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Monday 27th March 2017

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Wednesday 19th September 2007
3:53 pm U.K.


Hi there Umatic fans ;)

I was wondering if there is any way to remotely control a VO-5800PS (which has a 33 pins remote connector) with traditional 9pin rs422 protocol? Via wiring or via a convertion box?


Wednesday 19th September 2007
3:01 am U.K.


craig, nigel and serpico009 : I have a sony vo-9600 which was doing the same thing, loading the tape and then locking into standby mode. I manually activated the final loading solenoid and that unloaded the tape so it could be ejected.

What caused the problem was the belt located at 9 o'clock on the reel table (12 o'clock being the rear of the unit). When the belt gets old and stretched it loses the necessary bite to move the tape loading arm to the final lock-in. My replacement belt was a square .075 x 4.4".

With no cassette in the unit, the composite ring with a wide cam to trip the two side by side sensors activates both. Note the sensors at about 1 o'clock. When a tape is put in and lowered by the loading motor, the cam is rotated to the rightmost sensor only. When play is pressed and the loading arm loads the tape around the head, the cam should rotate and activate the leftmost sensor only. With the belt stretched or slipping, the cam will stop just short of the leftmost sensor and voila, "standby mode" is activated.

Hope this helps !!

Tuesday 18th September 2007
9:42 pm U.K.


Serpico, this doesn't make sense!You're playing a VHS tape in a U-matic machine? Where does the Betacam tape comes into play?What machines are you using?

Anyway, if you are using old stock it may be suffering from 'sticky tape' syndrome. Try manually resetting and ejecting the tape by turning the worm wheel on the right hand side of the loading mechanism. Takes a while and is boring but your best bet.

Tuesday 18th September 2007
3:54 pm U.K.


Afternoon, I'm hoping someone has advice for the following problem

I was dubbing a VHS tape from a VO-9600, using a Beta SP tape. The Beta SP tape played to the end and now will not eject, rewind, fast forward, etc. The Umatic is in standby mode. I've had the top and bottom of the unit off to see what could be done; the tape is still wrapped around the drum head, and it looks like possibly there is not enough tape/slack left for the unit to catch? At any rate, when powered on the head spins for about 2 seconds then whirrs to a stop. If I press and hold rewind when powering the unit up, the indicator light illuminates briefly and then the unit goes into standby mode. Is it possible to manually rewind the tape when it is in this psition?

Monday 17th September 2007
12:43 pm U.K.


The Value of home recordings

Do you have tapes full of old TV shows you recorded in the seventies? Don't throw everything away without looking!

This may come as a surprise to some, but TV studios until recently did not keep tapes of everything. The tape was expensive and so it was recycled, or thrown away. Some well-known examples of series with episodes gone missing are "Dad's army" (one or two episodes missing) and "The avengers" (first series missing) and "Doctor Who" (over a hundred missing episodes).

If you are about to junk your early tapes, check http://www.missing-episodes.com first. Just to make sure.

Tuesday 4th September 2007
9:52 pm U.K.


Hello, anyone have any experience using the BVT-810P TBC with the the VO-5850P or VO-9600P u-matic (low band). I know the BVT-810P is intended for use with BVU high band/sp u-matics.There was never a low band machine with TBC and just working out best way to transfer some low band tapes. I also believe the VO-9600P would give a better picture than the older VO-5850P.Also, off topic, looking at transfering vhs-dvd using machine with TBC, for a better transfer. A good machine that comes to mind is the Panasonic AG-8600 (player with built in TBC), i believe one of the last industrial models Panasonic made. My question is, do domestic machines give a better picture (forgetting about TBC) due to HQ circuits and similar playback enhancements that perhaps the older industrial machines dont have. Modern vhs decks seem to give a very good picture with very little dropout. Obviously, a domestic machine doesnt allow for connection of external TBC.Any thoughts on best machine for transfer? I always rate the Panasonics over the JVC and Sony, but the Panasonics are prone to cap failure.

Monday 3rd September 2007
12:37 pm U.K.


I would go for eBay. Everything sells over there.

O Web
Thursday 30th August 2007
5:02 pm U.K.


