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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Saturday 23rd December 2006
8:58 am U.K.


Brian, looks like you'll have to do a bit of eliminating. Have you tried to connect the BNC output directly to a Video in of a monitor? Also be aware that the 7020 is a low-band machine, any hi-band or SP tapes will not playback properly.

Brian Lagerman
Friday 22nd December 2006
6:45 pm U.K.


Here’s my dilemma.I have a Sony VP-7020 umatic deck that I purchased used off of ebay.I was told it was in working condition. The unit has 3 video outputs:1 Eight pin video output 1 coaxial cable output 1 BNC output (For this I purchased a BNC to RCA adapter) Here’s my set up: Umatic BNC video output (BNC to RCA adapter. Also tried the Coaxial cable output) to Sony DCR-720 mini-DV camera toPC via Firewire. Audio plays back fine. Video appears only occasionally.I have done a manual cleaning of the video heads with a clean chamois and alcoholwith still no change. The issue is the same with Umatic and Umatic SP tapes. Any help or guidance you could provide me would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance,

Friday 22nd December 2006
1:34 pm U.K.


Hi,Sorry about the rudeness of the last post i left. Did seem a little "in your face" kind of thing. But yeh im looks for the service manual for the BVU-850, Any ideas? Also whe i have seen other service manuals, which is the best one, as they say" service manual, version 2" whats actully different about version 1, 2 etc?ThanksJames

Thursday 21st December 2006
6:57 pm U.K.


Hi, Does anyone know where i can get a sony service manual from? I have the BVU-850 Umatic machine. Please i need to know ASAP!!Email me if you find anything - chelleisthebest@hotmail.co.uk

Roy Davies
Tuesday 19th December 2006
10:38 pm U.K.


Use BNC leads for Video,Everyone has them on Video equipment,You could try and get a lead for it to go to the Sony tv(old pro models that often on e-bay.co.uk that fit on the blue bit)I have one them,mines secondhand,but there are around.well it is the Festive time and could i wish ALL U-matic fans a Happy christmas and greetings for 07.

Tuesday 12th December 2006
2:24 pm U.K.


halloi have a sony vo-5800psdoes anybody know what the conector TV on the back is used forand where i can get the pinning ?I hope to connect an RGB signal to this connector .Is it Possible to connect RGB to the DUB connector ?How does it workthangs

Monday 11th December 2006
12:54 pm U.K.


Ed, the VO-7040 should playback low band NTSC tapes fine but you must have a monitor that accepts NTSC signal. If the tapes are high band or SP they won't playback in colour, but they are NTSC so that may be a blessing ;-)

Thursday 7th December 2006
3:55 pm U.K.


I was offered at VP-7040 to playback US standard NTSC tapes. Will I have any problems? Great website, thanks.


Tuesday 5th December 2006
11:17 am U.K.


Osama, Pop into your local electronics hobby store and get a plug- in transformer for 20- odd quid, and save yourself the time and trouble altering the machine, and keeping it original in the process. l got one myself here in Australia for an old 8 track deck l bought on ebay from the U.S.

Monday 4th December 2006
10:11 pm U.K.


Ossama, I don't have a VO-5800 handy but most Sony equipment from that era could be switched between 110/120V and 220/240V. You may have to open the machine and trace the power feed. Worst case you may have to change the transformer, which shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. The bigger problem you may have is the video system. As you bought it from the USA, it is most likely to be a NTSC machine. Where are you located? Looking at the voltage you are looking for, I'd guess you are in Europe or North Africa in which case the video system will be PAL or SECAM. The VO-5800 is a single system VCR and don't even think about changing the machine, it is not worth it. Let us know how you go.

ossama solima
Monday 4th December 2006
5:41 pm U.K.

alextrade389 @hotmail.com

i have Umatic video cassette recorder VO 5800 I bought it from USA it was written in its internet specifications power requirements 110 -240v and also written in its back plate power 120v AC , please can i use it with 220v/50 hz or not. and if not please help me to change it to be addapted to 220v note : I am an electronic engineer able to do such modifiction thanks ossama

Sunday 3rd December 2006
8:30 am U.K.


