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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Saturday 12th April 2008
11:04 pm U.K.


To Rich re screeching halt:I've had this problem today playing some clapped out tapes on a VP9000 (NTSC). Solutions I have used include:1: Reduce the back tension by adjusting the SKEW control fully to the right. This is a good one!2: Bake the tapes in a good quality fan assisted oven at 50C for 3-4 hours. Run them within 48 hours of the bake process.3: Make sure that the defective tape has not contaminated the machine. Clean the guides and heads with Isopropyl Alcohol and head cleaning sticks (you can buy these from grandata.co.uk). Next, play a known good tape and ensure there is no squealing, even with the SKEW control fully left (maximum back tension). If necessary leave this known good tape playing until all squealing stops, ie the tape has cleaned up the tape path.

After all of the above, try your dodgy tape again. Start by inserting the tape, SKEW control fully to the right, and see if you can get a good freeze frame. If this is OK then the heads are able to spin OK against the tape, and you can try releasing pause to see if it will run without squealing.

If it still squeals after all of the above attempts, you could only try another machine. Sometimes one machine will do this where another won't.

Hope this helps.

Colin (www.video99.co.uk)

Sunday 30th March 2008
11:12 pm U.K.


To Charles re s-video vs dub.

I've been through this myself. There does not seem to be a simple conversion from dub to s-video. There are two ways around this:

Feed the composite signal into a unit with (digital) comb filter. This will extract to s-video and recover virtually all of the signal integrity. I use a GTH Electronics ACE unit, and colour bars played back through this are far better than composite fed straight to a monitor. That said, I've actually found a strange ringing problem between umatic decks and the GTH ACE box which I cured by feeding via another video recorder. It may well be that you can get very good results by going into a video recorder at Composite and out at S-Video, if the machine has a comb filter (analogue or digital). Machines to try are high end SVHS or Hi8 decks from Sony or Panasonic.

The second method would be to feed the dub into a video recorder which supports dub in and s-video out. One or two Betacam decks could do this, and I even have a scrap S-VHS deck which can (the heads are shot but it doesn't matter for this). It's a Panasonic AG7350 or similar, from memory. These old bangers turn up on eBay from time to time, so that's a possibility if you have the space for one.

Hope this helps.


Blake J
Saturday 29th March 2008
11:03 am U.K.


Thanks for the info Roderick. I am in Melbourne, I have just ordered some tapes and some power cables. I look forward to setting the units up and learning how they work.

Tuesday 25th March 2008
8:32 pm U.K.


Blake,Welcome to the wonderful world of U-matic! You don't need PAL specific tapes, all U-matic tapes will work with your machines. And yes, they do use normal IEC powercables. If you are in Sydney, I have a pile of old U-matic tapes that are just taking up shelf space, you are welcome to pick them up. They are obviously used but may just get you started.

Blake J
Monday 24th March 2008
7:16 am U.K.


I just picked up 2 x Sony V05850P machines and have a few questions. These are Australian machines and I assume they are PAL format (Maybe what the P stands for in the model name?). Do I need to purchase PAL specific U-Matic tapes? Can U-Matic tapes be used more than once like conventional VHS tapes? I did not receive power cables with the units but the 3 pin socket looks very much like a computer power cable. Can anyone confirm if they require a special cable or if a computer cable will do the job? Thanks, Blake.

Robert Zacktisson
Thursday 20th March 2008
10:17 pm U.K.


Hi all! Just got hold of some old stuff.... a VO-6800PS and a BVU-150P. I just have power for the VO-6800, not the BVU. Does someone know the pinouts for the 12v 4 pin XLR power cable for the BVO-150P.


Sunday 9th March 2008
2:25 pm U.K.


Hi there everyone!!

I want to sell a JVC U-Matic CR6060ET pal/secam/ntsc Recorder/Player. It is a working machine and flawless. Contact me for photos, info and make your offer.

Wednesday 27th February 2008
11:20 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a high band ntsc player for sale or for rent have 2 hours of tape to transfer any help much appreciated

Joe Mac
Thursday 14th February 2008
9:24 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a user or operators manual in photo-copy or PDF format. If not, can you help me understand why the unit I have (VO-7630)is constantly in 'standby' mode - light on. However, I can't see a switch for this or a 'remote' function.

Help appreciated.

Charles Mapleston
Wednesday 13th February 2008
5:50 pm U.K.


Hello U-matic experts! I have many old U-matic tapes of TV programmes I made which I want to transfer to digital video, hopefully using the DUB output on my U-matic deck (VP-9000P); I know this is similar to S-video but not the same. I have a Sony DUB to S-video cable, but that is only giving me a B&W output. Does anybody know how I can alter the chroma signal to give me a colour output so I can avoid using composite video for my transfers? I believe there may be some 'magic box' available, or perhaps I could build one if it is fairly simple? I'm sure if someone was able to provide such a converter box there could be many customers for it! Thank you in anticipation. Charles

Monday 11th February 2008
8:40 am U.K.


