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Monday 27th March 2017

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Frank Ferran
Wednesday 14th February 2007
9:58 pm U.K.


There used to be a mod for VO-5030 and VO-5630 to enable them to play back high band in color. These VTRs had then a "H" suffix and an existing front panel switch was modified (I think it was the "Timer" switch). Does anyone have a clue how to make this mod? I have a BVU-950P but I have to copy BVU SECAM tapes. Thanks for any help.

Pat H
Wednesday 7th February 2007
10:11 pm U.K.


Yes the idler flops from reel to reel.I'll check at work I think I may have some umatic spare I'm just about to dump.Maybe a reel motor in there!Certainly sure I have a reel idler. But like I say they rarely go wrong. i used to change tham in a service as routine but I'm sure they are quite tough.

Wednesday 7th February 2007
9:22 pm U.K.


Is the reel idler the white wheel and tyre sat between the spools (as you would expect)? The reason I ask is that some machines have two idlers. I actually flipped this tyre inside out and it didn't help, implying that the problem lies elsewhere. Bother, I probably need a replacement reel motor then. Now I wonder where I could get one of those?

The other possibility I suppose is the belt, I've not looked on the underside of the deck yet. But as you say, if this was slack it would be expected to part company.



Pat H
Wednesday 7th February 2007
8:53 pm U.K.


Just read the article about the manual removal. The wires don't need to be cut they are actually on a plug and just unplugs.Also if you can access the bottom of the chassis (by removing the bottom of the machine) you can manually turn the reel idler pully as you wind the loading gearbox on the other side. You will then have the tape wound in the housing before you eject.

Pat H
Wednesday 7th February 2007
8:41 pm U.K.


Re reel problems:Just discovered this website. A real blast of the past. In the many years as a service engineer I overhauled more than 1000 various umatics, Particularly series 5 and 9.

On the slow reel problem. There are a couple of things to check.Most likely is the actual reel moter going low torque. The reel idler does wear but rarely causes a problem (you can test it by giving it a good clean with surgical spirt and seeing if it improves). The reel belt can slip but normally snaps. My money would be on the motor.

Lastly please oh please don't cut the tape it's completely possible to extract a tape with no damage manually.

Wednesday 7th February 2007
8:16 am U.K.


Hooray. I did it !!!

Here is the article on how to: http://richardhess.com/notes/2006/03/13/u-matic-34-cassette-removal-procedure-when-normal-ejection-is-not-possible-%E2%80%94-guest-article/

I did cut the tape and it gave me another Error No. 20. Then I turned the bloody machine off and just turned the gearbox pulley ( as per article) manually clockwise until it stopped. Then I turned the unit on and presto, it ejected the tape. I had to cut the tape, but this avoided me on going the route of disconnect the wires, taking the tape compartment out etc.Hope it will help others. Good luck.

Wednesday 7th February 2007
7:55 am U.K.


I have similar problem. My U-matic VO9850P made funny sounds and displayed Error 02 periodically when the tapes were very old and sticky and the machine had trouble winding them. Now I got a real bad one and it got stuck in the machine completely. So any idea how to eject the tape? I guess if I cut the tape inside the machine it won't do any good?

Sunday 4th February 2007
9:38 am U.K.


Poor rewind on VO-9800P:

My machine has slow rewind, sometimes stopping with Error-02. Is the rewind/ff idler the one which sits between the spools on the top side of the deck (with a small Allen screw holding it in place)? Or is it on the underside of the deck? Replacement idler or tyre source in UK?

Picture search still working fine.

Thanks for any help,

Colin www.video99.co.uk

Roy Davies
Wednesday 31st January 2007
11:22 pm U.K.


