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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Tuesday 8th January 2008
1:30 pm U.K.


Hi I have a VO 9800P.I am getting blocky video output on high contrast areas at random points in my tapes (6 different tapes)However if a crossfade happens at one of these points the "blockyness" dissaperas as though it only occurs at certain frequencys??I am no expert on this, will a head cleaner sort this. Machine bought from MVS video supposed to have had a service we have only used it 3 times since now this apperas but only had 3 months warranty (bought 6 months ago)Thanks in advance.


Maciek Szymanski
Monday 17th December 2007
3:45 pm U.K.



What do you mean by "U-matic camera" - a camera that can work with a U-matic recorder or a U-matic camcorder? You can use any camera with composite output with U-matic. If it's broadcast camera with 14 or 26-pin socket you can hook it up to the portable U-matic and you have an ENG setup (you can control your camcorder from your camera, review recordings in viewfinder etc.). As for camcorders I've never hared about U-matic camcorder or camera dockable recorder. I suppose they has been introduced with Betacam. In the golden age of U-matic, and even in early Betacam usage the ENG setup was camera + portapack recorder + optional batery belt to power everyting :-).

Monday 10th December 2007
12:55 am U.K.


Wanted - Sony VO-9600P or VO-9850P decks in serviceable condition. Will pay good price for these decks if anybody has any. Thanks

Monday 3rd December 2007
9:16 pm U.K.


Good evening Colin99 . I 've worked with BVU high band in SECAM in french TV station FR3 (now france3) . I remember the machines were the same as PAL but you have to change one (or more) of the 3 long circuitboard to convert the machine in SECAM . Regards Francois

jonas sorman
Thursday 29th November 2007
8:43 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I'm looking to sell a U-matic BVU-820 + BVT800. Do you know what they are going for these days.


Jonas Sorman

Wednesday 28th November 2007
5:41 am U.K.


I've been tasked to look for a U-matic camera. Can anyone here fill me in? Are there any for rent or for sale anywhere? The only site I could find that used the words camera and U-matic is in Kathmandu.

Francesco C
Wednesday 28th November 2007
1:30 am U.K.


>>Evenin' all. Cool site by the way. I've just bought (aka rescued) a U-Matic recorder/player (funnily enough) from a guy in Stoke. Being a film & tv student in my 2nd year - i'm not even in the low band category when it comes to knowing about VTR tech in detail...but I am learning.Can't seem to find any info on the net about this deck and nor does anyone else. When I research how it works I plan to record onto it on playback tapes on it. Therefore it would be great if someone could give me some info on this machine such as its' specific spec, year of make, common errors, dos' and don'ts' etc. This is my first u-matic buy as I am beginning to collect old pro and broadcast tech, and impress the uni girls...haha maybe not.There seems to be so much conflicting info about U-matics. I read on one site that Broadcast Video U-matics came out in the early 80s'...yet on another that BVUs' came out in exactly 1976, which is also when the 200s' came out. Could my u-matic be one of the first High Bands?Any feedback good. Thanks for reading. :-)

Unit notes:SONY BVU 200PNo: 11438

Tuesday 13th November 2007
5:14 pm U.K.


Anybody out there who has a KC-1C Cleaning Cassette to spare?

Sunday 28th October 2007
1:55 pm U.K.


I have a VP 5030 now basically working after replacing drive belt athough still struggling on rewind, but of course after 25+ years tapes could be stiff too.

I have tapes from two sources and one is a studio production. To get the tapes to track I have the tracking control fully anticlockwise and possibly need to go further.

I am guessing the nominal tracking point on this machine has drifted and somewhere inside the centre point of the front control can be adjusted.Hence can anyone please point me to the correct PCB and part reference(s) for the internal adjustment trimmer(s)?

Thank you in advance.

Tuesday 23rd October 2007
10:23 pm U.K.


Hi Glenn,The menu's on a VO-9800 only show up on the monitor output AND need a video signal at the input. Then switch the machine to 'Local", make sure the 'Search dial" is in 'Jog' mode and off you go! 'Menu' + 'Search' = step through the menu's, 'Data' + 'Search' = Change settings and hit 'Set' to store the settings.

