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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Denis Doyle
Thursday 28th September 2006
3:21 pm U.K.



Can anyone help with a wiring query.

My Sony 4800P has died. Now I want to use the AC 340CE adaptor with a Sony 6800PS (it came with no AC adaptor. )The 4 pin connectors on each machine are are opposites (male / female) so I need to wire on a different connector to the cable.

The cable from the adaptor has 4 wires - yellow/white (+V?) - white (-V?) - white with braiding (?) - orange/white with metal braiding (?)

Can anyone tell how I need to wire these up to the new connector.


Denis Doyle

Wednesday 20th September 2006
10:35 pm U.K.



Since you are set-up to do conversions from VHS already, I'd say your best bet is to hire a U-matic machine. This will give you much more control over how the tapes are transferred.I suggest you hire a VO-9800 or 9850 because they will playback all three flavours of U-matic (low band, high band and SP) unless you know exactly what you have.

Wednesday 20th September 2006
9:14 am U.K.


Hi everybody,

I recently found U-matic videotapes in my company's archive and I think it would be good to convert them into dvds.We already have a computer with everything needed to encode vhs tapes, but we do not have the adequate device to read U-matics.Given that it would only take 5dvds (approx 500min), what do you think would be the better way to do this conversion ?Shall I rent a device or send my tape to someone (MVS Video for example) ?In work in the UK.

Many thanks for your answer,



Craig Felsmann
Friday 15th September 2006
12:44 am U.K.


Toppy 707070, Youre obviously someone with good taste! l have some good news; and some bad news. The good news is that l have a complete 6 tape set of the best Dr.Who of all time, starring in arguably one of the best Dr.Who series of all time- Jon Pertwee in The Green Death, on U-matic....The bad news is, that l would never part with it- not even for an incredibly generous offer! lts the only Dr.Who l have on U-matic, and ld be interested to know if you have any old Who series; or indeed, any other interesting old, preferably British shows, on U-matic or Beta for sale. lm in Brisbane, Australia, Regards, Craig.

Sunday 10th September 2006
1:26 am U.K.


I am looking for old Umatic recordings of the british Sci Fi series "Doctor Who" especially oColor ones from the 1970's starring Jon Pertwee

Monday 4th September 2006
10:14 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a copy of the service manual for a sony BKU-903 plugin time base corrector, this can be in PDF form. please email if you can help.

Mike Dimeo
Tuesday 29th August 2006
7:08 pm U.K.


Slightly off topic. FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Chyron VP2+M Composite CG (NTSC). Used as character generator in U-Matic edit system. Yeah, it goes back to 1990, but it was a good machine then. Downstream or Mid-Stream w/ Key Out. Includes Six (6) PROMs + Service Manuals. All I ask is shipping to your location or you can pick it up. Westhester, NY area. (USA)

Tuesday 29th August 2006
12:24 pm U.K.


Help me please. We have a SONY VP-7020. It worked fine after being parked for a spell. I inserted a tape to start a new project (small Umatic type) and now it does not want to do anything but standby. The tape will not eject or play. Can anyone direct me to a website or help with my dilemma? Robert @ 1 800 252 5604 X238

Sunday 27th August 2006
10:15 pm U.K.



I would suggest a 9800 or 9850 would probably be best for you. They will play low-band, high-band and SP tapes, a 5850 only plays low-band. If you are looking at system conversions too, have a look for a 7630, they play NTSC/PAL/SECAM but low-band only.

Sunday 27th August 2006
2:06 pm U.K.


If you are looking at getting in to u-matic.Good starter is the 5850,I have 2,one works great the other mainly for parts.Good place is ebay.co.uk or if you are in the us.com,9850 is ok,Mine cost £103,sells for £150 to £350.If you can afford it,go for a BVU950, I have 3,2 work,one for parts,they come up every so often and sometimes broke,2 of them are,but one of them works,You tend to not get them if they work as people do not sells these,one that was broke,lucky i took the TBC out and put it in one that works.The TBC costs secondhand £500 to £750.i bought a machine for just the courier fee of £60,You have to know Where to look and you have the internet.Keep searching the waves.

Saturday 26th August 2006
11:00 am U.K.



What do people recommend in the way of a ggod quality U-Matic deck to look out for?

I'm currently buying in decks and computer equipment to start off a freelancing digital restoration service. What would be ideal to go after for my purposes?



Saturday 26th August 2006
5:16 am U.K.


looking for VO 9850P,hi-band U-matic SP edit recorder or VO 9800P hi-band player for transfer of archive material to DV. Immmediate need. tel: +234 803 322 2787

Tuesday 1st August 2006
12:45 pm U.K.


Kindly inform any service engineer or agency, taking Annual maintenance contract for Panasonic Photocopier cum Fax cum printer model DP 1810 F, in Ludhiana (India).

Paul Boyd
Wednesday 26th July 2006
4:57 pm U.K.


Looking for a used fully functioning UMATIC player for purchase to transfer tapes to DVD for a project in Canada later this year. Any used machine owners send info & I'll get back to you. Cheers.

Wednesday 26th July 2006
7:57 am U.K.


Hello, I have a Umatic BVU-800P, and I wanted to know if it reproduces KSP-S20 cartridges, because I have the Umatic for sale and a possible buyer asks me for that.

grant howie
Wednesday 19th July 2006
10:21 am U.K.


serviced umatic machines for sale eg vo5630 £75 vo 9600 £150 most models in stock also some jvc/panasonic svhs machines. workshop repairs to umatic-digi beta machines, please add VAT to prices remove numbers from email to contact gshbroadcast services ltd.

Friday 14th July 2006
7:45 pm U.K.


I just got a VO-9850p off ebay to dump our local TV archive from U-matic to dvd . The thing worked fine for about an hour or two . Then i really put my foot in it . I removed the tape tray mechanism to remove some paper that was logged in the machine (from packing) and now all the lights on the panel light up and it refuse to react. Looking through the forum I saw a guy called Gareth had a similar problem but he's obviously more of a techie than myself and said the problem was a tiny break near the track on ps503 . I have no idea what this is or where to locate it . Can someone enlighten me ...

Would really appreciate it thanksRory :-(

Brian Kassler
Monday 10th July 2006
5:21 am U.K.



I have 2 x VP7040, 1 x VO5603, 1 x VO7630 and a RM580 for sale. All working last time I looked.

email - bk1@flyingfish.co.nz

Mike Dimeo
Thursday 6th July 2006
7:06 pm U.K.


Used U-matic tapes for free. New York, USA post-productin facility is moving. All are 20 minute, leading brands in hard cases. Used once for shooting in the field, then transferred to editing system. Currently stored in clean conditions. We are about to dispose of them, which I think would be bad from a recycling point of view. All I ask is shipping cost to your location.

Mike Lee
Monday 3rd July 2006
3:05 pm U.K.


Does anyone know the battery type number for the JVC PR-4800E portable highband umatic machine ??

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