Hello-I'm trying to sell two U-Matic players- one is a VP-7020 player and the other is a VO-9850 player/recorder. They both work great.

Would anybody know of a good place to post this info? Or is anybody interested, perhaps?


Monday 20th August 2007
10:19 pm U.K.


Hi Jonothan, Welcome! There should be no problem connecting the 'Video out' to the 'Video in' of your flatscreen. You won't need a 'magic' box. Could you possibly have used the wrong connector on your Scart? Some of them are confusing with their labelling. Or, as most flatscreens have multiple inputs, just try a normal 'Video in' to make sure all is working.The TV 8-pin connector has the same signal as the 'Video out'. It was an old system which connected both inputs and outputs to modified TV's to allow you to record 'off-air'.

Jonathan Shine
Monday 20th August 2007
10:20 am U.K.


Hi There! Great Site! I recently obtained a SONY VO-5800 and need any assistance anyone can give me in hooking this up to a flatscreen tv. I recently tried with a BNC (with Phonos) from the output BNC slot on the Umatic to a scart input on the monitor but no signal was recieved. I'm sure I need some kind of analogue to digital converter box but I also notice there is an 8-pin "TV" slot on the back of the player. Does anyone know if I can get this "TV" lead from anywhere, and if so, whether it will allow me to receive a picture on my flatscreen? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.

Eric Schwab
Thursday 16th August 2007
5:24 pm U.K.


Hi,I have a Sony VP-7020 that currently has a tape stuck in it. It will not eject nor play, rewind or fast forward. I know there is a work around if you open it up, but I want to do it correctly. Can anyone help?


Andy Princz
Monday 13th August 2007
6:50 am U.K.


Hi there,Looks like the gears shifted (moved, jumped) during shipping and must restore them to their original position.Meantime I did find a manual for the U-Matic, so I hope my tech guy can fix it.


Sunday 12th August 2007
10:50 pm U.K.



What do you mean by 'timing for VO-5800 '?

Andy Princz
Wednesday 8th August 2007
10:45 am U.K.


Hi, URGENT!!!!!!!!Does anybody knows where one can instructions for timing the VO-5800 PS??


Maciek Szymanski
Saturday 4th August 2007
9:48 pm U.K.


My VO-5850 recorder has problems with sound recording. As I don't have the service manual nor schematic I've to do some reverese-engineering ;-) and I'm not sure about head functions of this machine. There are two linear heads and I suppose taht one is combined record/playback head for audio and CTL tracks and the other one is the erase head. Or I'm worng?

Maciek Szymanski
Saturday 4th August 2007
9:44 pm U.K.


Natale, I'm afraid I can't help to much - I don't know VO-6800 mechanism. The question is if there is no tension signal due to the swith failure or the mechanism failure. Have you looked at the open machine when the failure occurs? Is the switch activated or not? And when the failure occurs - just after the tape load or during the play operation?


Andy Princz
Friday 3rd August 2007
1:31 am U.K.


Hi there,Just purchased a Sony VO-5800 PS recorder, it all looked good and very promising till we put the cass in. It starts up and loads ok but the minute it wraps itself around the drum it reverses everything and pulls the tape back like I was shutting it off. (The recorder does not shot itself off).Any help will be appreciated. Got my technician trying to figure it out but this is the first time he's seen a 3/4" machine.ThanksAndy

Thursday 2nd August 2007
7:00 pm U.K.


Anyone know of a high-band mod for the VP5040? In particular I want to be able to play high band NTSC tapes (I already have a high/sp machine for PAL). Thanks for any help.



Thursday 2nd August 2007
5:54 pm U.K.


Hi, does someone knows the new-prices of the U-Matic-machines an the year of production (starting production) ?

Wednesday 1st August 2007
3:16 pm U.K.


To Maciek Szymanski

Hi Maciek. First of all, I thank You for Your answer.

However, I have tried to clean the Tension Regulator switch, but nothing is changed.

In my opinion the problem can concern the playback tension, therefore, the tension regulator solenoid or the tension regulator arm.

I attend Your opinion.

Thank You in advance for any suggestions.


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