Hi Mark,Greeting to You in Canada.The TBC is Option on the Sony Bvu 950. Here in the United kingdom i have 3,It started last year,While buying a 5850/5800 and RM450 via ebay,I saw a Sony 950 on ebay.co.uk and got it Delivered locally for £73 all in and one got the manuals too and the TBC.But its condition is not A1.One month later a Well known broadcast company that sells on ebay had one on and i got that for £275/£285 delivered.But no TBC.Companies sell them for £700 to £ 800 in the United kingdom.Anyway 2 months later,Someone was selling a ex reuters 950 with a TBC in,but this was not working,so i paid Just the courier fee of £60.My latest purchase is the wonderful daddy of them all,a Sony BVH3100PS.£241 Delivered.do what i did and look on ebay.com and you might be lucky mate.

Mark Wiseman
Monday 29th January 2007
6:11 pm U.K.


Hello umatic fans. I would like to thank Roderick for his suggestions regarding the fault on my VO-3800P recorder. I am not expert enough to repair it, so Have listed it on ebay today. You will also find the SONY AC/COLOUR adapter listed, and also a very tidy SONY DXC-1640P camera listed. If anyone is interested check out Ebay. I am in the UK.

Monday 29th January 2007
5:25 pm U.K.



 I live in Newfoundland, Canada. A local tv station is getting rid of their umatic collection of units since upgrading to BetacamSP a few years ago. I have been given the choice of a few units 2 BVU-870s, and a BVU -950. The BVU-870s look complete, however the 950 doesnt seem to have the TBC board. I am in the process of transferring the older recordings recorded on umaticSP to a digital format. Are the 870s as good as the 950s for playback, or are there features on the 950 even without the TBC board that would make it superior. 


Wednesday 24th January 2007
5:44 pm U.K.


My university is working on digitizing Umatic tapes. Are there any special preparation or cleaning techniques that would help us save the machines and the tapes? Is there any Umatic rewinder on the market? Thanks.

Keith McHugh
Sunday 21st January 2007
5:23 pm U.K.


Hi - if anyone needs some old tapes transferred in the U.K. - then I have a fully working Sony VO-9800 which can play all PAL varients of the U-Matic format (lo/hi/sp). Also a lo-band machine capable of playing SECAM and NTSC standards.


Sunday 21st January 2007
5:43 am U.K.


It would be really handy if people who want to purchase equipment would state which country they are in. People on this forum hail from all sides of the globe, I am in Sydney Australia for example. Apart from standards problems (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) shipping would be prohibitive in many cases, there are NO lightweight U-matic machines!

Saturday 20th January 2007
10:01 am U.K.


I want to buy 2 Umatic VTRs. can someone get in touch with me on how much am looking to pay. Thanks

Friday 19th January 2007
9:48 am U.K.


The Sony VO-5800 uses a stock standard BNC video connector, no special cable required!If you are using consumer cables with the usual yellow-red-white RCA connectors, your local electronics shop will have simple BNC-RCA adaptors for a couple of dollars/pounds/yen

Bryant Watkins
Tuesday 16th January 2007
2:05 pm U.K.


I am looking for the video cable for the Sony VO-5800, can someone tell me where I can get one from?

Saturday 6th January 2007
6:05 pm U.K.


I am interested in purchasing a VO 9850 (PAL) and/or a VO 9800 (PAL) The items must be in good working condition. Sincerely,Yitzhak Rosenbloom

Thursday 4th January 2007
3:41 pm U.K.


I have a vo-9800 and a tape got stuck in the machine and the tome code display went. The operating buttons (play, stop, rewind etc.) stopped working as well, any advice as to what went wrong and how to rectify this problem would really be appreciated.

Tuesday 2nd January 2007
12:01 am U.K.


happy new year to you all. i have a sony bvu-870p thats going for FREE to anyone who wants to come & collect it otherwise its going to the tip.this machine has been sitting in the back of a studio gathering dust.this machine is totally dead no signs of life at all when plugged in.as i have no use for it & its in the way its got to go.item is situated in sevenoaks in kent..this has to go before january 14th so please dont email me after that because its gone.condition wise it looks undamaged & pretty clean apart from a few scratches on the casing..

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