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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Monday 27th February 2006
4:03 pm U.K.


hi... I'm looking for an umatic player to read 3/4" tapes in ntsc ... does anybody sell one? I'm in Italy ... thnks

Terry Costello
Monday 27th February 2006
5:36 am U.K.


I have Sony VO-5800 and a Sony VO-9600 for sale. Also have a JVC-CR8250U for sale. All 3 are in excellent condition. Consider any offer. Call (602)367-5001 or email at usaroofing@cox.net

Friday 24th February 2006
8:56 am U.K.


For sale:

Panasonic Umatic NV-9600. Appears to have been well maintained over the years. Surplus to requirements, and too large to keep hold of without a good reason! £50 for quick sale. Located in Dorset. Can courier, or deliver. Will be eBayed if not sold fairly soon.

jean philip
Wednesday 22nd February 2006
8:09 am U.K.


Looking for an alternate source for Optima Gel-Cell maintenance free battery with top and side post terminals,Red Top Model:850U

Tuesday 21st February 2006
10:53 pm U.K.


i like women chatting

Monday 20th February 2006
5:09 pm U.K.


Hi Everyone

I service and maintain alll standards of equipment through Digi Beta, Beta SP, DVCAM, DVPRO, Mini DV, Umatic and VHS. If you have any technical issues or require existing or recently purchased kit servicing please get in touch. Tel No. 01902 750404



Monday 20th February 2006
10:36 am U.K.


Hi, I need a complete Drum for Sony BVU800P and BVU820P. Can anyone help or suggest some contacts. Thanks.

Saturday 18th February 2006
12:08 pm U.K.


In addition to the Swit batteries I am advertising above, I will also include a PAG AR124 NP sequential fast charger. This is in mint condition and works perfectly. I am advised by CityLink, shipping this package within the UK mainland will cost £15.50, or I can deliver it FOC to your nearest mainline railway station. More info on 07722 165277.

Saturday 18th February 2006
10:27 am U.K.


Well, Roderick, he lives in the UK and he just got his latest gas bill!

Wednesday 15th February 2006
6:05 am U.K.



Are you serious? A 23 year old, clapped out BVW10 for 2600 pounds?Just to give you an idea, last week I bought 2 x BVW10P and 2 x BVW40P, all in working condition, ex. Channel 7, 3 of them with SP mod, for A$100 (about 40 pounds), for the lot!

Tom Mountford
Tuesday 14th February 2006
12:45 am U.K.



Sony BVW10P Betacam edit player modified to play Betacam SP. Manufactured in 83 and well cared for by Thames Television. It was last re-headed in 92 and now has tearing on peak whites / faint herringbone pattern appearing, the tape-transport is in need of a realignment, a couple of bulbs and a fan need replacing but otherwise it is still a very high quality machine with many more years of good service left in it! ---- £2600 -----

JVC AA-G10E quad battery charger / 12v power supply comes with 2x NBG1U batteries which have been barely used ---- £845 -------

Tripod plate for JVC GY-X3E (and probably similar) S-VHS camcorders ---- £350 ------

Buyers must be able to collect first two items from Norwich.


Ikegami HL79D 3-tube colour camera (in working/repairable condition) with lens + VF & possibly a power supply. No silly prices please (max £20) it is over twenty years old! Plus, Im also interested in many other ex-broadcast/professional shoulder-held colour tube cameras from the past 25 years in any condition.



Saturday 11th February 2006
1:24 pm U.K.


For sale.

4 x Swit SC2112D Ni-MH 13.2 volt 50Wh batteries.These are a replacements for the dreaded NI-Cad NP1 batteries, which means, amongst other things, no more memory effect.

2 x Swit SC302 2 port sequential chargers.Having 2 2 port chargers is better then 1 4 port charger, for obvious reasons.

1 x IDX adaptor for these batteries. It can hold1 or 2 batteries, and is fitted with a V-lockconnector.

These items are all brand new, and have never been used, except to bench test them when new.

I am asking £500.00 for these items, and are offered as a package, and cannot be sold separately.

Regards, John

Thursday 9th February 2006
5:47 pm U.K.



I have some U-matic items for sale or trade: SONY BVU-870P + BVT810P time base corrector. The 870 powers up and loads tape, but won't respond to the control panel..

SONY BVU-150P, loads tape, but indicates 'tape slack'. BC-210CE battery charger for BP-90 batteries. (no batteries)

Items located in Denmark. Pictures by request.

Alternative mail adress, in case the other one gets flooded with spam:


Wednesday 8th February 2006
6:45 pm U.K.


Can someone tell me if the sony VO-5850P is high band or low band..! Thanks!

Ajit Mishra
Wednesday 8th February 2006
11:15 am U.K.


1. Architectectural diagram of the CPU and explain its function.2. arithmetic instructions formats?3. bus architecture.4. H/W support to support to memory management.5. Pipeline support in the architecture.

Tuesday 7th February 2006
11:47 am U.K.


MarcusI don't want to be too negative, but there is a problem with your set-up. The 5630 are not edit machines and whilst you could hook them up to the RM-440, it won't let you edit properly. You really want to look for a 5950/5800 combo (you need at least 1 5850 for an edit suite).Try to find a complete kit on eBay, they do pop up from time to time and see if you can sell the 5630 at the same place.Alternatively, you could look for some 9850 / 9800 machines and a RM-450 controller. These connect with standard 9-pin 'serial' cables.

Good luck

Tuesday 7th February 2006
4:32 am U.K.


Help! I looking for advice on some equipment I'm looking at.I was thinking of getting them for my husband a novice to use for filming wildlife on our camping trips. I don't know what to get him but saw some equipment at a flea market. A hitachi Computacam FP-Z31, Sony video cassete recorder VO-5800 & VO-5850 , Sony video monitor PVM-1271Q and a Panasonic Digital FX generator WJ AVE3. What is a fair market price to pay for these items?

Jon Fox
Monday 6th February 2006
12:26 pm U.K.


Hi i've recently got hold of a SONY VO-5850P, as part of a set up for doing 2D animation. Im looking to get hold of a Manual to go with it, either original/photocopied ..etc. If anyone can help in any way, please contact me!


Friday 3rd February 2006
6:40 pm U.K.


Hi. Good site. I have a Sony DXC-3000P camera, coupled with a VO-6800PS portable U-matic recorder. I then have a pair of 5630 recorders and I acquired an RM-440 edit controller, but I don't have any of the RCC-5E leads for it. Does anyone know where I might get hold of some? I haven't found any on Ebay, or in the dealers I've looked at (and, judging by dealers' prices of other cables - even second hand - I wouldn't be wanting to buy from them anyway). I'm also missing the eye-piece lens and rubber bit from my camera, if anyone has one tucked away. So, what does everyone use their equipment for? I'm totally amateur, just muck about really. There's some lovely countryside round me that I've filmed. I just love the quality and it's fun playing about with the gear. I'm the same with my audio gear (I have four reel-to-reels now!). I did think about doing video as a sideline business, but I decided I didn't want the hassle. At the moment, I'm actually using the gear for some cine-video transfer for my Uncle. Anyway, good luck everyone and if you can help me out, let me know. Thanks. Marcus.

John Milnes
Thursday 2nd February 2006
6:20 pm U.K.


Hello out thereCan anyone tell me when production ceased on the Sony DXC 327 Hi-8 camcorder please.


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