Hi im based in reading berks need a high band player in good working order can anyone help.Also been looking on ebay will a high band recorder play tapes thanks 07723027403.

Saturday 2nd December 2006
12:39 pm U.K.


Alex, It would help if you told us where in the world you are. If you need new heads, it may be cheaper and easier to get another low- hours unit from ebay, Regards, Craig.

Monday 27th November 2006
8:21 pm U.K.


Hi can anyone help we have a jvc pr-8800e high band and it needs a good service and maybe new heads we can deliver for the repairs many thanks Alex 07723027403 or 01189861559.

Saturday 18th November 2006
12:35 am U.K.


Hi Mark, There are a number of things that could be wrong with the machine:1 - The head drum motor has ceased to be a motor2 - In older models it could be a broken or deteriated rubber belt, flip the machine over and remove the bottom cover. Then manually rotate the head drum as see if there are any clues3 - The sensors that monitor the progress of the tape threading are faulty

It will be a long and tedious process to narrow down where the problem is but if you are not afraid to poke around inside the machine, have a go!

Mark Wiseman
Friday 17th November 2006
4:25 pm U.K.


Hi Roderick. Thanks for the advice, and sorry for the delay in responce. I thought that I would get an email to let me know I had a responce. I have been brave and removed the top cover to see what happens when I pree play. The tape is pulled around the tape reading wheel auntil it reaches its limit. It then returns the tape back again into the cassette. At no time does the wheel spin. Does this give you any clues?

Many thanks


Wednesday 8th November 2006
3:04 am U.K.


Hi Mark, welcome to the site! I am not familiar with that model but it sounds very old (30 years+) and many things could be wrong. I suggest that the noise you hear when you hit 'play' is the tape threading around the head drum. The silence after that probably means that it either doesn't complete the cycle or that the head drum doesn't start spinning. Have you had a look inside the machine? I doubt that repairs will be feasible unless you find an old fanatic. If you just want to transfer the tapes to DVD, how many tapes are there? If it is just a few, you may want to have them transferred but if there are a lot then have a look on eBay for another machine. Where are you located so that we can have a look and see if we can suggest something.

Mark Wiseman
Monday 6th November 2006
6:51 pm U.K.


I can't believe I've found a website that is dedicated to the U matic format. I do hope that someone can help me. I have just found my late fathers old video recording gear The recorder is a Sony VO-3800P U matic S, and there is a secound box which is a power converter and from what I can tell allows you to view the video tapes in colour. (AC-3000P) The problem I have is that the recorder will not play any of the tapes that we have. ou can fast foward fine, and reverse is good. When you press play you get alot of noise coming from the recorder but then silence. Does anyone have an idea what to do? Is it still possible to get this recorder repaired. I would like to get the tape contents onto DVD and then I was going to junk the recorder. From what I can tell someone may want to buy it! I hope someone can help.

Mark Wiseman

Wednesday 1st November 2006
12:44 pm U.K.



I got given a VO5800PS and a VO5630 from a neighbour who was going to throw them out. They on ebay (my id is paddy47) and I don't expect to make much money from them I just don't want to end up chucking them.


Ray or Martin
Wednesday 1st November 2006
11:52 am U.K.


Re my posting 3 October with an offer of free Umats. Yes the went to the dump.VERY SAD.I am now getting rid of the next batch of Umats. Thet are.Sony VO 5800 PS recorder converted to Hi and Lo band with service manual.Sony VO 5650 P edit recorder converted to Hi band with service manual.Sony RM 440 controller with connecting leads for above.Jvc RM 86U controller with connecting leads, controls older Umat and VHS JVC machines.These machines have been run up and they work. there are minor faults but good heads etc.I will want money for these (not a lot) and will split so please Email me and chat.THEY MUST BE COLLECTED FROM S LONDON IT IS NOT WORTH THE HASSLE OF POSTING.I also have a quantity (up to 60)of SP Umat tapes secondhand but ok. again please Email me.

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