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Monday 27th March 2017

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Maciek Szymanski
Sunday 8th July 2007
7:29 pm U.K.


Hello!I've the VP-9000P player which was damaged during transport. The search knob was pushed inside the case and caused the front PCB (KY-105E or 1-622-391-65, but I suppose the first one is the board number) break. Maybe somebody out there has a dead VP-9000 or other machine with the same board and want to (cheaply) get rid of it before I'll start wiring my broken one? I can also trade it for a RM-500 remote. I'm from Poland, so I'll prefer european offers due to shipping costs and customs issues. If you are replying directly to my e-mail please remove ".NO_SPAM" from the address.

Monday 2nd July 2007
1:28 pm U.K.


Nigel / Craig,

It has been a few years since I played with a 5630 but the most likely cause of the problem is that the lacing of the tape wasn't completed or one of the switches along the path wasn't activated properly. Best advice I can give is to see if you can manually, by carefully turning the worm wheel on the side of the cassette tray, complete the lacing. Another trick is to check all the little switches along the way to see if they are closed. Best of luck!

Craig Felsmann
Sunday 1st July 2007
9:16 am U.K.


Nigel: l have an identical problem with my VO 5630. l posted a message a month before you, and as yet, have not heard from anyone who might be able to give me an idea as to the fault. Craig.

Donald Quinn
Friday 29th June 2007
1:39 am U.K.


Help! I just bought some 11 u-matic items on auction. I am delighted to have found this site. It would be nice to know if someone out there would be interested in buying any of the items that I have available: 4-each vo-9600, vo-9800, vp-7020,vp-5000,v0-9850, vp-5020, vo-5600, and vp-9000. I was in the process of determining a proper price for the items, when I stumbled across your site. Thanks for the information provided thus far. Please email should you desire to purchase any of the above. Thank you, Captain Donald Quinn.

Wednesday 27th June 2007
11:19 am U.K.



A 5800 will only play low band tapes. You will need a 9800 or 9850 to play both. If you buy a NTSC machine, it will play NTSC but there are no multi-standard 5800's. A 7 series machine will play PAL, SECAM and NTSC but only low band.

Nigel Rea
Monday 25th June 2007
4:05 pm U.K.


After loading a tape in to my VO 5630 it laced up and stayed in Stand By mode.

Could I have advice on how to rewind or take out the tape without damaging it.

Other tapes have been OK.


Steve Wilson
Monday 25th June 2007
2:32 pm U.K.


Hi, I am thinking of getting a 5800 but want to know two things. 1) Will it play back low band and high band tapes and 2) Will it play an NTSC tape.

Thanks Steve

Frank HL
Monday 18th June 2007
3:53 am U.K.



Can I just check whether anyone knows where to get a service manual for the Sony BVU-950P. Have been getting an "Error 10" code and my deck wouldn't accept any tapes.

Thanks for any help.

Best rgds,HL

Patrick Kirby
Monday 11th June 2007
4:02 pm U.K.


FOR SALE Sony KCA60,KCA30 used low-band tapes Sony BCT90,60,30 used Betacam SP tapes Sony VO5850 Edit Recorder Sony RM440 Edit Controller Sony BVW10 Betacam Player (SP mod) Panasonic AU650/750 M2 Edit recorders Aston & Chyron caption generators Video & Audio Distribution Amps etc etc Please call Pat or Roy (+44) (0) 208 974 6050 for details

Dave Meehan
Sunday 10th June 2007
4:03 pm U.K.


Thanks guys for the info.I have purchased a Sony VO 9800P which plays LO HI & SP.I am converting a large music archive for a record label in the U.K to DVD.We have a Sonic Scenarist Pro DVD setup that we use for commercial DVD Production.If anyone requires conversion & pro DVD authoring to DLT or DVD-R etc give me a shout as we can do this even with the samllest of budgets.Thanks again

Dave Meehan.Nyquest DVDProductionswww.nyquest.co.uk

Sunday 3rd June 2007
8:37 am U.K.


Dave & David,I can confirm the the VO-9800 and VO-9850 will play Low, Hi and SP tapes, but only in one format (mine are PAL but I assume that there is a NTSC version). The VO-7040 will play both PAL and NTSC but only Low-band.

Friday 1st June 2007
11:42 pm U.K.


VP 5030 rewind.

I now realise the drive to the idler is via a belt accessed from underneath.Hence I guess screeching noise is that slipping. I don't want to mess too much in case it beaks.

