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Friday 24th March 2017

Please bookmark http://chat.palsite.com/chat_page.py as the new URL.

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Bren Neil
Wednesday 16th July 2008
7:48 am U.K.


If anyone can help please. Im after a SONY SP umatic editing recorderMust be SP, AND BE ABLE TO VIDEO INSERTMany Thanks

Saturday 5th July 2008
4:54 am U.K.


This guy; OrgName: America Online, Inc. OrgID: AMERIC-158 Address: 10600 Infantry Ridge Road City: Manassas StateProv: VA PostalCode: 20109 Country: US. NetType: Direct Assignment NameServer: DNS-01.NS.AOL.COM NameServer: DNS-02.NS.AOL.COM Comment: RegDate: 1999-12-13 Updated: 1999-12-16 RTechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN RTechName: America Online, Inc. RTechPhone: +1-703-265-4670 RTechEmail: domains@aol.net

Keeps attacking our site, sorry for the inconvinience.

Wednesday 14th May 2008
2:04 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I am trying to find the pinouts for the Sony RM440 U-Matic editing control. I've searched half the internet for it, but can't find it. Can anyone help me?

Kind regards, Thom

Thursday 1st May 2008
11:38 pm U.K.


Or you can find the old posts here:http://www.chatpage.co.uk/umatic/archive.html

Thursday 1st May 2008
11:27 pm U.K.


This is getting very sad!

Did anyone archive these pages before they disappeared?

Craig Felsmann
Thursday 1st May 2008
4:25 am U.K.


What's happened to the Beta Chat Page?????????Ye, U-matic 'rocks'too!...

Regards, Craig.

Wednesday 30th April 2008
9:13 pm U.K.


U-matics rock!

Craig Felsmann
Wednesday 30th April 2008
3:44 am U.K.



Where are you?

Tuesday 29th April 2008
9:12 pm U.K.


Thanks Roderick, I did look at stanleyson but somehow missed the 60min ones,or my excuse will be they wernt there when i looked!!!Thanks for pointing it out.Regards.MIke.

Tuesday 29th April 2008
7:32 pm U.K.


FREE used U-Matic Tapes, to anyone who wants to collect from Solihull (near the NEC, Birmingham UK)

I don't know much about U-matic things but I hope I came the right place! I am just trying to clear out and it seems a shame to throw these out, I don't have many, about 10 tapes, a mixture of KCA-30, KCA-60 and KCS20,

I picked them up when I was at university and they were clearing them out (it seemed like a good idea at the time), so probably full of peoples media coursework, who knows!! I've dragged these across the country up from brighton, with no way to play them, and now i've given up and want someone to reuse them.

if you want to pay postage I can post them, I just don't want them to go to waste.

please respond ASAP



Friday 25th April 2008
10:36 am U.K.


Hello folks, We are downsizing. I have a Sony Video Cassette Recorder VO-2631 with about 50 Used Tapes (KCA-60s and UCA-60s etc....) and a Service Manual for a JVC CR-8300E. The recorder works.

Monday 21st April 2008
10:20 pm U.K.


Google is your friend!0.27sec found this: http://www.stanleysonline.co.uk/category-100.htm

Friday 18th April 2008
6:30 pm U.K.


Hi All. Does anybody know were i can buy new sp umatic tapes "big ones" that are longer than 20mins in the uk?I have a VO-9850pMany Thanks.Mike.

Saturday 12th April 2008
11:04 pm U.K.


To Rich re screeching halt:I've had this problem today playing some clapped out tapes on a VP9000 (NTSC). Solutions I have used include:1: Reduce the back tension by adjusting the SKEW control fully to the right. This is a good one!2: Bake the tapes in a good quality fan assisted oven at 50C for 3-4 hours. Run them within 48 hours of the bake process.3: Make sure that the defective tape has not contaminated the machine. Clean the guides and heads with Isopropyl Alcohol and head cleaning sticks (you can buy these from grandata.co.uk). Next, play a known good tape and ensure there is no squealing, even with the SKEW control fully left (maximum back tension). If necessary leave this known good tape playing until all squealing stops, ie the tape has cleaned up the tape path.

After all of the above, try your dodgy tape again. Start by inserting the tape, SKEW control fully to the right, and see if you can get a good freeze frame. If this is OK then the heads are able to spin OK against the tape, and you can try releasing pause to see if it will run without squealing.

If it still squeals after all of the above attempts, you could only try another machine. Sometimes one machine will do this where another won't.

Hope this helps.

Colin (www.video99.co.uk)

Sunday 30th March 2008
11:12 pm U.K.


To Charles re s-video vs dub.

I've been through this myself. There does not seem to be a simple conversion from dub to s-video. There are two ways around this:

Feed the composite signal into a unit with (digital) comb filter. This will extract to s-video and recover virtually all of the signal integrity. I use a GTH Electronics ACE unit, and colour bars played back through this are far better than composite fed straight to a monitor. That said, I've actually found a strange ringing problem between umatic decks and the GTH ACE box which I cured by feeding via another video recorder. It may well be that you can get very good results by going into a video recorder at Composite and out at S-Video, if the machine has a comb filter (analogue or digital). Machines to try are high end SVHS or Hi8 decks from Sony or Panasonic.

The second method would be to feed the dub into a video recorder which supports dub in and s-video out. One or two Betacam decks could do this, and I even have a scrap S-VHS deck which can (the heads are shot but it doesn't matter for this). It's a Panasonic AG7350 or similar, from memory. These old bangers turn up on eBay from time to time, so that's a possibility if you have the space for one.

Hope this helps.


Blake J
Saturday 29th March 2008
11:03 am U.K.


Thanks for the info Roderick. I am in Melbourne, I have just ordered some tapes and some power cables. I look forward to setting the units up and learning how they work.

Tuesday 25th March 2008
8:32 pm U.K.


Blake,Welcome to the wonderful world of U-matic! You don't need PAL specific tapes, all U-matic tapes will work with your machines. And yes, they do use normal IEC powercables. If you are in Sydney, I have a pile of old U-matic tapes that are just taking up shelf space, you are welcome to pick them up. They are obviously used but may just get you started.

Blake J
Monday 24th March 2008
7:16 am U.K.


I just picked up 2 x Sony V05850P machines and have a few questions. These are Australian machines and I assume they are PAL format (Maybe what the P stands for in the model name?). Do I need to purchase PAL specific U-Matic tapes? Can U-Matic tapes be used more than once like conventional VHS tapes? I did not receive power cables with the units but the 3 pin socket looks very much like a computer power cable. Can anyone confirm if they require a special cable or if a computer cable will do the job? Thanks, Blake.

Robert Zacktisson
Thursday 20th March 2008
10:17 pm U.K.


Hi all! Just got hold of some old stuff.... a VO-6800PS and a BVU-150P. I just have power for the VO-6800, not the BVU. Does someone know the pinouts for the 12v 4 pin XLR power cable for the BVO-150P.


Sunday 9th March 2008
2:25 pm U.K.


Hi there everyone!!

I want to sell a JVC U-Matic CR6060ET pal/secam/ntsc Recorder/Player. It is a working machine and flawless. Contact me for photos, info and make your offer.

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