Tuesday 23rd October 2007
10:01 am U.K.


Hi, Just got a Sony u-matic vo-9800. Anyone know where i can obtain the menu codes? cant seem to get video out in any usable form. ebay seller says works perfectly, so assuming something is not set up properly. thanks!

Tuesday 23rd October 2007
3:59 am U.K.


My u-matic JVC deck suddenly only sends out a picture that is completely snow! Audio is okay but video useless. I cleaned the heads but no improvement. Any tips?

Sunday 21st October 2007
3:12 am U.K.


Hello All,

I was currious if anyone has any old reel to reel video spools,N1500,N1700 tapes lying about they might want to part with ? I am currently researching vintage video formats for a anthropological video research project of mine, any assistance or material presented would be much appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail if anyone can help.Thank You for Your Time.

Cheers, Lance.

Monday 15th October 2007
11:56 pm U.K.


I have a question I hope someone can help me with; is the Audio Monitor minijack on a VP-5020 mono or stereo? Thanks.

Monday 15th October 2007
6:18 pm U.K.


VO 5630 and BVU 950P for sale - used in audio post - make an offer

Sunday 14th October 2007
6:35 pm U.K.


Colin: I have a capacitor wizard, which works quite well, with a needle movement indicating good, compare or bad. Not quite as good as your Atlas. I have found that all the surface mount electrolytics needed replacing in my Panasonic, and Panasonic actually sell capacitor kits (an expensive way to buy caps). I retro fit standard radial caps. As long as the original caps haven't leaked and you don't damage tracks after removing the old onesI always thought secam couldn't be edited and had to be transcoded to PAL.In this manual i have, it mentions a secam high band alignment tape (RR5-1SB-SECAM) as well as the pal high band alignment tape (RR5-1SB-PAL), leading me to think they were recorded different. The manual also refers to a 924khz colour under sub carrier, but i think this is the same for PAL high-band as well. So, i'm not sure...I'm sure with 1" C format, it recorded the same as PAL and we changed a card on the input, to secam in and a card on output to get secam out. A lot of Sony stuff was denoted 'PS' pal/secam.Will post if i find out more about HB/SP secam.

Sebastien Martinez
Wednesday 10th October 2007
10:22 am U.K.


Hello, I have a VO6800 recorder and i would like to know wich kind of tapes fits with it, and where i can buy them

thank you

Tuesday 9th October 2007
6:38 pm U.K.


James:Re capacitors, have you tried a Atlas ESR60? Perhaps borrow one (they cost 89 to buy). It's a magic unit which tests the Effective Series Resistance of capacitors, see mine here:http://www.colin99.co.uk/extras/jvc_psu_3.jpgAs you can see, it's detected a duff capacitor in a JVC power supply, in this case low value but several others in the PSU had the right value but terrible ESR. A session with one of these may show up more capacitor trouble in your old Panasonic.

Re the Umatic Secam High-band: What I'm trying to find out is whether Secam High-band or SP recordings, are still is Secam. They may be transcoded to PAL for the recording then back again at playback. I know low band Secam recordings really are Secam recordings, but High-band and SP may not be. Are there any hints in the user manual?

By comparison, crummy old VHS records Secam as a Secam recording. But slightly less crummy S-VHS records Secam as PAL, so a PAL S-VHS player will play a recording from a Secam S-VHS recorder.

I'm trying to find out whether I need a High Band/SP Secam Umatic player to be able to cover all Secam Umatic tapes. Tricky eh? From what I can see, Secam wasn't used much in studios, they tended to work in PAL because it's easier to edit with, then convert to PAL at the transmit stage.



Friday 5th October 2007
3:28 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a PAL U-MATIC deck available for sale?

Wednesday 3rd October 2007
12:41 pm U.K.


Thanks, will keep an eye out for an FS -200, as there seems to be a problem with my AG-8600, despite changing all the bad capacitors. Another model that has built in TBC and is of pro quality is the AG-4700

Regarding secam high band U-matic, i have a manual for the BVU-50S, which is a high band secam portable u-matic from 1979. I think there was a secam version of the BVU -200 as well.

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