I have removed and measured the belt.Looking in CPC catalogue closest size is either 68.5 or 70.5mm diameter 2.2mm square.Can anyone confirm the original specification?

I see there is also a belt for the mechanism that loads/unloads tape around the head but not so easy to remove.Hence again details the size required would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Friday 1st June 2007
10:38 pm U.K.


Here is link to Sony VP-7040 brochure


Nothing says it is high band and no SP logo on the panels.

I will be corrected but for a SP / Hi / Lo band machine I believe you need to look for VP 9*** series or some of the BVU series.

JVC PR-8800E is high band only.

Dave Meehan
Friday 1st June 2007
3:52 pm U.K.


Hi I am looking for a Umatic playback only machine that will play SP, Hi & Lo band.Anyone got one for sale?Have seen a few 7040's for sale but confusing reports on the net saying lo band player only, then someone else claims plays SP 7 Hi band also.Anyone got a list of players only that play all flavours?Also PAL 7 NTSC playback would be good but not essential.

Thanks In Advance.

Dave Meehan.

Thursday 31st May 2007
9:51 pm U.K.


Sony VP 5030 advice.

I posted a while ago about black & white playback on a JVC-8800E.Thanks for the advice that model is high band only and tapes I have likely to be low band.

I have just bought a Sony VP5030 for Ł5 !!I have thoroughly cleaned tape path and heads. Playback basically working with video in colour.However with tracking control in the centre no picture. With control fully anticlockwise best picture and towards clockwise similar picture but with horizontal jitter and audio sounds slow.Also in pause mode noise bar always in the same place if this is significant. Alignment errors just as likely to be on recording VCR as this one.Is there a further internal tracking adjustment?If so can anyone identify for me?

Second issue is rewind very slow with screeching noise on some tapes. Rewind in search mode actually considerably faster and no screeching but of course not good for tape or machine to rewind 60 minutes this way. Again any advice appreciated.The belts are very slack but I assume they only drive the counter and no functional issue should the counter stop working.

Thanks in advance.

Paulo Figueiredo
Wednesday 23rd May 2007
3:37 pm U.K.


Hello, does anibody know the exact date of production of the Sony U-Matic H BVU 800 P and Sony U-Matic HS BVU 110 ?Best regards Paulo

Craig Felsmann
Wednesday 23rd May 2007
9:35 am U.K.


Hello to all, and good to see everybody back again; lets hope the site doesn't disappear for a couple of months again! l have a mint Sony VO 5630 that's developed a problem: it keeps going into 'standby' mode, then not allowing the tape to be ejected; l have to switch her off for a while, then hit 'eject' to retreive the tape. Any U-maniacs out there with any ideas as to the problem?? Cheers, Craig.

Maciej Szymanski
Wednesday 23rd May 2007
9:22 am U.K.



I've found many different opinons on umatic tapes. Some say that SP tapes are metal, while some say that all U-Matic tapes are oxide. My question is - Can I use SP tape in low-band machine? I mean blank tape, not SP recording. I just can buy cheaply some unused SP tapes, but I'm not sure If I can make LB recordings on them. And BTW how about SP recorded tape? Can LB machine erase SP recording and overwrite with LB signal or there will be some high frequency artefacts ?

Thursday 17th May 2007
6:59 am U.K.


Tomasz, the VO1810 was one of the first U-matic machines released by Sony in the early 1970's. I don't know if you are going to find parts for it but have you tried Google? A quick search on Sony VO1810 brought up a few sites with manuals and some parts. It is quite possible that the machine you have is a player only. If it doesn't have a 'REC' button or 'Video IN' at the back then it is a player only and won't record.The repeat button puts the machine in repeat mode which basically means that when it reaches the end of the tape it rewinds and plays the tape again. This was used in displays where a tape would play the whole day without the need for someone to reset the machine everytime.

Hope this helped.

Tomasz Szcześniak
Saturday 12th May 2007
10:32 am U.K.


I recently got Sony VO1810 machine, in good condition. It plays well PAL SECAM and NTSC cassettes, but can't record video (or I don't know how to do it).

Does anyone know anything more abouth this model? I need to clean it, because is very dirty inside, and I don't want to do it without service manual. And how the 'Reperat' button work? I can't see any difference wher it is pressed or not. Where can I buy counter unit? It has some mechanical damages.

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