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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Maciek Szymanski
Wednesday 10th September 2008
9:14 am U.K.


Hi Lilah!

You can use any camera with composite output with U-Matic recorder. If you are looking for a tube camera have a look at german e-bay, you will find there few ones, in PAL usually. For example: http://cgi.ebay.de/JVC-Profikamera-KY-1900E_W0QQitemZ180286798741QQihZ008QQcategoryZ21165QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem



If you are going to use a portapack recorder you will need also a 14-PIN camera cable that allows to control the recorder from camera. For studio use a standard BNC coaxial cable is enough. I've two JVC KY-1900E and as it's not a very good camera as compared to Ikes but in good lighting conditions and with properly adjusted registration it gives quite nice picture, especially the halftone reprodustion is really good. It can use any 12V power supply with 4-PIN XLR cable.


Tuesday 9th September 2008
2:43 pm U.K.


Hi all! Nice to be in a forum where I don't have to justify why I like the look of Tube cameras!

I have access to a high band U-matic PAL SP recorder, but I'm desperately looking for a U-matic camera and power supply. To rent or purchase in London. Does anyone have a camera or know of anywhere I could acquire one? Everything I've found online seems to be NTSC or won't ship out of another country.

Wednesday 27th August 2008
7:48 am U.K.


Maciek Szymanski,That what was hoping to hear :)Guess i'll buy a few decks.tx all!

Maciek Szymanski
Tuesday 26th August 2008
6:51 am U.K.


Hi Edo!

The umatic are quite nice to service - the parts are big and not very cludged inside, there is quite good access to everything. Mechanics are quite obvious and control logics easy to figure out. The drum replacement shouldn't be any problem. The drum itself is a problem. You can buy it, but it will cost more than a secon machine. Or two.

Monday 25th August 2008
5:04 am U.K.


Rod, many thanks again.I'll have a look around, but since the TV was government owned back in the umatic days, they have weird regulations and bureaucracy (they would probably have to have a bid for 'purchasing used production equipment' and buyer would have to buy the whole lot or something).Being a person of high technical skill, but no knowledge of the umatic's innards, can the deck be reconditioned 'at home' (i know many of the old betamax vcrs are easily serviced)?how difficult can it be to replace the heads?on the same subject, is there an online site where i can get spares? or is it better to get another deck for parts? can new heads be obtained nowadays?

Friday 22nd August 2008
10:52 pm U.K.


Hi Edo. I don't think there are any U-matic machines with component output, it's all composite. The VO-9*** series do have a 'dub' output, which is basically the same as a S-Video output but you'll have to make up an adaptor as they have different plugs.

The only suggestion I would have to find one in or near Israel is to check with television stations or production houses. Most will have gone over the digital by now and may have some gathering dust in a corner somewhere. A good condition machine shouldn't cost you much more than $400, or at least that is the going rate in Australia ;-)They all show drum hours in the menu so check for those details. When used in a professional environment with good quality tapes, you should get about 1500 hours from the heads.The bigger problem with these ageing machines are the loading mechanisms, make sure the load / unload a tape without too much noise, an indicator it may fail soon.Hope this helps.

Friday 22nd August 2008
6:26 pm U.K.


Rod, thanks for the answer. So my best bet would be 2 v9xxx machines? Does these decks have component output? I am transferring many Umatic Masters for archiving on LTO4 tapes, so the deck must be able to give good picture, and handle over 400 drum hours.Any ideas where i might find good, reliable decks (I'm in Israel, so probably would have to 'blindly' ship one over)?

Thursday 21st August 2008
10:36 pm U.K.


Hi Edo,In short the answer is no. There are a few machines in the VO-7 series that will play PAL & NTSC, but only low-band. The VO-9800 & 9850 will play low, hi & SP but only in PAL or NTSC depending on the model.

Wednesday 20th August 2008
6:52 am U.K.


Hi,i am looking for a player (dont really need record, wont mind it though) capable of hi lo band + sp.i know some models are pal ntsc, so is there a pal ntsc hi lo sp combo model?if not, i wont mind 1 pal 1 ntsc deck. must be in excellent condition, for digitizing aging tapes.Thanks

Tuesday 12th August 2008
6:54 am U.K.


Hey, just use a time base corrector and A/D converter and some basic video program like Sony Vegas. I don't know exactly which unit you use but it probably has a composite out which the TBC should accept, if you don't have a TBC just go into the A/D converter (I use a Datavideo DAC200). Let me know if that works.

Monday 11th August 2008
5:05 pm U.K.


Hi allcan anybody advise me of the best way of transferring u-matic tape contents from my Sony 5630 to computer mpeg format.What would be the best connectors/software programmes to use.

Much obliged if you can help.With thanksPete

Monday 11th August 2008
4:07 pm U.K.


Who can help me to find the service manual for the Sony Umatic 7020? Thanks !

Michael Wincott
Thursday 31st July 2008
9:54 am U.K.


Thank you Munsoor. It was very kind of you to drive down to deliver, and really nice to meet you. Nearly all the machines are in good working order. The DXC-M3 camera works perfectly too.

Thursday 31st July 2008
6:44 am U.K.


Thanks to the U-Matic PALsite Chatpage!

I found someone to take all the equipment I mentioned above. I didn't know how many people were still using U-Matic equipment - and it surprised me a bit! And I think that everyone will be happy to know the equipment has now found a good home!


Thursday 24th July 2008
1:20 pm U.K.


Hi. I've got a lot of old u-matic equipment which is being cleared. This includes: Sony VO-5800PS, 5850P, VO-2630, VO-2630, VO-4800PS, RM-580, RM-440, DXC-M3. And lots of tapes.

Is anybody interested? I can deliver in London, or post in the UK for 35. Otherwise it will all have to go to the rubbish dump in the next few weeks (sorry!).


Monday 21st July 2008
1:11 pm U.K.


Hi Roderik.Apologies for the spelling mistake on my last post

Monday 21st July 2008
1:05 pm U.K.


Hi Rodrick, Ill take your advice on board, however Id just like to point out a spelling mistake I think you made on the last post You made.If Im not mistaken Roderick as You have Posted it should be spelt RODICK with the ER left out, As English Language or spelling was never my strong point I apologise for this


Monday 21st July 2008
9:03 am U.K.


Dear Bren,I have about 6 Umatic editing recorders in my workshop, 3 are SP, and are in exellent working order and have no further use for them, If You are in UK, Shipping is 35 POUNDS sterling,

Friday 18th July 2008
10:37 pm U.K.


Bren,It would probably be helpful if you would let people know where you are. These machines are very heavy and often hard to ship.

Bren Neil
Wednesday 16th July 2008
7:48 am U.K.


If anyone can help please. Im after a SONY SP umatic editing recorderMust be SP, AND BE ABLE TO VIDEO INSERTMany Thanks

Saturday 5th July 2008
4:54 am U.K.


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Keeps attacking our site, sorry for the inconvinience.

Wednesday 14th May 2008
2:04 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I am trying to find the pinouts for the Sony RM440 U-Matic editing control. I've searched half the internet for it, but can't find it. Can anyone help me?

Kind regards, Thom

Thursday 1st May 2008
11:38 pm U.K.


Or you can find the old posts here:http://www.chatpage.co.uk/umatic/archive.html

Thursday 1st May 2008
11:27 pm U.K.


This is getting very sad!

Did anyone archive these pages before they disappeared?

Craig Felsmann
Thursday 1st May 2008
4:25 am U.K.


What's happened to the Beta Chat Page?????????Ye, U-matic 'rocks'too!...

Regards, Craig.

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