.


hi alle umatic fans,i have a old UMATIC HI BAND JVC PR-900E Machine. I dont work in near futire with, I give up all my work. it woks perfekt. Please tell me , is this machine to sell? or should i do it do old metall ? thanks fpr answer koser from germany

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