Rich,Older Ampex tapes (80's & early 90's) are rather prone to 'sticky tape syndrome' the most likely cause of your problem. It is caused by the emulsion on the tapes absorbing too much humidity which softens the emulsion and it starts scraping off during play. The tapes can be fixed by extracting the humidity from the tapes. There are commercial places that will do that for you or, if you have a fair bit of time on your hands, you can attempt it yourself. Google 'baking a tape' for useful hints - but do not put a tape in the oven as the search title may suggest!!

Saturday 9th February 2008
9:21 am U.K.


I have a few Ampex tapes that will only play half way through before coming to a literal screeching halt on my VP5030. The unit has only just been serviced and is otherwise in perfect working order. Has anyone got any idea what could be causing this and if there is a fix for it what would the fix be?

Saturday 9th February 2008
3:55 am U.K.


has any one got any PAL vo-6800ps, vo-8800ps in Australia please email cjradloff76@yahoo.com.au

no ebay, private sellers only.thanks

Monday 4th February 2008
10:04 pm U.K.


To Dave, re VO9600.

See my posting of 6th Sept. I found with this fuse blown and no 5V supply, that the LED timecode readout was not working on a VO9000 (similar but different model). I would suspect that the 5V line might be missing on your VO9600. You should see the LED display operate without a tape inserted.

Colin (www.video99.co.uk)

Monday 4th February 2008
1:43 pm U.K.


Dave: Don't forget to leave the machine in power on at least by one day, this assures that it is not going to have humidity problems due to the much time without working. This it is a cheap and safe method, agree?Hope this info help you.Best regards,Gus.-

Sunday 3rd February 2008
8:58 pm U.K.


I just read my above message and realised it doeasn't mention the model. Doh.

It's a Sony VO-9600P and it is for sale on Ebay at the moment, but I will have to revise if the LED is knacked.



Sunday 3rd February 2008
8:39 pm U.K.


Hi there

I need some advice. My question is this:

When the machine is switched on, there is no red LED counter displayed. It's been years since I used one of these machines and I can't remember if the counter comes on once a tape is inserted. As you may have guessed, I don't have a tape to try it out. Is the timecode display knackered or am I right about the need to insert a tape first before it lights up?

Thanks in Advance


Saturday 2nd February 2008
7:21 pm U.K.


To bebop1065 and anyone else that want to try to back to life any of this beauties, those that has been left per indetermine time on the attic or basement: don't be scared (have no fer)in leaving the machine in power on and in stop position during one or two days before operating them; the normal heat (warm) produced by th machine itself, will evaporate the humidity that affects the efficiency of solenoids and most important, the parasitic capacitances of the electronic boards, wich shifts the adjustments made at factory, and will soften the lubricants of the mechanism too.It worked on my machine, that was stored since 1998!

Saturday 2nd February 2008
6:47 pm U.K.


I've purchased recently a SONY VO-2631 machine. Works perfect, thanks God, but i want futher information about this format, like gaps sizes, head positions, pin assignment of inputs and outputs, where to download the Owner's and service manuals of the VO-2631.

Thanking in advance,Gus Argibay.-

Thursday 31st January 2008
9:33 pm U.K.


hi, anyone know the pin to pin connections to connect a RM-440 to a VO5850P and VO5800PS CHEERS

Tuesday 22nd January 2008
7:02 pm U.K.


After migrating 50 tapes with no problem, the picture on our borrowed BVU800 went blank. We replaced the video cable and had video for the first 3 minutes of our next tape before it went blank. Any ideas/advice would be most appreciative. We have 85 more tapes in the collection to digitize.

Thursday 17th January 2008
7:30 pm U.K.



The machine is NOT an A4772008 but rather a VP2000.


Thursday 17th January 2008
7:20 pm U.K.


Hi guys,

I found an old A4772008 in the basement at work. It rewinds, fast forwards, ejects and pauses. It just won't play anything. It seems that the drive motor isn't engaging the take-up reel.

It won't play the full-size or the smaller size tapes. I have no idea why it was put on the storage shelf or when it was last used.

Any ideas?


Thursday 10th January 2008
8:30 pm U.K.


Nyquest, How are you watching the tapes? Are you using the 'Monitor' output or the 'Video' output? Is it going straight into a monitor or through a digital device?

Blockiness is normally associated with digital pictures and the VO-9800 is a analog machine.... If you are feeding the signal into a digital capturing device, my guess would be that that is where the problem sits. Try to connect the machine directly to a video monitor and see what happens. And if you could post a picture of the 'effect' somewhere, that could help people solving the problem.


Tuesday 8th January 2008
1:30 pm U.K.


Hi I have a VO 9800P.I am getting blocky video output on high contrast areas at random points in my tapes (6 different tapes)However if a crossfade happens at one of these points the "blockyness" dissaperas as though it only occurs at certain frequencys??I am no expert on this, will a head cleaner sort this. Machine bought from MVS video supposed to have had a service we have only used it 3 times since now this apperas but only had 3 months warranty (bought 6 months ago)Thanks in advance.


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